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[BILL - this is what I had hoped to get done Thursday night. But I had homework and had to do it today at lunch. I hope you dig it. You can ask me questions if needed here]


[This scene takes place sometime DURING the conversation that Durgaz and Kyuad were having as they travelled from the Spire, talking about your Sarcosan friend...

ROLL: Kyuad (Spot +1) ROLLED: 12+1 = 13
ROLL: Durgaz (Spot +0) ROLLED: 8+0 = 8

ROLL: Nisse (Spot +16) ROLLED: 11+16 = 27

ROLL: Kyuad (Listen +1) ROLLED: 12+1 = 13
ROLL: Durgaz (Listen +0) ROLLED: 16+0 = 16

ROLL: Nisse (Listen +4) ROLLED: 3+4 = 7

With those results - until "revealed" (as noted below) it is unknown how LONG you've been spied on... Durgaz was the first to hear something, as Nisse swooped down into a tree and chirped for Kyuad to prepare his arm perch. Nisse had seen the spy and she rushed to alert Kyuad. Durgaz notices first.... Kyuad may ask Nisse at any time once called to his arm if she saw/knows when the spy arrived...]


The dreary day drags on as the orc called Durgaz and his necromantic companion Kyuad have nearly come to their nest spot for the night... The wind is crisp and chilled, growing cold in the unnatural measure of the Dead Marsh. Durgaz still leads the pair in the lightless night with Kyuad following closely behind fingering his tomes that rest on the platform that mystically carries itself above the swamp and fog cover tassled to the orc's pack...

We join the scene in progress as Kyuad relays thoughts..........


"... if something goes wrong and I suffer from this experiment, you will at least know why. I expect that all will go off without a hitch though, so perhaps my warning has come across more urgant than need be."


A whistle in the wind is the first thing that draws the orc's head upward. The whistle purposely mimics the nature of the wind to avoid detection, but it is that of the ash-gray and white feathered hawk so very familiar to the mirror-breaker... This avian is unlike others that the orc may normally rend apart for a delicacy of meat in between rat or grasse cat normally ingested on the march. This bird is NISSE, the colleague and most trusted companion of the Erenland necromancer. His... 'familiar' if you will.

And she is concerned, trying to alert her friend and master to the spy in their midst!

Rustling from a tanglewood tree top gives away the black sheen, the oily feathers of a dark raven... As Durgaz and Kyuad both look into the tree some 20' above they see the shape and form of the crow similar in form to the one they executed at the ShadowWall. They know this beast, the quipping cackle of the thing called NEEGA let's loose...


"...CAAAAWLLL!CAAAAAWWW! Ne..Neega es near... ma..minstrels.... HA-HA... Neega seeeees yous.... CAAAAWLLL!CAAAAAWWW!!"

"...Ne..Neega...come with git..gifts... CAAAAWLLL!CAAAAAWWW! ... Nee..Neega come with wurd pitchers ... pa-PIC-tures!! Wills...wills-would want PIC-tures?!?!?! ... CAAAAWLLL!CAAAAAWWW! ..."

The deceptively stupid foul hops to a branch revealing itself to the dark light of the few stars in the sky. Neega seems larger than before. Nearly the size of a bird of prey, this raven seems to have had this 'new' body bred in dark nests of hearty life. Clearly clutched in the beast's sharp talons appears to be a twisted thatch of parchments, twined with string to the thing's ankle... It hops a stagger step as it speaks up again, not waiting for a real answer...

"ahh..I gives its wurd PIC-tures like told to Ne..NEEGA! ... CAAAAWLLL!CAAAAAWWW! ... Ne..Neega... NOT false... NEEGA not hear to hurt, but ne-neega...ne..needs too... Wills..willss yous gives Neega, Neega's needs?? p..pleeease... please? Neega gives but Neega takes es first from mage-magiczzz... ne-Neega... we's only wants a piece... a itty-bitty piece to warms us.... yes?"

The little shadow foul hops a bit, noodling at the note as it's head bobs and skitters between the pathwalkers and the big white bird sitting perched as predator above her prey in a taller nearby tree - only waiting to her master's call.

"......na..NO...hurtz Neega... no hurtz us... we just needs feeds to make long way backs to Neega's man-kind-master... ja..jast a tastes and we gives IM-por-TANT wurd PIC-tures. Yes? yes??"

It looks in fear of dying at the hands of you... killers... And not wanting to suffer that fate again, the twisted raven gives up the most important bit of word...

"we...we's comes on wind and wurd of de...DE-ARROW ... ma...master Diero! wants us's message wurd pitchers, yes??"

Glancing down and clutching the note tighter in its talons, Neega stretches his oily wings slowly one at a time - looking at each individually preening over himself,so obvously thinking himself the prettiest bird in the land... But his intention is clear, he is readying to flee, if a hand (or other bird) is raised.

[OOC: think of this as a surprise round, that Neega will act first on to flee if scared. To wrap this up - it may be obvious, but the bird is playing at asking Kyuad for a "taste" of his magic. It wants to drain some of his spell energy in exchange for the note. It's highly likely that he will only try to "take" a single point for fear of being strangled by the orc since he'll have to come down and touch Kyuad - preferably landing on his falconing glove, giving the parchment note, taking the energy and leaving... Assuming nothing else is planned or goes wrong...]

You are MORE than welcome to TALK with Neega... hehe... fun fun...]

UNRAVELLING the Parchment reveals...

Letter-to-Kyuad page1.gif Letter-to-Kyuad page2.gif

PLAIN TEXT Version for reading/copy/pasting

Dearest Friend,

Our last meeting seems almost star struck with the events that have followed. You will understand the nature of my agressiveness and not hold old wounds I trust. With my “companions” in toe when last we met I was not at leasure to speak freely and friendly. While I know our elder years have taken us apart from the boyhood ideals and dreams, I am ... impressed that you have maintained your steadfastness to taking the road you chose. You always said you would be meeting interesting and exciting new people... Well, I can say that I have met some interesting new associates and they seem to have taken us in a synchronis pattern.

I trust this message found you in safe order. Fear not the courier. The old bird has alliegences unbound to the traditional beasts of its kind. I can say with confidence that while it may use knowledges given freely, it will not parter with confidences taken from you to I. Trust in this as you do our kinship.

You must also forgive the somewhat vagueness of my words here. I will make effort not to comprimise our individual situations with words of flower, personal or indentifying nature.

To the need for this discourse.

My current coterie seems to have need of your fellowship. I know not the details, but the intention is dire, hence the risk of written word on tenuous wing. As we last spoke, my full intent and stratagem is to utilize our kinship for efforts of continuing our individual paths. While I do not denigh that you and your companions discount my aspirations as nefarious, disagree at this as we must - I trust that you can respect my choices as I have yours. So heed this warning as the olive branch in return for the kindness of faith you granted me at the wwall of shadow.

The initiations to take place in the coming nights has been orchestrated for your viewing to a point. While my aliegence has never waived, I have found my knee forced to bend to unseemly elf-kind of duel nature and untrustworthy means. It was no mistake that you were led, baited, to the black nail. It was no mistake that you were given reason to rush to the new moon. It was no mistake that have been given reason to rush upon my position now. But while your path may have been laid in the stars, remember that while one can point to the stars - he cannot change them. Even he who is of the station and reverance given the doulbe-traitor. The stars that guide you are not false, only the message that has been lain out for you. But remember tehre is truth even in the darkest of deciet, when you sus the light through your seeing friends, through mysteries of your magics, through guidence of your Witch Queen, through guile of your diplomacy or even through death - be sure friend that you take the path lain in front of you and walk it your own way. That is the only hope of your salvation, and my own.

The plots that are made in the lands of the dead are like rotting roots of tanglewood. Yet they will grow stronger than the brightest flower if given free reign. Your direction is your own. For my own benefit, I seek your advocasy and action to ensure all this darkness in the night does not overturn the structure that I have pledged my life to.

The pig-fangers of this ‘vile’ consortium are weak but they are numerous over the army that decends upon us for the ceremony. And they have been prepared to rise before they fall, doulbing the strength in their scarred and tainted abberant forms. Just as the living corspses march to meet the seiges of the staunch tripod of trees, so too does this conclave seek to be the downfall of the kings of night in the true master’s eye. But know this friend - it is not just the king of the valley that is being conspired against. There has been shown to me a guile unlike any other I have known here within the corrupted circle of the would be, self-proclaimed ‘dead king’. Some say the elven people have survived the coming night for millenia pointedly because they can afford the wait. The pointed eared traitors have been shown to me, to be the masters of such plots, they can simply wait until their opposers die... But with fate, it be not this day. This day - the first moon in its full eye on the century of the shadow veil could be the catapult that may fall two kings suplanted by a new dark regime of elven-kind. In the east the vile elf has told of an empire of ‘Gor Durinsil’ is being lain, while in the north I have heard mention of a peer king already on his throne, should this traitorous plot play out, an inverted troika geometry of elf-flesh shall form... And when the world is ruled by the treacherous, will not the land grow darker still?

It is with this morsel of information whispered adn stolen on the night I come to you my old friend. Our promise was to offer aid to one another when made possible. At that time I did not forsee the confluence of such worldly need. I sought only, I seek only to build my temple and parish to offer a hope (even if it is darker than you favor) to the sons of man... To ushur in a day when the north may reign free as the southern lands in humble deference to the life-blood and true lord of the land, our Shadow in the North.

Make way as you may. Message born on the wing of this black foul will be safe, you have my life on that, for now. I have made word with our mutual friend in Hillbird, she does well but is worried for your safety. She has not ‘seen’ of you in dream nor other fasion in some time. The cloud of the nail, I told her to be the blame. What she has seen has been upsetting for her I fear. She recounted her lst - a story of your form growing ghostly held in yoke standing before a great great pit standing alligned with an orc, an elf, and a Sarcosan. It is with this worry that I risk the birth of this first of our correspondence. When I take my place, escaping this ritual to come, when I find my home I hope to invite her to find her place in my city - where she will be cared for as only my second love could. If you wish me well in courting her favor, I would ask your permission. It is but a far cry of a dream I seek, my heart has accepted that my fate may fall here in this dead marsh... But I believe, my friend, that not only can prayers can be answered but they can also be aided. And it is with these dreams of hope that I call out to you.

Thank you. Go with mercy.

Thayer Nylus

(OOC: your known alias of Diero Pessiogn, Master of the Pale and that weird symbol is his unique family signet ring mark)


I will make a version of this in print for you to have as well.


You're welcome to make comments or questions. This could also be a good place to start any correspondence if you wish with your friend...

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