Mister Crash

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Mister Crash

  • Virtue: Precise
  • Vice: Kinetic
  • Incarnation: Destroyer
  • Agenda: Saboteur
  • Primum 3
  • Willpower: 6/6
  • Aether: 10/12
  • XP 4 Beats 3
  • Aspirations
    • Start a new cover.
    • Maintain old relationships
    • Infiltrate Amazon.


  • Physical
    • Strength 2
    • Dexterity 5
    • Stamina 2
  • Social
    • Presence 3
    • Manipulation 2
    • Composure 3
  • Mental
    • Intelligence 2
    • Wits 5
    • Resolve 3



  • Athletics 4
  • Brawl 4 (Kung Fu)
  • Drive 1
  • Firearms 3 (Sniper, Handguns)
  • Larceny 1
  • Stealth 2


  • Expression 3 (Electronica, Insults) 9-again
  • Intimidation 1
  • Persuasion 1
  • Socialize 1
  • Streetwise 2 (Money Laundering) 9-again
  • Subterfuge 1


  • Academics 1
  • Computer 1
  • Crafts 1 (Weaponized Cosplay) 9-again
  • Investigation 1
  • Medicine 1
  • Occult 1
  • Politics (Business) 1

Merits & Abilities


  • Merciless Gunman
  • Knockout Punch
  • Ambush
  • Tag & Release
  • Muse
  • Words Will Never
  • Strike First
  • Open Sesame
  • Just Bruised: Wits + Medicine, Core 129.
  • No Quarter: Man + Brawl v. Resolve + Supernatural Tolerance
  • In My Pocket: Dex + Larceny
  • Other Pants: Dex + Expression. Put an idea into someone's head about an item that they either have or don't have. Example - make someone forget they have a gun.) A dramatic fail could cause _you_ to forget that you have something important. An ex. success could make them forget _you_ are there. At least for a bit. It would be harder for someone to forget they are holding a gun on you, but if you made them think that they're pointing a pen or a banana...


  • Hellfire: Presence + Firearms + Primum
  • Riot: Presence + Persuasion + Primum


  • Terrible Form 4
  • Martial Arts 5 (Kung Fu)
    • Reduce the penalty to hit a specific target by 1, and ignore 1 point of armor.
    • You can add one or two points to your character’s Defense. For each Defense point you take, subtract a die from any attacks you make. This can only be used in a turn in which your character intends to attack. It cannot be used with a Dodge.
    • As long as your character has her Defense available to her and is not Dodging, any character coming into arm’s reach takes 1B damage. This damage continues once per turn as long as the enemy stays within range and occurs on the enemy’s turn. If you spend a point of Willpower, this damage becomes 2B until your next turn.
    • Deal +2L unarmed.
  • Parkour 5
    • Five fewer successes required to pursue or evade, ignore environmental penalties to Athletics of up to five dice.
    • 1 automatic success on dex + athletics rolls to mitigate falling damage, +5 to threshold of damage that can be negated
    • Without rolling, scales up to 25 feet of wall as an instant action.
    • Spend a WP point to treat an action to run, jump, or climb as a rote action. No defense for the round.
    • Freeflow: Meditate to establish. Take an Athletics action reflexively once per round. Spend willpower to gain 3s instead of 3d.
  • Striking Looks 1
  • Fighting Finesse 2
  • Resources 3
  • Suborned Infrastructure 2
  • Contacts 2: Street People, Music Scene, Drug Dealers, Maker Scene
  • Fixer: Your character is somebody that knows people. She can not only get in touch with the right people to do a job, but she can get them at the best possible prices. When hiring a service, reduce the Availability score of the service by one dot.
  • Quick Draw: Handguns
  • Professional Training
    • 1: Makers + Musicians
    • 2: 9-again on Craft, Expression, Streetwise
    • 3: Specialties: Insults, Money Laundering
    • 4: Streetwise +1
    • 5: Willpower spend before to gain Rote quality.


  • Health: 7
  • Defense: 9
  • Brawl Attack w/ Kung Fu Specialty: 10
  • Firearms Attack: 8, 9 with sniper/handguns
  • Armor: Varies
  • Speed: 11
  • Initiative: 7


  • Defense: 9 with no penalties if attacked by multiple opponents. 11 if attacked by only a single opponent. Applies v. firearms attacks in both cases.
  • Initiative: 6
  • Speed: 15
  • Strength Rolls: +2, +5 if multiple arms helps
  • Athletics Rolls: +2
  • Brawl Attack w/ Kung Fu Specialty: 11, deals lethal
  • Electrical Jolt: Can disrupt or power a device that uses electricity. Spend 1 aether reflexively to surround self with electrical field acting as 2/0 armor; this deals 6B electrical damage on a touch attack.
  • Rivet Gun/cutting laser attack Attack: 6, +3L (Also grants +2 as a tool bonus for relevant building projects)
  • Armor: 3/2, 5/2 with Elecrical Jolt active. (The number after the slash reduces FIREARMS damage to bashing. The number before the slash simply subtracts from all damage, the most severe kind first. Lethal attacks always deal at least one bashing.)
  • Night Vision: +2 to perception, can see in pitch black darkness as though in daylight.
  • Blind Sense: The demon can sense anything moving within twenty feet of his location. He can feel these vibrations despite any physical barrier between him and the thing that is moving. He can see anyone who is invisible to the eye, but otherwise not hidden or obscured. This also allows him to sense people who are making an effort to hide, even with supernatural means. The player rolls Wits + Investigation + Primum vs. Dexterity + Stealth to discover the exact location of someone deliberately trying to hide. If the hidden person is using a supernatural power, this form ability works as a Clash of Wills.
  • Mirrored Skin: As long as the demon is standing still, he is completely invisible to the naked eye. He can still be detected by devices or powers that detect heat or auras. This ability works despite any other form abilities that may have obvious effects such as a glow or electricity. When the demon is moving, he is still nearly invisible, but the shifting of the mirrors might give him away. The demon gains a +3 to Stealth rolls; and any passive observer has a –1 penalty to notice him with Wits + Composure.
  • Wound Healing: Heal the right-most damage box of bashing or lethal each turn on Crash's turn.
  • Plasma Drive: As a reflexive action on his turn, the demon can spend one Aether to activate his Plasma Drive to move at a run and take an action. The demon still subtracts his Defense from attacks made on him this turn, and he still benefits from his Speed as above.
  • Extra Mechanical Limbs: The demon can use his mechanical arms to hold additional items or to assist in anything else he is doing that requires hands. For example, he can hold a shield and a two-handed weapon and still have an extra hand free for other activities. If the demon uses all of his arms towards one endeavor, such as swinging a large sword, grappling an opponent, or climbing a sheer surface, he gains a +3 bonus to his Strength. Extra limbs can also help the demon defend himself against an attack. If the demon has at least two unarmed hands, he gains a +3 bonus to his Defense. Since the arms are made out of metal, they deal lethal damage instead of bashing if used for an unarmed attack. (These bonuses are calculated in above)


  • On-hand
    • Super-bright LED flashlight
    • Lockpicks
    • Sometimes weapons
    • Miniature binoculars.
    • Burner phones + a real phone
    • Mini bottle of hand sanitizer
    • Zippo lighter
  • Owned
    • Electronica DJ setup
    • Tools for making clothes w/ integral armor and so forth
    • Light pistol
    • assault shotgun
    • Playing-card shuriken

Cover: DJ Storm AKA Kenzie Featherstone

  • Rating: 9
  • Beats:4
  • XP:


  • Kenzie was adopted into a family with holdings throughout the UK and India. She rebelled and became a prodigal, coming to the US to try and burn down a G8 summit or the like. She's a counterculture type who plays EDM at raves, lives mostly off the grid, and sometimes teaches kung fu and parkour classes in return for stolen merchandise.


  • Has a tiny studio apartment in an artist's commune.


  • Fr Anderson is a Catholic priest who takes her confessions
  • Shelley is an abused woman whose ex Crash wrecked.


  • Likes: Spicy Food. Brooding on tall buildings. Sneaking into people's bedrooms while they're asleep.
  • Dislikes: The forces of law and order in the world. Alcohol. Boredom.
  • Goals:

Cover: Jack Thrasher

  • Rating: 6
  • Beats: 4
  • XP: 2


  • Jack Thrasher grew up an orphan, bounced from foster home to foster home. Some were violent. He joined the military as soon as he was 18 and proceeded to have adventures in combat zones. He returned to the US to study history.


  • Lives in an apartment that he probably can't afford. Drives a fast car. Studies some. Screws around on Twitter and womanizes.


  • Beverly, his nominal girlfriend. Pacted with Storm to get good looks and social skills.
  • Maggie/Moonbeam is a girl that lives down the hall.
  • Professor in charge of archaeology
  • Holds a position in the campus occult society
  • Has contact with a police officer who knows something is up.


  • Likes: Fast cars. His six-string. Guns.
  • Dislikes: Working a day job. Sitting still. Assholes.
  • Goals: