MnM3 ATB Road Hogs - Grease-Eye Graia

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Strength +5
Stamina +8
Agility +2
Dexterity +0
Fighting +0
Intellect +1
Awareness +3
Presence +0


Athletics +7
Close Combat (Claw and Fang) +5
Ranged Combat (Heavy Weapons) +6
Perception +9
Insight +5
Stealth +4
Technology +13
Treatment +2
Vehicles +6


Luck 3
Improvised Tools
Skill Mastery (Technology)
Equipment 1


Hyena's Senses: Senses 6 (Darkvision, Acute Scent, Ranged Scent, Extended Scent, Tracking Scent)
Claw and Fang: Str-based Damage 2, Improved Critical (Claw and Fang) 4
Hyena Toughness: Enhanced Advantage 1 (Diehard), Regeneration 1
Burst of Speed: Speed 1, Leaping 1

OFFENSIVE: Initiative +2, Unarmed +5 (Close, Damage +7, Crit 16+)

DEFENSIVE: Dodge 4 (+4), Parry 4 (+4), Fortitude +8, Toughness +8 (+9 Armor) Will +4


Leather Armor (Protection +1)
Medical Kit
Fire Extinguisher

Point Totals 90PP = Attributes 38 + Skills 22 + Advantages 7 + Powers 16 + Defenses 7


Motivation: Acceptance. Grease-Eye wants respect and acceptance; this is the good way to do it.
Prejudice: Hyenas suffered from it under humans; it has lingered. On top of that, being from the Great Plains, many view Grala as some kind of savage who shouldn't be trusted with technology.
Enemy: Road Hogs. And yes, it's personal-- they think that Grala *ate* an important lieutenant of theirs. She didn't; she just killed him, an ordinary fight on the edges of what passes for civilization. But when you come away with a fight with a bloody mouth and teeth like that, people get ideas.