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=Game Links=
[https://forum.rpg.net/index.php?threads/cairn-osr-murkveys-rock.893016/ RPG.net OOC Thread]
[https://forum.rpg.net/index.php?threads/cairn-osr-murkveys-rock.893017/ RPG.net IC Thread]
=Murkvey's Rock=
=Murkvey's Rock=
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::Cairn is an adventure game about exploring a dark & mysterious Wood filled with strange folk, hidden treasure, and unspeakable monstrosities. Character generation is quick and random, classless, and relies on fictional advancement rather than through XP or level mechanics. It is based on Knave by Ben Milton and Into The Odd by Chris McDowall. The game was written by Yochai Gal.
::Cairn is an adventure game about exploring a dark & mysterious Wood filled with strange folk, hidden treasure, and unspeakable monstrosities. Character generation is quick and random, classless, and relies on fictional advancement rather than through XP or level mechanics. It is based on Knave by Ben Milton and Into The Odd by Chris McDowall. The game was written by Yochai Gal.
===House Rules===
::*Torches can be bundled 4 per inventory slot
::*Coins can be bundled 100 per inventory slot
::*Gems - it depends on the size: anywhere from 1 to 10 gems per inventory slot
===Veils & Lines===
::The following are <B>Lines</b> for this game:
::*No harm to children depicted in game, or even referenced as having happened 'off screen'
::*No 'under the skin' horror, especially with bugs, to be depicted in game or referenced having happened 'off screen'
::*No gratuitous blood spatter / results of violence depicted in game
::The following are <b>Veils</b> for this game:
::*No direct depictions of disease effect, but it's okay to reference disease as long as its not described
::*No direct depictions of physical romance, but referring to it having happened "off screen" is ok
==Implied Setting==
==Implied Setting==
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==Murkvey's Rock==
==Murkvey's Rock==
::Murkvey stumbled across a small tomb fortress of the Empyrean people: nomads of the celestial spheres who wage war constantly over the resources of the fixed stars. They ride the vasty deeps in magical crystal palaces, which also serve as their tombs. In death, the Empyrean nobility are sealed in their homes and sent on a final journey which sees them plummet to a holy point on the dreaded terrestrial orb: the Painted Frontier.
::Murkvey was a well-known Gem Robber, a decent cutter, poor prospector, and the head of a cheery band of cutthroats. Six months ago he and his “Priest's Children" rushed out of Scarlet Town whooping that they’d return richer than the old Emperor—they never did. Adipose Mab has somehow acquired a map that she claims leads to Murkvey’s last find. That is the party’s destination.
:::What the greenhorns learned on the way to the rock
:::*Crystal Tombs fall from the sky, streaking across the night every few months. Only a few have “voids”—the hollows where Occuliths and other treasures are found.
:::*Tomb Crystal, the main material of the tombs is magically poisonous, but only when it’s shattered. The dust will root in flesh, propagating more crystals and slowly killing those it infects, finally turning them into Lith Wights.
:::*Gemcutters like <b>Flash</b> find the natural fracture X lines in Tomb Crystal and facet them to safety open them for exploration.
:::*Occuliths are Tomb Crystal shards that absorb ambient magic, and can be instilled with magical knowledge. The bigger and brighter the Occulith, the greater its potency.
:::*Get used to eating prickly pear and fatback. The earth of the Painted Frontier is dead. Cactus, briar weed, and lichen are the only things besides hogs that grow well, but desperate settlers still try to farm it—most have Crystal Poisoning to some degree or another.
==Adipose Mab==
==Adipose Mab==
::A wiry, weatherworn woman in her late 30’s with greasy brown hair and black grit in the lines of her face, <b>Mab</b> looks little like a scholar.
::She prefers to think of herself as an explorer and tomb robber— though she’s never worn the guild’s stone skull mask. A canny researcher and decent leader, <b>Mab</b> uses her knowledge of the Crystal Tombs to take a slice of others’ labor.
::Her terms are harsh, but she doesn’t cheat her employees, and is willing to work amicably with others because of her conviction that she’ll always be able to find another site to plunder, or angle to exploit. <b>Mab</b> wants to be rich, and she is by Crystal Frontier standards, but still far too poor for a retirement in cosmopolitan Geth.
::<b>Mab</b> is regularly accompanied by her personal gemcutter <b>Flash</b>, their bodyguards <b>Kotto</b> and <b>Carrow</b> (muscular soldier types), and half a dozen thugs.
===The Greenhorn Deal===
::Mab takes two or three expeditions of greenhorns a year out into the wastes - funding the expedition and providing gear to the would-be tomb robbers.
::Mab expects the party to abide by their agreement and turn over the treasure they discover to her. When they first return to the surface, she’ll ask what they found before throwing down the rope. When she does lower the rope, she’ll instruct the party to send their packs up first. While the party makes the ascent she will search the packs, and collect any treasures within.
::*Party scouts and explores Murkvey’sRock and reports back to Mab. They can enter or exit whenever they want, but will turn all treasure they find over to Mab and give her a map and description of the tomb.
::*When the Party has scouted enough of the Rock for Mab to take over exploring Mab will consider the deal satisfied and can leave with their equipment.
::*If Party has delivered at least 2,000 GP worth of treasure Mab will give them a bonus of 500 GP and a map with locations of other potential treasure sites.
::*If the Party wants to continue exploring after scouting, Mab will reward them with 25% of the value they turn over, and let them keep any non-treasure items they find (magic items) except Occuliths, which she will keep.
:::<I><b>GM Note:</b> there's a <b>TON</b> of treasure in this tomb, depending on the thoroughness and cleverness of the explorers - so while the terms of the deal are harsh, there's still a lot of treasure to be had and kept. Also, just because your characters <b>agreed</b> to this deal heading out to the tomb, doesn't mean they have to <b>honor</b> that agreement.</I>
==Player Characters==
==Player Characters==
===Creagle Loomer (tibbius)===
A ''stout and weathered'' '''mercenary'''. He has ''oily hair'' and a ''sunken face''. He speaks ''cryptically'' (gahd I'm going to get to hate this guy). He wears ''frayed clothing'' and is ''disciplined, but anxious''. He's got a reputation as a ''witty entertainer'', once people figure out his sideways jokes. His wealthy parents ''disowned him'', which is why he became a mercenary.
He wears brigandine (body 1+2), a crowbar (hand 1 / backpack 1), a few pieces of chalk and a deck of cards (backpack 2), rations including a waterskin (backpack 3), and four torches (backpack 4). By the entrance he leaves a pick, a mace, and 56 gold coins.
'''STR''' 13</br>
'''DEX''' 11</br>
'''WIL''' 11</br>
'''hp''' 4</br>
'''Armor''' 1</br>
'''Damage''' 1d6</br>
'''inv''' 6</br>
===Beatrice Malksmilk (tibbius)===
Bloody clothing, ambitious, bitter, honest reputation, and exiled. A smuggler.
'''STR''' 13 </br>
'''DEX''' 11</br>
'''WIL''' ... and 3</br>
'''hp''' 2</br>
'''Armor''' 3</br>
'''Damage''' 1d8</br>
'''inv''' 7</br>
Beatrice has chain mail (body 1+2), a shield (hand 1 / "backpack" 1), a sword (hand 2 / body 3), grease and twin (backpack 2), four torches (backpack 3), and rations including a waterskin (backpack 4). By the entrance, she leaves her manacles as well as the mule and cart.
===Beatrice and Gerald's Mule and Cart===
The cart has the pole and the tent (both bulky). The mule who pulls the cart is carrying 12 days of rations, quill & ink, and a cudgel -- and 8 gold coins.
===Gruwth Weaver (NoxLives)===
Stout physique, pockmarked skin, curly hair, and a sunken face. With a booming voice and filthy clothing, he is both serene and nervous. His reputation as an entertainer suffered after he had the misfortune of being discredited as an herbalist.
'''STR''' 13</br>
'''DEX''' 11</br>
'''WIL''' 11</br>
'''hp''' 1</br>
'''inv''' 6</br>
Backpack: (5/6) Rations (3 days); Torch; Large Trap; Drill; Empty Bottle.</br>
Hands: (1/2) Mace (d8)</br>
Upper Body: (2/2) Plate Armor (3 armor, bulky)</br>
Mule: (4/6) Crowbar, Hammer, Rations (3 days)</br>
'''Anchored at tomb entrance''' Rope (25ft)
===outside the tomb===
===cave map===
===tomb map===

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