Must the Hocus

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Must The Hocus

Looks: Must is a big, fit-looking man with a determined face, burning eyes, and a bushy beard. He wears a faded jumpsuit with darker patches on the shoulders and breast where patches have been torn off, and a webbing vest with many pockets and straps. His big hammer is strapped across his chest where he can reach it at a moment's notice but his hands are left free. It is his weapon and his holy symbol and his followers, the Strong Family, often keep hammers in emulation of him. He's rough and unlettered, but his simple message of strength, perseverance, and mutual support has touched the hearts of many who have joined his "family" through ritual marriage or adoption. They call each other brothers and sisters, father and uncle, and they stand together against the wasters and reavers. Must is known for dealing out rough justice with his hammer and an angry mob and the Strongs are not to be trifled with. Sometimes, especially during one of their holy day feasts when they get drunk on bad homemade wine, their prickly sense of honor boils over and the Strongs flare into violent rages, brutally avenging trivial slights or beating each other bloody. Won't you come have dinner with the Strongs tonight? Nothing fancy, but the food's hot and they'd love to see you... Cool=0, Hard+1, Hot-1, Sharp+1, Weird+2

The Strong Family (AKA the Strongs, the Breakers, "those fucking guys with the hammers")

Followers are good recruiters (in surplus, +growth) and dedicated (+1 barter in surplus, hunger in want), but also violent (+violence in surplus) and drug-fixated (+stupor in surplus). Sober, they're hard-working, clannish, and fervent about their religion. They like to invite the healthy and skilled to sup with them and also take in the sick and orphans when they can, in the hopes of adding them to their strength when they are healthy and grown. When their religion is insulted, or during their drinking bouts, they're dangerous to be around, at least until they pass out. Must doesn't live with the Strongs, he keeps moving, spreading the good news of the Strong way, when he makes converts he sends them to an existing family or starts a new one as he sees fit. Argent's Battlebabe is a frequent visitor but is not ritually initiated yet, although Must hopes to remedy this soon.

Moves: Fortune, Frenzy (speak the truth to a mob, roll +weird), Charismatic (manipulate with +weird)

Gear: His scrounged jumpsuit and tech vest are his uniform. Hammer -- just an ordinary hammer he found someplace. 1-harm messy maybe? Oddments worth 2-barter (random crap in his vest pockets)