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  • Name: Skelly Manners
  • Rite Name: Watching the Razor Edge
  • Breed: Metis
  • Auspice: Philodox
  • Tribe: Theurge
  • Concept: Backwoods Watcher, Shunned Wisdom


Appearance: Skelly is bone thin, on the edge of malnourished, he tends to dirty, and his red eyes are set in skin that is constantly in danger of being burnt. His shack has a stack of recovered goggles and sunglasses, most cracked and on the verge fo breaking, and he covers up from head to toe most of the time, preferring to sweat in the Montana summer as opposed to chancing it with his snow white skin. His hair is a shaggy brittle mane, typically crammed into a bucket hat.

Background: "Skelly? Yeah, he comes by every once in a while. The fellows give him hell, but he's harmless really, and I don't believe about him peeking in on people at night." - Laura Palmer "Green Light Diner"

"Hmmm. Manners? He gives me the willies with those eyes of his, but he helped me out once or twice, and we've never had to bring him in on anything. I swear, everyone gives him shit and calls him a pig-fucker but they all forget he brought that girl in in the middle of that blizzard last year." - Dale Cooper, Mountrail County Deputy Sheriff

You wanna know about Skelly? Ah what the hell for? I ain't done nothing. Huh? Kin? Well that's different I 'spose. I didn't grow up 'round these parts but I been wanderin' around for a couple years. Keep to myself mostly. People don't take kindly to me knowin' so much about 'em and their business but someone's gotta keep an eye on 'em. That Mary Todd girl fer example. She's trouble all right, but I put a good scare in her and she stopped hanging around those thugs who drive the big trucks full of Columbian marching powder in.Her folks are good people and they don't need that kind of trouble. That's what I do, when I'm not tending my hogs. The spirits tell me who keeps in touch with the old ways, and I keeps an eye out for trouble. And when trouble comes calling well, Skelly ain't afraid to get his hands and teeth and feet dirty.

I didn't come up here a'course. Nawww, I grew up a bit further south but after the big day, I heard a calling up this way and I followed. Found me an old beat up shack and some feral hogs to call mine and some folk with a powerful need for someone to watch over 'em. Not to mention Ms. Palmer, she's sweet on me, and I sent that old boyfriend a hers runnin' after I saw what he did to her. That fella weren't right, but she's safe now, and I'm keepin' an eye on her to make certain she don't fall in with nobody like that again. Momma gets a letter up here every once in a while, but other than that I don't socialize much with Kin. They don't care for me too much either, even if I keep the rules. It ain't my fault about Momma and Daddy. Can't help who we is, can we?



  • Strength ••
  • Dexterity ••
  • Stamina (Tireless) ••••


  • Charisma ••
  • Manipulation •••
  • Appearance ••


  • Perception (Uncanny Instincts) •••••
  • Intelligence ••
  • Wits (Cool-Headed) ••••



  • Alertness •••
  • Athletics •
  • Brawl •••
  • Empathy •
  • Primal-Urge •
  • Subterfuge •


  • Animal Ken •••
  • Craft •
  • Enigmas •
  • Larceny ••
  • Stealth •••
  • Survival •••


  • Investigation •••
  • Occult •
  • Ritual ••



  • Contacts (Laura Palmer, Local Diner Owner, Dale Cooper, Deputy Sheriff) ••
  • Rites ••
  • Spirit Heritage (Nocturnal Animal Spirits) •
  • Totem ••


  • Sense Wyrm
  • Spirit Speech
  • Resist Toxin

Other Traits[edit]


  • Glory
  • Honor
  • Wisdom •••


Rage ••••

Gnosis •••

Willpower ••••••


  • Rite of Binding
  • Rite of the Questing Stone

Freebie Points[edit]

  • Wits +1 (5)
  • Brawl +1 (2)
  • Ritual +1 (2)
  • Background: Totem +2 (2)
  • Rage +2 (2)
  • Willpower +2 (2)