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Chalkline's Deep Space Cyberpunk 2020 (mod) game Recruitment, [ In Character], [ Out of Character]

The Ship

Dramatis Personae

Player Characters

Sheila Grainne - played by Stormraven

Jason Burton - played by Bikewrench

Olivia deHavilland - played by Ncc2010

Irwin Randall - played by Ryven

Roger Crosby - played by Harlan Quinn

Non-Player Characters


House Rules

Wounding and Trauma Aid

Damage is applied incrementally. 50% of the damage is applied immediately, after another 1d10 rounds the next 25% of the damage is applied and after another 1d10 rounds the last 25% of the damage is applied. A Stun Save against the full amount of damage is made each time damage is applied.

Prompt medical attention can halt the incremental application of damage. If the roll against the full damage is made before more damage is applied, then no more damage is taken from that wound. Medical attention takes 1d10 rounds to apply and a failed roll increases the difficulty by one level (+5 to difficulty.)

Character Generation

All characters in this scenario are without heavy implanted hardware, and may only use minor cyberware at the GM's discretion. Destroyed limbs are replaced with cloned limbs, as are other major missing organs. Of course, as all the PCs are civilian technicians, administrators, labourers and similar civilians, no military cyberware is available. If a civilian required low light vision abilities, for instance, then they would be rented to them by The Company and returned when no longer needed.

Character Sheet (Word 2003 .doc)

No Value may be less than 3 or higher than 8

Characters are all considered to be born at 1.0g, on the Earth's surface. As such, Strength and Reflex values are placed in the Normal category when the character is generated.

  • Strength, Reflex, Size, Endurance and Movement Allowance have 31 Attribute Points to be distributed between them.
  • Appearance must be a number between 3 and 8, which the player decides on depending upon their character concept.
  • Determination, Intelligence, Education and Tech have 26 Attribute Points to be distributed between them.
  • Luck, Empathy and Cool have 19 Attribute Points to be distributed between them.

No skill may be higher than eight.

  • Characters picks Eight Skills as their primary career skills, and divide 40 Skill Points between them.
  • Characters then allot 40 more skill points elsewhere as they like, only as long as it fits within their PC concept. (In other words, these points should not be placed in their primary career skills, and players wanting 'Heavy Weapons' better have a very good reason).
    • Two skills can be 6+ points
    • Three skills can be 5 or 6 points
    • The rest may be distributed as the player sees fit.