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The Pepper Sauce of Oberon's Fire is a particular and unique item that weaves its way across the Jeweled Amber multiverse. It is made from a drippings collector that spans massive firepit at the restaurant Oberon's Fire in Calrabon. The drippings are funneled out and gathered and used as the boiling pots. When meats are trimmed and prepared for cooking the remnants are gathered in the pots. Peppers as well as a wide assortments of vegetables scraps are added to the pots. Carrot tops, onion tops, celery bottoms, etc.

Comments in Text

I would be doing a disservice to Oberon's Fire if i didn't speak about their Pepper Sauce. {I can hear the woeful sigh of ladies across the Golden Circle. There are few things as hated by them as having people turn the topic of conversation at a soiree to a condiment}

Oberon's Fire is run by a great man named Aggus Fet Arman. He is a great guy and a cook of unparalleled talents. He has been a general in the armies of Calrobon and served at Patternfall leading troops. He retired to take up full time his hobby of cooking. he is an amazing cook...

He has an aged pepper sauce that is possibly the best condiment in shadow. Many a lady of Amber has rolled her eyes when someone mentions it in conversation, since it tends to distract the attention of all the men in attendance, who consider it some sort of holy material. I don't know if its holy, but its worth the attention. Its a sort of, well, it tastes like.. uh... well... its a pepper sauce of the blackish red variety. What it contains is a state secret that Aggus Fet Arman guards with his life. I once heard him say he didn't even make it on Calrabon. Hmmmm a clue....

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