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Booth (ETB 23-54-17)

3rd level Investigator (Private Eye), Korporate Kid
Male German, 41 years old


Strength 9 (-1)
Dexterity 11 (+0)
Constitution 10 (+0)
Intelligence 17 (+3)
Technology 14 (+2)
People 16 (+3)


Initiative: +5
Armor Class: 14 (heavy concealable vest)
Speed: 30 feet

Hit Points: 18
Saving Throws: Fort +0, Reflex +4, Mind +3

Skills: Athletics -1 Intimidation -1 Acrobatics +0 Sleight of Hand +2 Stealth +2 Vehicles (Land) +0 History +3 Investigation +5 Gambling +3 Religion +3 Navigation +3 Tracking +3 Perception +5 Engineering +5 Streetwise +3 Computing +2 Medicine +2 Robotics +2 Hacking +4 Vehicles (Aircraft) +4 Mechanics +4 Bureaucracy +5 Deception +7 Performance +3 Persuasion +3 Presence +7 Sense Motive +3
Tool Proficiencies: Disguise Kit, Hacker's Device, Repair Tools
Armor & Weapon Proficisencies: Light Armor, Medium Armor; Melee Weapons, Pistols, Shotguns
Language: English, Swedish, Russian, German

Vice: I am wanted by the German Authorities

Knife: melee attack +2 to hit; damage: 1d4-1 slashing damage
21st Century Pistol: Silenced: ranged attack +2 to hit, range 20/60; damage: 2d6 ballistic damage

Origin's Traits (Korporate Kid)

+2 to Intelligence, +1 to Technology; High Flyer (Augmented)- Visser Night Vision Visor

Class Traits (Investigator/Private Eye)

Dice: d8

  • Nose for Trouble: You may use your bonus action to determine a creature’s weaknesses and blind spots and broadcast this information to your allies. Choose a creature that you can see within 60ft. of you. The next time an ally makes an attack against that creature, they have advantage on the attack roll.
  • Watchful Eye: You have honed your sense over countless investigations. Starting at 1st level you cannot gain disadvantage on investigating, perception or tracking checks that rely on sight unless blinded.

Expertise: Your proficiency bonus is doubled for any ability check you make that uses either of the chosen proficiencies. Presence, Deception

Specialty-- Private Eye

Bonus Proficiency : The street has taught you a trick or two and you play fast and loose with your hands. You gain proficiency with Investigation and Sleight of Hand. If you already have Proficiency in either of these skills then your proficiency bonus is doubled with that skill.
Preferred Mark: Corporate You gain advantage on Intelligence (Tracking) to follow your chosen target and Intelligence (Investigation) checks to tell information about your marks activities. You gain an additional preferred mark at 9th level. Additionally if you successfully hit a creature which is one of your marks you may accurately follow that creature within a 1 mile radius. Only one creature may be subject to this effect at a time, it ends when the target gets outside of the 1 mile radius, the target becomes incapacitated, or you take a long rest.


1st Contract Term: Janitor
One skill (Mechanics) plus one Language (Disguise Kit)

2nd Contract Term: Engineer
Skill (Engineering) plus Tool (Repair Tools)

3rd Contract Term: Factory Worker
Skill (Perception) plus Tool (Russian)

4th Contract Term: Corporate Drone
Skill (Hacking) plus Tool (Hacking Device)

5th Contract Term: Technician


Starting Wealth: 478,000₩, Spent: 383,250₩ (Weight Carried: 35.5lb)

Hacker's Device 5k ₩, 0.5 lb

Disguise Kit 2k ₩, 3 lb

Heavy Concealable Vest 50k ₩, 20 lb

Clothes Wealthy 25k ₩, 5 lb

Enhanced HUD 30k ₩

21st Century Pistol 80k ₩, 3lb

Silencer Mod 20k ₩

Holster, Concealable 10k ₩, 1 lb

Vibro Knife 10k ₩, 1 lb

50 round 9 mm 1.25k ₩

Mechanical Liver 50k ₩

Neuro Link 0k ₩

Quickened Reflexes 100k ₩

Knife (Free), 1lb

Hammer (Free), 1lb

Advanced Comms (Free)


Julius was born in the slums of eastern Riga to unskilled laborers who worked for Hanseatic Industrial. His mother passed away when he was five. Julius was always curious about technology and scrounged through many junkyards of his neighborhood looking for scrap that he could tinker with. After graduating primary school where he did well enough on his placement exams that he got a job as an office worker at the Hanseatic Industrial's headquarters. He worked there 10 years while in his spare time he learned medicine on the side and was able to score an advanced medical implant and studied cybersurgery virtually.

His father was killed in an industrial accident during Julius's second contract term with the company and he harbored a lot of bad feeling for the corporations ever sense. He cashed out at the end of his last contract and wandered around the Baltic states regions working odd jobs as a doctor (unlicensed) until he fell in with the others and pitched in to buy a boat. Julius is the ship's doctor but also works to maintain the ship.

Personality wise Julius is pretty easy going and a bit of a joker but he harbors a deep distrust of the corps. When he is not tinkering with a gadget or patching up people he has head elsewhere reading about history.