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On a world where the machine replaced organics, the Overcomputers eventually developed one organic trait - curiosity. They wanted to know what the universe was like, and to explore the cultures on their neighboring worlds. Since the Overcomputers couldn't leave their world, they created intermediaries - intelligent beings constructed from magnetic force fields and ionized hydrogen (plasma). The creature now called Plasmoid was sent to Earth as a scout; unfortunately for him, travel though the vast galaxy warped his magnetic memories, and garbled his directions. Plasmoid seeks to conquer Earth, though he spends a lot of time trying to communicate with unintelligent items such as household appliances.

Plasmoid joined the Ultimates almost as soon as he landed on Earth. As an Ultimate, Plasmoid has made a number of serious enemies, including the best superhero's on the planet. This doesn't matter to him; his goal is to conquer the aggressive life forms and communicate with the more passive ones. The rest of the Ultimates fear him because of his bizarre appearance and unpredictable nature, and usually stay away from him.

Plasmoid is a damaged machine who doesn't know its own function. As a result he will either follow Binders instructions (he has learned a form of sign language that only the two of them know) or go off and do random things, even in the middle of combat.

Plasmoid is particularly fond of television, as it is one of the few things on earth that often communicates back to him (depending on whether the plug is in and the set has been turned "on")

Plasmoid will always attack at range with his plasma blast unless Binder tells him to use another of his attacks, he will always be flying, as being grounded will cause him great pain and eventually kill him.

Plasmoid is a seven foot tall energy creature, roughly humanoid in shape. It is a living force which is brilliant white in color, surrounded by crackling edges of many colors.

Plasmoid PL 17 [255PP]

Int +3; 30ft (Run), 80ft (Flight); Defense 21/18 (8 Base, 3 Dex); BAB +8; +11 Ranged (16L/S Energy Blast); Sv: Dam +5 (13 Protection), Fort +7, Ref +3, Will +3; Str 0, Dex 16, Con 20, Int 8, Wis 16, Cha 10 (Total 50PP)

Skills: Search 5/14, Spot 6/19 (Total 10PP)

Feats: All Around Sight, Darkvision, Penetrating Vision [Lead], Great Fortitude (Total 8PP)


  • Permanent Alternate Form [Plasma Energy] +16 [Incorporeal, Flight, Energy Field, Immunities](Source: Alien; Extras: Energy Blast, Duel Damage, Super Flight, Protection 13, Duration [Continuous]; Flaws: Permanent) (Cost 9 / Total 141)
  • Energy Control [Magnetic] +11 (Source: Alien; Extras: Energy Blast, Area Effect; Flaw Uses [8]) (Cost 3 / Total 33PP)
  • Super Senses +10 (Source: Alien; Extra: Telescopic Sense; Flaw: Sight only) (Cost 2 / Total 22PP)
  • Regeneration +10 (Source: Alien; Flaw: Needs Hydrogen Source) (Cost 1 / Total 10PP)

Immunities - Aging, Critical Hits, Disease, Poison, Pressure, Starvation, Suffocation, Cold, Electricity, Fire, Gravity, Kinetic, Radiation, Sonic, Vibration and Darkness

Weakness: Mute [Plasmoid cannot talk] Weakness: Susceptible to Grounding [Must always fly]