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Class: Masked

Durance: Personal Assistant

Nemulith is hiding from his former mistress, who is named Orchid-At-Sunrise. His true name, given to him by the supreme Aelfir lady who raised him up from nameless infancy in Red Row, is Grapples-With-Flame. For some time following his name change, he tried to avoid working for or with Aelfir (or humans, for that matter), trying to find a life in the lower quarters of the city, but quickly gave up and returned with his eyes on Amaranth. He has been reestablishing himself from scratch with his new name, and the powerful individual who patronizes him the most now (for a multitude of discretionary and domestic tasks) is an industrial monopolizer named Blue-Of-The-Moons.

Nemu has a submissive, cooperative backbone to him. Rebellion is silent, and fades in and out. Anger is rare, and latent. Patience and obedience vs desire and rebellion are Nemulith's poles. The former wins out, while the latter hides and waits. He bows, kneels, and courts the trust of others - especially the Aelfir. He was raised to want to do it - to pretend to be an Aelfir. He displays a naked, weaponless humility, and a desire to serve - with nothing but admiration for the northern way of life - the ice, the masks, the lack of emotion.

When he feels anger and hatred, it is Lekolé who embodies his wishes and desires.



  • Compel (Knack: get others to trust me)
  • Fight
  • Resist
  • Sneak


  • High Society
  • Order


(Core) Smell Status:

  • ‘’You know precisely who to talk to, or who to take out, to get things done.’’ Once per session, ask the GM: “Who’s really in charge, here?” You can find out easily, or you already know thanks to your connections.

(Core) Servant to the High Ones:

  • ‘’You spent years bowing and scraping at the feet of the high elves.’’ When interacting with the aelfir, roll with mastery on social checks.

(Low) Citizen’s Mask

  • ‘’When you need to be, you become one of the crowd.’’ When you wear your Citizen’s Mask, you roll with mastery when you’re attempting to pass yourself off as someone unimportant or beneath the attention of your target.

(Low) Institutional Falsehood:

  • ‘’A single misplaced document or amended sentence can send ripples through an organisation.’’ Gain access to the Academia domain. Once per session, when you have access to the paperwork or employees of a particular organisation and five minutes to spare, you can disseminate a lie through the organisation that will be widely believed until it is proven false.

(Low) One of the Staff:

  • ‘’You’d be surprised how much chambermaids see.’’ Gain the Deceive skill. Once per session, you can seamlessly blend into the household staff or employees of an organisation or group and keep your ears open for information. For every hour you spend performing busywork (up to a maximum of 3), ask the GM one question about the organisation that they must answer honestly.

(Low) One Eye Open

  • ‘’A life of regular beatings and cruel 'gifts' have hardened you.’’ Gain access to the Fight skill. Even when you’re asleep or knocked unconscious, you have an awareness of your surroundings. You suffer no penalties for being surprised or ambushed, you are broadly aware of your location even if blindfolded and moved around, and any weapon you carry has the Surprising tag.


Servants of Orchid-at-Sunrise (street) | Stress: 0

  • Servants of Nemulith's former lady, Orchid-at-Sunrise. Gatulin, one of her hunters; Casted, a groom; and Brandished-Lillies, one of her murderers.

Zazie (PC) | Stress: 0

  • Isabelle Dubois has helped Nemu out debt and financial issues on more than occasion.

Cain (PC) | Stress: 0

  • Cain Xenis and Nemulith have a past history with collaboration during their one of their durances.


  • A personal mask, with curling horns and dark floral designs in a certain likeness of Sister Spring. The characters for “Nem” and “Lithi” are etched across the inside of it, beneath the eye-slits.
  • Two sets of nice clothing; one a muted poncho over a set of northern style trousers, and the other a set of cloaked and wrapping robes which tuck in at the chest with designs of stylized wild animals based on old designs found in the Aelfir homeland.
  • A servant’s mask from the days of serving Orchid-at-Sunrise; simple and colored like a burnished gold, with rivets of burgundy; Orchid-at-Sunrise’s calligraphic monogram of mastery sits on the left cheek, just below the eye.
  • A khanjali dagger (Damage D3, Concealable), another Aelfir tradition.


Refresh: Show someone they should not have underestimated you.

Free Slots Resistances Stress
0 Armour 0
0 Blood 0
1 Mind 0
2 Shadow 0
3 Silver 0
0 Reputation 0


none (yet)