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Athena, the Legacy

Real name: An 'AJ' Jiang

[Look:] Woman, Asian, comfortable clothing, predecessor’s costume, animal insignia. Her 'costume' is silvery armour that appears over her when she calls on Athena's powers; owl breastplate, helm, bracers and greaves, shield.

Abilities: divine armour, mythic might, magic weaponry

Labels: Danger -2, Freak -1, Saviour +2, Superior +2, Mundane +2

Potential: 1


Words of the past: When you seek the guidance of one of your elders or a member of your legacy, tell them a problem you face, and ask them a question about the problem. They will answer it honestly, and tell you what to do. Take +1 ongoing if you listen. If you go your own way, mark potential.

The legacy matters: When you take Influence over someone from your legacy (or give them Influence over you), mark potential and take +1 forward. When someone from your legacy causes your Labels to shift, mark potential and take +1 forward.

When did you officially become a part of your legacy? A villainous group called the Arcana attacked a museum where AJ was on a school trip. They were trying to seize ancient relics for some ritual that also involved the captured schoolkids, and Athena was there to stop them. Badly outnumbered, she was injured in the battle and the only way she could protect the endangered schoolkids was to pass on the power of Athena to someone else. Having managed to avoid the kidnappers, AJ was the only suitable candidate on the spot to become the new Athena.

What’s the greatest accomplishment of your legacy? In general, crack a mythology book. They did that. In Halcyon City, it's the founding of New Olympus, where they turned a wrecked area of the city into a sanctuary for magical and mythical beings of all types, that serves as the Pantheon's base of operations. This goes for villains as well; unless you commit a crime within the bounds of the New Olympus district or against its residents, you fall under the same protections of the Pantheon as anybody else. This has led to some friction with Halcyon's regular law enforcement and superheroes.

How does the public perceive your legacy? Heroes, celebrities, spokespeople. Most of them have public identities. You're as likely to see Demeter campaigning to raise awareness of conservation issues or Ares on a talk show discussing military intervention as you are to see Artemis and Apollo foiling a bank robbery.

How does your legacy tie into your reasons for being a hero? The Pantheon has great expectations of Athena, although they're not impressed with AJ herself. She's trying her best to keep up.

Why do you care about the team? AJ has no siblings, and little in the way of close friends. Thanks to inheriting the power of Athena, she's suddenly found herself with two sprawling crazy families, the Pantheon and the team. She's doing her best to fit in with them, as much as any of them fit in with each other, and honestly they've been more welcoming than most of the Pantheon.

Name the different members of your legacy (at least two):

Cassandra Ioannidou, a girl from AJ's school, is the next possible member of the legacy. Beautiful, popular, rich, athletic, she's in training to be the next Aphrodite.

Nate Washington, the current Hermes, now calling himself Mercury, is still active and prominent in the city.

Sophia Windsor, the previous Athena, now in a wheelchair, is retired and quite judgemental.

Kronos the Titan is the greatest opponent the legacy ever faced and is still at large, having broken out of Tartarus. The Pantheon suspects Kronos was involved in Zeus' death somehow.

Most of the Pantheon are around in some fashion, although not all of them are active supers. Of the current crop of teenage heroes, Hephaestus is a gadgeteer girl and the member of the Pantheon AJ gets on best with, Artemis and Apollo are twin archers, Mercury is a speedster. And yes, he calls himself Mercury, not Hermes, following a falling-out with the rest of the Pantheon. Hera, Ares and Demeter are the elders and advisors, with Hera in charge. Poseidon and Hades are also elders but spend most of their time in their own realms; Hades is not outright antagonistic to the Pantheon but he's very much not a part of it either. Aphrodite is currently without a host, and Dionysus has been living incognito as a mortal since Zeus was killed.

People with Influence over Athena: Bonespur, Hellion, Arnilla, Flickr, Mirage, Electra

Athena has Influence over: Reiko, Arnilla

Backstory: You once got caught doing something that shames your legacy with Mirage - What do you think about Mirage inviting Athena onto her vlog, and Athena sharing a bit too much about the Pantheon? So now there's a video out there of Athena talking about the previous Athena being demanding, Ares' drinking problem, her crush on Hephaestus, whether Apollo and Artemis are siblings or dating, and so on.

You trust Bonespur and told them an important secret of your legacy - Not sure, but Bonespur seems one of the most relatable of the team for AJ, and I could see her confiding her fears in her at some point and talking about family stuff. The legacy secret is that Zeus is dead; not the host, the god, and the Pantheon is very intent on keeping that under wraps while they find out how it happened. Official story is that after the most recent Zeus died, a worthy just host hasn't been found yet.