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Playbook : Ghoul

Stats: Hot -1, Cold +1, Volatile +2, Dark -1


- The Hunger (thrills) When you heedlessly pursue a Hunger, add 1 to rolls. When you ignore a promising feeding opportunity, roll to Keep Your Cool.

- Satiety When you satiate a Hunger, choose one:

- heal 1 Harm;
- mark experience;
- take 1 Forward.

- Short Rest for the Wicked When you die, wait it out. A few hours later, you wake up fully healed.


Given : 1 to Rowan, 2 to Snow

Held : 2 to Snow, 1 to Rowan

String questions: - Someone reminded you what love was, when you thought that death had stolen it away from you forever. Give them a String.

Rowan helps her past the frustration in the begining that's why she's helping him

- Did anyone watch you die? If so, you gain 2 Strings on each other.

Snow tracked the scent of blood using her vampire characteristic. It led her to the gruesome sight of Mellisa's dead body. Only to see it rise up a few seconds later as Mellisa come back from death.

Background Story

Mellisa, that's the only thing she remember clearly as she woke up in the purgatory. She can't remember anything else. All of her memory of her life is like a broken mirror, surfacing in her mind for but a moment then fractured into million pieces before she could recall more detail.

As she learn more about the place she had woken up in and learn it's rules, she spends more time trying to remember what sends her here when she trips and falls from the school roof into the grounds below. When she woke up very confused in her own pool of blood. She and everyone else in this place, even the one that's in denial or don't know about the nature of this pace, know that death in this place is the same as it is in the real world. Nobody is sure what happen as they dissapear because of death in purgatory (many theory thrown about) but someone who died here never appears again. But not her. After the accident, she has experimented a few times more and confirmed that she will just return after deat instead of dissapear like the others.

She become frustrated because she can remember all the thing in the purgatory since she woke up there, even her death. But she can't remember anything important about her life that might give clue of her regrets that kept her there. Nowadays she helped other people to pass on in hope that new arrivals might know her and able to give clue or trigger some memory about her life. She hides her frustrations behind a facade of cheerfulness. And she take off some of the frustration she has accumulated with some of the most reckless and daring activities. After all for her death is not the end that will send her to the unknown fate but just a slight inconvenience.