QuZi PC: Dora the Red

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Name: Dora the Red



  • Woman The apocalypse has come, and those ancient barriers that divided the genders have broken
  • Scrounged Mismatched Armor - There are no standard uniforms for those in the Division. We just wear what keeps us warm or keeps us cool... and protected
  • Bony Face There is never enough food to go around, sadly.
  • Sad Eyes All things end; winter always comes.
  • Hard Body Training hardens the body, while combat hardens the heart.


  • Cool +1 I've seen the fires of battle and come through the other side.
  • Hard +2 I don't bend.
  • Hot -1 Got no use for passion. It burned out of me a lifetime ago.
  • Sharp +2 Keener than most.
  • Weird =0 The world is off and I have seen some strange things, but I don't partake much in it.


  • Fuck this shit (Roll +hard to escape)
  • Bloodcrazed (+1 harm)
  • NOT TO BE FUCKED WITH (In battle, count as a small gang)


Hx Given:

Which one of you once left me bleeding, and did nothing for me?

  • Jay the Angel used me as a blood bag to save Ehrenschild. Though I intellectually know that it was necessary, I'm not sure that I've ever really forgiven her for it.

Which one of you has fought shoulder to shoulder with me?

  • Playboy may be batshit crazy, but she really knows her way around an axe and is good to have at your back in a fight. If I ever need to take her out, best to do it from far away.

Which one of you is prettiest and/or smartest?

  • Desire the Skinner is beautiful and deadly. A snake waiting for the unwary to tread to close.

Hx Received:

  • Jay the Angel : Dora has been with Jay all along and seen what she has seen.
  • Justice the Battlebabe : Justice thinks that Dora is trustworthy and is thus uninteresting.
  • Playboy the Faceless : Dora was kind and unafraid toward Playboy.
  • Aspen the Hocus : Aspen already has a good understanding of Dora. He is a quick and accurate judge of character.
  • Desire the Skinner : Dora does not really have that much contact with Desire, so is not a lover, friend or in love with Desire.
  • Ehrenschild the Waterbearer: Dora gave Ehrenschild water in the wilderness through the mechanism of blood donation.


  • Assault Rifle
  • Grenade Tube
  • AP Ammo
  • 9mm
  • Mismatched set of military and police combat armor (2-armor)
  • oddments worth 2-barter


0 / 5


+1 Sharp

  • Lay Down Fire against Cankers x3
  • Lay Down Fire against Cankers + Flying Monster
  • Seize against the mass of monsters