Quentin Wright

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Quentin Wright

"You want to hear my story? Well...

Born on Ariel. Can't say I've been touched by War. Always wanted to go exploring, so enlisted to Planetology College as soon as age allowed.

If you think that I've graduated on top of my class – well, I didn't. But my grades were good enough to secure me a bank loan for a Wakinyan which got name Annabell Lee. Together with few friends we set off exploring the Black.

After several fruitless trips, I thought I've caught a phoenix by its tail – on some planetoid we discovered the vein that was rich on thorium. We were leaving when some Alliance nitwit got his sensor signals jumbled and considered Annabell Lee a smuggler or hiding Independent. He fired a few shots before realizing his mistake; one of those hit our cargo bay, vaporized couple of crates with samples and made quite a hole in the air duct.

We had to abandon the ship – radioactive dust spread through ventilation and contaminated everything. I was lucky, I haven't got much radiation poisoning, but both my crewmates perished within a week.

Of course I've complained. I've tried everything. I've became gorram expert in Alliance regulations. Sometimes when I'm asleep, I even have dreams in legalese. I've failed to achieve much.

Right now, I'm unemployed, as you can see. Sure, I still have my licenses, but I can't practice, since those are useless without ship. But if you need a decent pilot – I'm here."

Appearance: Tall (6'1"), tanned man of average built. He isn't handsome -- his head always shaved bald and scars caused by burns peppers back of his neck and head; he isn't ugly either -- he has friendly gray eyes and good facial features. He usually wears sturdy coveralls fit for trip to wilderness and carries a handgun openly.

Age: 28 years

Stats: Mental: d10, Physical: d8, Social: d6


  • Gold Prospector d8 (Labor, Shoot, Survive)
Gain 1 Plot Point when you roll a d4 instead of a d8.
Camp Life: When making camp in the wild or a putting up a makeshift shelter, step up or double Survive for the Action.
  • By the Book d8 (Focus, Know, Operate)
Gain 1 Plot Point when you roll a d4 instead of a d8.
Standard Operating Procedure: Spend 1 PP to double Know for a roll when you rely on your knowledge of Alliance rules, regulations, and procedures
  • Semi-Retired d8 (Drive, Fly, Trick)
Gain 1 Plot Point when you roll a d4 instead of a d8.


Drive d6

Fly d10 (Transports)

Focus d6

Know d8 (Planetology, White Collar Crimes)

Labor d8

Operate d8 (Sensor Equipment)

Shoot d8

Survive d10

Trick d8

All other skills are on d4.

Signature asset: Prospector's Permits d8