RESOURCES: Miscellaneous Objects Art Tutorials

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Tutorials on creating miscellaneous objects.

3D Sphere 1 by Screaming Art Designs
3D Sphere 2 by Screaming Art Designs
Basic Logo tutorial by Phoenixiin
Candy Sphere by PURE PHOTOSHOP
Cingular Logo by PURE PHOTOSHOP
Circle by Screaming Art Designs
Cool plastic form by PixelWars
Doing Your Own Company Logo Design by PEGAWEB
Extreme Layout Part 1 by PURE PHOTOSHOP
Extreme Layout Part 2 by PURE PHOTOSHOP
Fractals/tentacles by PixelWars
Industrial Metal Navigation by PURE PHOTOSHOP
Interface Skin and Bone by EYEBALL DESIGN
Lineart Resource Files
Making a neat looking interface by PixelWars
Making cool razors! by PixelWars
Painting a Wooden Plank by Daniel Alekow
Professional Web Logo by Phoenixiin
Segmented Rings by Man1c M0g
Sketching Lesson by Even Michelsen
Sunlight Web Design Tutorial by PEGAWEB