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Raz is a Ta'ashim Assassin of unknown descent. He appears in the Dragon Warriors: The Scoured Lands PBP campaign as a player character played by Morrig.

Character History[edit]

Raz's earliest memories were of a tough daily struggle to survive, scavenging, scrounging, fighting for food and shelter in the slums of the city. Abandoned by parents whom he could not remember, Raz roamed the streets, living by the sleight of his hands and the quickness of his wits. By the age of 10, Raz had gathered a small band of about 6 other kids who acknowledged him as their leader, and who followed him about. Collectively, the gang was known as "Al-intiqaam", or "Retribution" in the Nascerine language.

There was a strange black-garbed man, a foreigner, who came into the slums one day. He gathered up several of the street children, gave them food, clothing, and a roof over their little heads. At the end of one week in which the stranger carefully observed each child he took in, some of the children were put back into the streets. Some however, were given a choice of a lifetime - serve "The Sect" in exchange for a chance to improve their lot in life, or return to the slums from where they came from. Raz, seeing his chance at making something of his miserable and pathetic life, threw in his lot with "The Sect" and never looked back, henceforth leaving his life in the slums behind forever. Together with several others who made the same decision, Raz was brought to a secret location in another part of the city. There under the strict watchful eyes of the black-garbed stranger who was joined by several other similarly dressed men and women with stern impassive faces, they began their brutal training to become deadly shadow warriors of the sect of the Marijah Assassins.

It's been 12 years since. Of the original group who began the training, only a handful survived to finally take their place as full members of the sect. Raz who had performed excellently throughout the training, was the 1st of his batch to be honored with his very 1st mission - He is to travel far north to the frigid wastelands of Krath. There, he is to track down and kill a deserter, bringing the traitor's head back with him when he returns to the sect.

Current Status[edit]

Pay!!! And a new mission...
Health Points: 9 / 9
Experience: 30 / 60

Character Profile[edit]

Name: Ez'Raz the Viper
Background: Ta'ashim, Marijah Assassin
Languages: Nascerine (native, literate), Low Cabbandari (fluent, illiterate), Kurlish (basic, illiterate)
Profession: Assassin
Rank: 2
Experience: 30

Primary Attributes[edit]

Strength: 14
Reflexes: 17
Intelligence: 11
Psychic Talent: 11
Looks: 10

Secondary Attributes[edit]

Combat Factors[edit]

Attack: 16
Defence: 7
Evasion: 7
Health Points (at full health): 9

Magical Combat Factors[edit]

Magical Defence: 4

Stealth & Perception[edit]

Stealth: 20
Perception: 9

Treasures & Cash[edit]

Gold Crowns: 0
Silver Florins: 44
Copper Pennies: 11


  • Alchemy (50%)
  • Armor Piercing
  • Meditation (Light)
  • Pick Lock (40%)
  • Meditation (Darkness)



  • dagger (d4+1,3)
  • staff (d6+1,3)
  • sword (d8+1,4)
  • crossbow (d10,4)


  • backpack
  • hand lantern
  • flint & tinder
  • rope (10m)
  • waterskin
  • rations (7 days)
  • lockpicks
  • climbing gear
  • case with 4 quarrels
  • green bladed dirk
  • a scrap of parchment with an etching of a voluptuous young woman
  • a large iron key
  • a large black foul smelling feather wrapped in a piece of green fabric
  • a green cloak (Kalugen's guard uniform)
  • piece of old vellum stamped with a hydra symbol (Kalugen's crest)
  • receipt for supplies
  • Kalugen's pennant with battalion symbols