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Briam Neos

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High Concept - Free Eidolon Anti-Corporate Fighter: Free Eidolon is many things, but it is dominated by the malign hand of the Rhezun Corporation. Briam saw this from a young age. True freedom and true justice could only come when it - and other greedy profitmongers, were broken and unable to suppress the people. Thus, he became part of the EPF (Eidolon People's Front). After a particularly explosive incident, he had to flee the system. </break> + Invoke to call upon anti-corporate messages, employ the skills taught by or connect with his allies in the EPF. </break> + Compel when his status as an anti-corporate 'terrorist' works against him. </break>

Trouble - Accustomed to Vice: The cause can be a straining and stressful one, and having grown up in a place where everything is for sale, Briam has been accustomed to turning to indulgences to take the edge off things. </break> + Invoke when dealing with vice purveyors, to recognize someone else's vices, or to evaluate vice-related goods/services. </break> + Compel when temptations or indulgences get him into trouble. </break>

Free - Change Flows from the Barrel of a Gun: In Briam's opinion and experience, protests, boycotts, and other measly pacific tactics are easily ignored or outmaneuvered by the smug tycoons in short order. The only thing that will stop them is force. </break> + Invoke when in combat, encouraging others to take, and using the violent approach. </break> + Compel when it brings him into conflict with others he is working with. </break>

Free - Underworld Senses: Being what it is, many crime syndicates have tendrils in Free Eidolon, and the EPF is no stranger to doing business with them if unfortunately needed. As part of this Briam's learned to recognize the signs, the codes, and the figures due respect. </break> + Invoke when dealing with criminals. </break> + Compel when criminal entanglements and intrigues get him into trouble. </break>

Free - Claws of Rhezun: Rumors are flying about a special corporate death squad going after the EPF and other groups that anger the Rhezun corporation. They could be real, or they might not. Even if they were, they'd not come out for Briam, right? </break> + Invoke to intimidate or gain the trust of other rebels, or show your street cred as a bad-ass. </break> + Compel when they strike - if they indeed strike, or it looks like they're in the area... Assuming you didn't mistake happenstance for malice... </break>


+5: Agility </break> +4: Energy Weapons, Slug Throwers </break> +3: Alertness, Brawling, Stamina </break> +2: Gunnery, Intimidation, Stealth, Tactics </break> +1: Culture/Tech [Crossroads/Namahak, Felbyne], Micro-G, Resolve, Vehicles </break>


Military-Grade Energy Weapons </break> Military-Grade Slug Throwers </break> Uncanny Accuracy: Once per conflict, stack an additional free invoke on an advantage you’ve created to represent the time you take to aim or line up a shot (like In My Sights). </break>


Health [][][][][] </break> Composure [][][][] </break> Wealth [][][] </break>


Adv. Combat Rifle (Harm 2, Range 2-5, Pen 1; Full Auto, High Capacity) </break> Pulse Laser Pack (Harm 2, Range 1-4, Pen 1; Low Recoil) </break>

Bulletproof Vest (Defense 2, Sta. Mod 0, Agi. Mod 0; Flexible, Lightweight, Civilian) </break> Combat Hazard Suit (Defense 5, Sta. Mod 0, Agi. Mod 0; Flexible, Lightweight, On the Net, Pressurized) </break>

Running/Velcro Shoes </break> Sunglasses </break>