Relmapator Running Journal

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The Journals of Jeweled Amber: Relmopator Barimen

Volume One: The Vampire of the Dungeons

  • Book One: An Unexpected Ambassador
  • Book Two: A Paragon of Chaos
  • Book Three: A Vision of Family

Volume Two: The Adask War Wizard

  • Book Four: Unexpectedly a Leader in Training
  • Book Five: A Return to Adagalasck
  • Book Six: Taking the South Wind

Relmopator Barimen; aka Realmer; aka Silvermane

Relmopator.jpg Realmer3.jpg

Chaos Form: Winged Nosferateau Demon

Realmerform1.jpg Realmerform2.jpg

Avatar Form: Huge Vulture

Relmopator's Avatar Form.jpg