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= NPCs =
= NPCs =
==Coral Beach==
*Count Gustav, the ruler of the county. Is rich enough to have a retinue of abhumans. Count Gustav is a largely distant ruler, and the people are mostly satisfied with his reticence to micromanage them.
*Mayor Weathering, the unusually young woman elected to lead civic affairs. She's dedicated and competent, but doesn't always have the resources to back up her plans.
*Sir Ash, the knight and champion. He's fairly elderly, and at this juncture of his life is not the swordsman he once was. The office is largely ceremonial in any case.
*Sister Carissa, the white magician. A monk of accomplishment in her younger days, her powers too have faded somewhat through time and disuse. She is still considered a great asset to the community due to her work as a healer, even without those grades of spells she can no longer channel.
*Magus Quarl, the black magician. No one has any great sense of how powerful he is, nor is anyone volunteering to help make the determination. Quarl is reputed to know many secrets and lore apart from his accomplishment with offensive magics, a situation which is not always the case.
*Winda Flowers lives near the graveyard, and is reputed to be a bit of a Seer, or Sir Ash believes she is. They don't let her play cards at Jack's Lantern Tavern anymore, certainly.
*Delvene is a Neko abhuman who serves Count Gustav. She wears an oilskin greatcoat and has an arch and precise manner of speech. On one occasion a rowdy cowboy took offense to one of the Count's announcements and threw his beer on her. She perforated his spleen before the glass hit the floor.
*Gerhart is the city's Chief Engineer. He would like for the infrastructure that he inherited to still be working when he passes it on, but is cynically prepared for the alternative.
*Captain Naevia, captain of the Emerald, which sails out of Port Nanto.
= Game Notes & Quests =
= Game Notes & Quests =

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