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'''Technical 3/Savvy 2/Aerial 1'''
'''Class & Level'''
'''Attitude:''' Heel; '''Height & Weight:''' 6'02" 230 lbs; '''Weight Class:''' Heavyweight; '''Lift DC:''' 11; '''Reputation:''' +4; '''Abilities:''' Str 12 (+1), Dex 13 (+1), Con 14 (+2), Int 15 (+2), Wis 13 (+1), Cha 15 (+2); '''Endurance:''' 84; '''Trauma:''' 14; '''Base Attack Bonus:''' +4; '''Saves:''' Fort +7, Ref +7; Will +4; '''Training Background:''' Mat wrestling (Concentrate & Perform Promo)
'''Attitude:''' x; '''Height & Weight:''' x; '''Weight Class:''' x; '''Lift DC:''' x; '''Reputation:''' +x; '''Abilities:''' Str x (+x), Dex x (+x), Con x (+x), Int x (+x), Wis x (+x), Cha x (+x); '''Endurance:''' x; '''Trauma:''' x; '''Base Attack Bonus:''' +x; '''Saves:''' Fort +x, Ref +x; Will +x; '''Training Background:''' x
'''Skills:''' x
Balance +4
Bluff +9
Concentrate +8
Diplomacy +11
Intimidate +9
Jump +4
Know Savvy +7
Perform Promo +9
Perform Vignette +5
Sense Motive +6
Sleight of Hand +8
'''Feats:''' x
'''Talents:''' x
Maneuver Proficiency (Simple, Technical, Savvy, Aerial, Power); Cheap Shot Artist; Chain Wrestling (Technical); Great Fortitude; Heat Machine; Maneuver Focus (Technical); Tag Team Specialist
'''Moveset:''' x
Mat Technician; The Mood’s About to Change; Ring Smarts; Trigger Reflexes
'''Finishing Maneuver:'''
'''Signature Moves:''' x
Ego Trip (Technical, 2d6, 1 Endurance cost, prone self, immediate pin) (0)
'''Finishing Maneuver:''' x
== Biographical Links ==
== Biographical Links ==

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