Rosalie Trahan

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Rosalie Trahan

Rosalie Trahan was born on Paquin and went to Loyola University of Gonghe where her father was an astrophysicist, to study Journalism. It was during a year abroad program that she first started writing about the plight of people on the Border and the Rim. She eventually dropped out of the university and attracted the attention of PULSE News, a Pro-Independence Cortex news feed. She has been jailed several times, but charges have usually been reduced or dropped.

  • Trahan once had some kind of relationship with Beggar back during the war.
  • Married to Beglan Shea, daughter Stella.

As of 2525 she has been investigating unusual arrests and harassment by Alliance of seemingly random people.

Rosie in Disguise
Rosalie in Core style

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