Running Sheet Christine Corelle

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Christine Corelle

Aka: Colette Corelle ?







  • Mayor of Fort Garland
  • Doctor.
    • Internal Medicine, University of Grenada.
    • Residency-General Hospital, Chicago.
    • Bachelors of Medicine, University of Illinois.


Total: = Stats+ Powers{c}+ Skills+{c}+ Items +0/0 allies/Enemies + Stuff+Storage

  • in Stats
  • x (x) in Powers
  • in Skills
  • (x) in creatures/Items
  • 0 in Allies (0/0)
  • Stuff


  • Second Game Advancement-From the Sigil to the Flight from Fort Garland to the Apple Orchard. 10 pips.
    • 10 pip Signature piece. Joins with Reggy, Chris, and Fitz fro a N&N item.


  • Psyche: 5
  • Strength:Chaos (+10)
  • Endurance:Chaos (+10)
  • Warfare:Human(+25)

Powers {10}

  • 2 Fort Garland Sigil of Avalon; Basic Imprint: Low Order Inscription; Lily Lake/Ft. Garland, CO; Change World.
    • High Order Spell Slots (2): Holder Frame (no need to Cast)
    • Low Order Spells Slots (5): Holder and Casting Frame.
  • 3 Avalon Shape Shifting; Specific Alternate Forms ONLY:
    • Gained assaying the Ft. Garland Sigil of Avalon twice.
    • Forms: Human(True Form), Winged Fey(Magical Creature), Elf.
  • 5 Low Order Sorcery Sorcery in Jeweled Amber
    • Highest Priority of Low Order Magic
    • Low Order versions of High Order Sorcery Spells
      • Less power overall; less intensity, effectiveness, duration.
    • This is NOT a Low Order Magic System, such as; Magery, Wizardry, Listery, etc.
  • ? Low Order Alchemy
  • ? Low Order Magery
  • ? Low Order Druid


  • Framework: Low Order Inscription; Basic Imprint; Fort Garland Sigil of Avalon
    • High Order Sorcery Spell Slots (2): Holder Frame; no need to Cast.
      • [Empty], [Empty]
    • Low Order Sorcery Spell Slots (5): Holder and Casting Frame.
      • Invisibility (good for a Low Order Sorcerer. the main difference between High and Low versions is duration)
      • Giant Slap (good enough to shut doors but not kick open strong doors. But it could play hell with a table setting)
      • Cardiac Arrest (a killing spell for High Order but for Low Order it is mainly a massive chest pain distraction unless someone has heart problems)
      • Defensive Shield (as a Low Order spell is mainly useful against Low Order Magic, but its a must)
      • Single Wound Healing (stops a single wound from causing someone to bleed out. The size of the wound is important. A High Order version will stop almost any wound short of decapitation)

Skills {}

  • ? Medical Doctor
  • ? Chef
  • ? Hiking

Allies & Enemies {0/0 = 0}


  • various


  • various



Items {}

  • Signature piece

Shadows {}