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After a short time in Amber she has gone into shadow to learn, participate, and experience life. Her mother wanted something else for her.
<big>'''Elayne deFlorimel'''</big>
[[File:Elayne deFlorimel.jpg]]
'''Father:'''William Shakespeare
'''Description:''' Athletic and lithe.  He appearance changes as often as her clothes. 
'''Hobbies:''' Reading
'''''Total: =  Stats+ Powers{c}+ Skills+{c}+ Items +0/0 allies/Enemies + Stuff+Storage'''''
* in Stats
* x (x) in Powers
* in Skills
* (x) in creatures/Items
*0 in Allies (0/0)
* Stuff
*Psyche: 2
*Strength: 21
=='''Powers {64}'''==
*(50) Pattern
*15 Sorcery
*20 Conjuration
*10 Limited Trump Artist
*15 (10) Partial Shapeshift
*2 Shadow magic (Magery)
*2 Thief (20 thief)
=='''Skills {21}'''==
*3 Golf
*3 Language Arts & literature
*3 Acrobatics-Parkour, Gymnastics, skateboard, bicycle
*2 Arts & Crafts-General methods and techniques
*2 Car Racing.
*1 Dance
*1 Arts and Crafts-Fiber Arts-Weaving, stitching/embroidery, sewing.
*1 Arts and Crafts-Paper Arts-Paper-making, printing, bookbinding, origami.
*1 Arts and Crafts-Fiber Arts-Calligraphy
*1 Arts and Crafts-Fiber Arts-Pottery
*1 Arts and Crafts-Fiber Arts-Glass works
*1 Motorcycle
*1 Air Pilot-dual wing barnstormer.
=='''Allies & Enemies {0/0 = 0}'''==
===Elayne's Cats. (30 pips)===
*2 Chaos vitality
*2 Double Speed
*2 Amber Stamina
*1 Combat training
*1 Vrs Weapon
*1 Extra hard Damage
*1 Speak & Sing (Psychically connected and able to speak across shadow)
*1 Sensitivity
*2 Rapid healing
*1 alt form-Cat is the basic form.  Each has a different Alt-Form.
*1 ability blink 30'
x2 N/n
{| class="wikitable"           
|Rico-Cat/d- Feral in Alcandar
|Rusty-Cal/-Feral in Alcandar
|Trouble-Cat/Hawk-Lives with Flora
|Sible-Cat/Puedodragon-Feral in Nenton
|Tonks-Feral in Nenton
|Treet-Feral in Nenton
|Feral-Cat/Rat-Feral in Castle Amber
|Feral-Cat/c-Feral in Castle Amber
|Feral-Cat/c-Feral in Garn
=='''Items {}'''==
Two vehicles for local and long distance travel.
*[[File:Elayne-vehicles.jpg|600 px]] [[File:Boot3.jpg]]
===Elayne's Walking Boots (56).===
*4 Engine Speed
*4 Endless Stamina – Transfer 5
*4 Invulnerable - transfer 5
*4 Deadly damage
*4 Regeneration - Transfer 10
*2 n/n shapes: Calf Boots(main Form), Ankle Boots, , Thigh High Boot Sneakers, Sandals,  Hiking Boot.  Dress shoe, dress High heel, Spiked Warboots
*8 trump images
*4 rack and use spells. 12 Minor/4 Major
*1 Ability- Sticky Boots. (Stone of Skulls)
*1 Ability-Leaping. (Stone of Skulls)
Acquired by From the Lagadium Games of Gustevedem.  Empowered by the Stone of Skulls[[https://wiki.rpg.net/index.php/Diners_of_Amber#The_Stone_of_Skulls]]
===Van Real Glasses. (21 pips)===
[[File:Glasses.jpg|300 px]]
*2 Vs Firearms-Protection from general road damage and effects against the eyes.
*1 ability -Multi-spectrum eye protection from incoming effects. Lasers, flash, blinding light, etc
*1 ability – See through Invisibly.
*1 ability -See through Illusions.
*1 ability -X-ray Vision. Thermal Vision, See retained heat signatures.
*1 Ability-Binocular/Microscope vision
x3 Horde (21)
A product of a technology that matches reactive glass and highly potent materials with elements of magically alloyed materials allowing them to work against magical and technological effects.. Variations of colors available.
Owns a floor at the top of a building across the Newsstand. [[https://wiki.rpg.net/index.php/Diners_of_Amber#The_Newsstand.]]
Lives in one small garret on the front corner overlooking the busy cross streets.  A regular at the Newsstand[[https://wiki.rpg.net/index.php/Diners_of_Amber#The_Newsstand.]], King's Sandwiches[[https://wiki.rpg.net/index.php/Diners_of_Amber#King.27s_Sandwich]], and La Bisalta[[https://wiki.rpg.net/index.php/Diners_of_Amber#73._La_Bisalta]].
[[Dabblings of Elayne deFlorimel]]

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