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Laravella, Daughter of Brand


Father:Prince Brand of amber

Mother: Abyssal creature




'Wiki Page Laravella Anything on this page is public knowledge.


Points-{131 (70)}

Total:131(70) = 25 Stats+75(40) Powers +6 Skills +10 Shadows +10 Items +14/-14 allies/Enemies +5 Stuff +0 Storage

  • 25 in Stats
  • 55 (20) in Powers
  • 6 in Skills
  • 0 (50) in creatures/Items
  • 10 in Shadows
  • 0 in Allies (+14/-14)
  • 4 Good Stuff


  • 1 pip in Parkour -Trip with Bleys


  • Psyche: 40
  • Strength: Amber
  • Endurance: Amber
  • Warfare: 35

Powers {75 (40)}

  • (10)30 Logrus Study (Originally assisted by Brand, further assistance by a Kecadar Hendrake) Working Toward eventually taking Logrus.
  • 15 Sorcery
  • 40 Trump
  • 60 (10)Advanced Shape Change (Amber Racial)
  • (10) Brand's Doing that will become evident down the line.
  • (10)Attunement to the Jewel of Treseil and its staff.
  • 15 Attunement to the Throne of Tazil
  • 4 Warlock Low Order Magic.

Skills {6}

  • Armorer
  • Leather worker
  • Thari (Includes Amber History and related Chaos History)
  • Swimming,
  • Survival (Arctic).
  • Parkour (from a time Bleys made her come with him to a shadow were the two of you learned it)(I occasionally award points for game sessions outside advancement lists to mark a particularly memorable session or occasion)

Spellcraft-I'm not sure what this would be if not a quantity of shadow magic. I don't know how it would work as a skill. Creating spells would be part of the Sorcery power A skill at creating spells? Creating spells is part of the Sorcery power. getting better at creating spells would be putting points toward Advanced Sorcery


When Laravela is slain her shadows will pass to her slayers. Future fun and games. Cyrus should go to Skadi.


  • 5 Personal- Control of Destiny

A world of Dark Ages, with High Order magic and low technology. One main continent only surrounded by ocean. Laravella is a highly respected and trusted Sorceress. Home of the Rats and their king Ratska.


  • 5 Personal- Control of Destiny

A world Near Chaos. A frozen world with very few people. Mostly polar bears and wolves. Small settlements dot the frozen land, but technology is very bare. Home of the Kyruxi-Currently appearing as the Taziliwere guard.

(describe the Destiny element of both)

Allies & Enemies {0/0 = 0}


  • 6 Chaos Devote: Kecadar Hendrake.
  • 4 Chaos Ally Abyssal Creature.
  • 2 Amber Ally-Rinnaldo-brother
  • 1 Ally Game Play
  • 1 Vek


  • 6 Enemy Game Play
  • 4 Enemy Someone in Hendrake
  • 2 Enemy Game Play
  • 1 Enemy Game Play
  • 1 Enemy Someone in Regor



small humanoid rats throwing poisoned iron spikes.


Cash Gagal. Currently imprisoned in the castle of tazil

Items {10(50)}


The Staff of Treseil

The Staff of Treseil is a powerful artifact whose personality is that of a Dufiro of Binding.

  • Chaos Vitality 2
  • Confer Movement 1
  • Invulnerable 4
  • Double Damage 2
  • Tongues 4
  • Extraordinary Psychic Sensitivity 4
  • Psychic Resistance 4
  • Seek in shadow 4
  • Mold Reality 4
  • Regeneration 4
  • N/N forms 2: Staff, Buckler, Chair-back decoration, 10' Tent pole, steel rose, short fighting knife
  • Rack and Use spells 4-12 minor spells, 6 major spells.

(39) Unwillingly Bound Dufiro of Binding to hold the Jewel of Treseil

The Jewel of Tresal- A shadow of the Jewel of Judgement.

  • The staff was forged by Brand to harness and protect the Jewel of Treseil. The stone may be detached by requesting the Dufiro to release it and it may or may not upon its own choice.
  • The Dufiro will not give its name. Names are powerful. It responds to "Staff" or "Svyazannyy".

Loyal Followers

  • Follower Horde- Kyruxi Guard-currently doing business as the Taziliwere guard.
    • Double Stamina 1-
    • Combat Training 1-
    • Armor vs weapons 1-
    • Rapid Heal 2-
    • alt form 1- humanoid, Animal
    • Rack a Spell 1- Able to learn one spell and cast it at a low power level.

x3 Horde (a trained following)

  • (21 pips.)

Brand contributes 11 and holds their ultimate loyalty. Laravella Contributes 10 and commands them and has much of their adoration..

When Laravala dies the remaining Taziliwere guard will present itself to Alxeandra, the revealed daughter of Brand.




Born in Krestrixiol, a shadow near Chaos, one of a pair of twins to Prince Brand of Amber and an abyssal creature

Brand left Krestrixiol leaving Laravella with guardians in the House Hendrake. Over her youth she saw Brand occasionally, during the time he did spend time with her, mostly discussing Amber and its history and language. She knew Fiona and Bleys while she was a young girl. This was in the time that Bleys, Fiona, and Brand were learning in Chaos themselves.

While growing up Bleys took her with him occasionally when he exercised. He taught her Parkour acrobatics. He was fanatical about it, he charmed her, and Brand didn't mind. Its a very acrobatic thing she and Bleys did for a time. There may be a child of Bleys and Laravala around for the future.

While not a noble of Hendrake, she was considered something of a Ward of the House and allowed to come and go with no responsibilities. During this time she met a Bone Warrior of Hendrake named Vek, who was a member of the royal line but whose position was clearly not one of importance. A musician and a chef, as well as a warrior, he was often found in the libraries or near the magical representations of the Logrus studying them. he was always friendly to Lara but was haunted, as if he lived in fear for his life. When Lara began her own traveling in the Chaos Sway or Black Zone, Vek disappeared into the Bone Warriors and she never saw him again. His legion was known to have been destroyed in the Battle of Patternfall and it was assumed he was slain.

A frequent of the courts but not a Lady yet since she has not taken the full Logrus. She found her personal shadow by traveling in the far parts of the Chaos Sway and spent years in them on her own. Having her adventures in those worlds. While still visiting Chaos and House Hendrake on occasion. Not a Member of the House but granted "Honored Guest" status.

Then the Black Road War came. Being a denizen of the Chaos Sway but not having responsibilities in Chaos she could come and go but was not considered a combatant. At the time of the Battle of Patternfall she assayed the logrus.

She learned that Fiona and Bleys broke with Brand and chaos disavowed the two of them and Brand became closer allied in Chaos with Hendrake and Helgram war efforts. He returned warped, talking about the destruction of the universe and a lot of that kind of madness. He was somehow changed and was mostly angry.

The war was fought and lost she heard that Brand was defeated and fell into the Abyss.

Suddenly she was Trumped by Brand. He was badly magically damaged and his healing took a long time. Bringing him to her realms she nursed him back to health. He said he had taken Deirdre into the Abyss. He gave her to the Serpent to save his own life. She was some how split in two. The unicorn rescued one half of her and stole the jewel from him. The other half the Serpent of Chaos took. he was left to fend for himself in the deepest parts of the abyss. It was bad.

In time he recovered his clarity of thought if not necessarily his sanity. In gratitude he summoned the Staff of Treseil and bound it to you. At one point he grasped her head and did something magical that was unsettling for a time. What it was she never knew. (10 pips above).

Eventually he recovered somewhat. He went to Regor. Sometimes everyone needs to see their mommy. Taking her with him she met Queen Clarissa, the Czarina of Regor, and her brood of children, including the precocious Alexei. As a Child of Brand she was treated well, royally even. But Brand was severely magically damaged and despite some recovery he got lost. Clarissa assigned Alexei to be Brand's keeper. Clarissa had offered to see Lara through the Inscription of Regor but it never happened.

'Alexei and Lara having had a tumultuous, mostly flirtatious, relationship. Alexei, a friendly rogue as well as a Prince of regor was interested in more but his duties did not allow. He spent a great deal of time followig Brand and returning him home as he went through bouts of madness, weakness, alcohol and chemical abuse and poetry readings.

Lara left Regor to return to her worlds and her life. She lived in her shadows, visited Chaos frequently.

She learned that the Bone Warrior Vek had eventually taken the Logrus, been declared a Lord of Hendrake, a grandson of Maylon Hendrake and thus a great-grandson of Benedict of Amber and Princess Lintra Hendrake. The revelation of his family line explained much Lara remembered of him in their youth about how he was both hated and protected by the elders of the chaos house.

Till recently.

Alexei came to you and told you that Brand had been Captured by Lord Vander, a son of Eric of Amber(and a PC). He was in the dungeons of Amber. He had a lock on an Amberite with access and was going to seek her out. (the PC Carissa)

Your missions, if you choose to accept them, in no particular order:

  • Seek out Clarissa and gain the Regor Inscription.
  • Locate an Amberite and come to the Court of Amber, requesting to see 'Brand, as he is her father.
  • Interact with Vek
  • Deal with Random, possibly swear fealty to Amber, write an article of submission, and gain a pattern imprint.
  • Speak to Brand in the Dungeons of Amber.
  • Find out what the war with Azcala is all about.