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'''<big>Macsen ap Dalt'''</big>
'''Father:'''  Prince Dalt of Amber, Ambassador of Amber to the Principality of Trasidy
'''Mother:'''  Melica Roshala, Lady of Trasidy
[[File:D-dalt1.jpg]] [[File:Melica roshala.jpg]]
*Lord of Amber
*Knight of the Elites
'''''Total:103 = 71 Stats +18 Powers{70} +7 Skills +0{50} Items +7/-7 allies/Enemies -2 Bad Stuff+ 0 Advancement unspent'''''
*71 Stats
*18(70) in Powers
*7 in Skills
*0(x) in creatures/Items
*0 in Allies (7/7)
*-2 Stuff
*''3 Pips Advancement for Opening Sequence and New Realms.Paid- Bursain''
*''1 pip Two comments for Quote page-Paid-Bursain''
*Psyche: 21
*Strength: 10
*Warfare: 30
=='''Powers 28 {70}'''==
*(50 ) Basic Pattern of Amber-Wild Imprint (50 granted)
*(10)  Basic Imprint [[Trasidy]] (granted)
*(10)  Limited Shape Change  (Amberite Racial Trait)
*10 Basic Imprint Bursain
*15 Sorcery
*3 AD&D Shadow Magic and [[Continualism]]
=='''Skills {7}'''==
*2 stringed instruments
*1 Key Instruments-Piano, Harpsichord, Organ
*1 sailor Wooden Ships
*1 doctor-general Practitioner
*1 courtier-Heraldry and Etiquette
*1 Horsemanship
=='''Allies & Enemies {0/0}'''==
===Allies 12===
*4 Utaric of Trasidy
*2 pip Family Friend
*2 pip Family Friend
*1 pip shadow allies
*1 pip shadow allies
*1 pip castle ally
*1 Unknown Amberite ally.
*Quiet Lightning-Signature piece
**4 Vitality, Movement, stamina, Aggression, Combat, Damage, Speak, Danger Sense, seek in Shadow, Regen.
**2 n/n forms, n/n Spells
**1 Mold Stuff,Chaos Resistance
*Secondary Hawk mated pair.  Signature piece
**Stamina, double speed, Aggression, armor, damage, Speak & sing, rapid heal
*Companion Begman Sailor?
*Elite Sir Kareeena of Camolin[[https://wiki.rpg.net/index.php/Elites#Karieeena_of_Camolin]]
=='''Items {0}'''==
*'''Cavalry Blade'''
*'''NP Blade'''
==='''Cavalry Blade'''===
*Mithril Blade (The Cavalry Blade)(Oberon) A gift from Dalt
*A thin, curved, familiar saber used by generals on duty. A horseman's blade with various shapes
*9} Enigine Speed 4 - Speed 4-Transfer 5
*4} Deadly Damage
*1} Mold Stuff-Find in Shadow
*1} Alt Form-Bowie knife at the current time.
*1} Rack Spell-Return to hand
[[File:Cavalry Blade.jpg]]
A small stringed lap harp made of brutus wood and ebony.  Mithril strings. 
*4 Invulnerable
*1 Able to Speak -Remembers songs played and can repeat them.
*1 Rack a spell-Variable amplification.
(find a style of instrument you find suitable. And i'll sort out the image)
A 9 hole recorder made from Brutus wood. perfect pitch
*4 Invulnerable
*rack a spell-Volume control
(find a style of instrument you find suitable. And i'll sort out the image)
==='''Nasty Place Graduate Blade'''===
*Deadly Damage 4
*Rack Spell-1 Return to Hand/Return to Forge on death
*Shadow Wide *4
=='''Stuff{2 BS}'''==
*2 Bad Stuff
==Remaining Pips==
3 Pips Advancement for Opening Sequence and New Realms.
*Birds tend to talk to him, like him, and the Great Birds tend to seek him out as he travels.  His connection to them is unclear but some consider it some sort of druidic connection.
*Graduate of Nasty Place.  Elite Training.

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