Sage Krolo the Chiss Adept

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Female, showy wear, striking face, slim body


Canny +1, Cool 0, Deep +2, Rugged +1, Suave -1


  • Vibro-knife (2-harm hand powered)
  • Throwing knives (2-harm close infinite)
  • Ostentatious black Sith robes (1-armor)
  • 1-cred
  • Force talisman (cracked khyber crystal necklace)


The Force

When you call on the Force, suffer 1-harm and gain 3 force points. If you call on the force in anger, frustration, fear or hubris, you instead suffer no harm but the MC will make a hard move. While you hold force points, you cannot heal from this harm.

When you do something new or interesting with the Force, tell the MC what you’re hoping to accomplish, spend a force point, and roll with Deep. On a 10+, you do it, or near enough. On a 7-9, it’s incomplete, lacking, flawed or costs you. On a miss, it’s not at all how you expected or the costs are severe, MC’s choice.

While you hold force points, you can use the force to move and manipulate simple unattended objects (it may still be Acting Under Pressure, though). You can spend a force point to move something massive, move people harmlessly, propel yourself up to a great height or forward at great speed, or use telekinesis as a weapon (1-harm ap close area).
Mind Trick
You can spend a force point to trick or deceive a weak-minded person for a few moments.
Force Senses
When you Read a Person or Check Out The Scene, you can spend a force point to ask an additional question from the list.
Force Talisman [Reserve]
Once per session you may ignore the harm inflicted by Calling on the Force.

Adept Moves

Untapped Fury
When you use the Force as a weapon, take +1 to your roll and inflict +1 harm.

Drama Moves

When you die, you can become a Force Spirit. You can appear as your Jedi character to anyone Trusting Their Feelings to give them advice and guidance, tell them what you honestly think their best course is. If they do it, you both mark experience.

When you share a moment of intimacy with someone, ask them what secret they’re hiding from someone other than you, they must answer honestly.


When you do any of the following, mark experience:

  • Infiltrate someplace new.
  • Do something your Master would not approve of.
  • Recite one of your Master's lessons.
  • Use the Force to threaten or intimidate someone.
  • Discuss your grand destiny with someone.
  • Break something out of anger.
  • Dramatically cast-aside a disguise to reveal your true identity.
  • Let someone see your softer side.


  • I’ve had a dark vision about the future of Asehla.
  • Captain Juvenius has a secret only I know about.
  • K-4T4 is a trusted friend.


Costume and Vibroblade reference.