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Chapter 22

[INFO] Now logging to [file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Angelo/Dati%20applicazioni/Mozilla/Firefox/Profiles/demuhaee.default/chatzilla/logs/].
[INFO] Channel view for ``#Nobilis opened.
--]| YOU (Angelo) have joined #Nobilis
[Angelo] Hi picciotti!
[BethE] Dan Davenport swears I'm an alignment test.
[BethE] Hi Angelo!
[Verithe] 'Allo!
[Angelo] All fine?
[lazarus] how does alignment bed test work?

  • Verithe wields a fairy swatter.

[BethE] Dan says that no one who likes me can be evil.
[BethE] (Apparently, though, GM Evil does not count...)
[lazarus] I just have to say this: I'm so glad I'm both not GMing and am playing a character who's (mechanically so!) insane :p
[BethE] He used to use it as a test on new people over in #rpgnet.
[Verithe] Oh! So I want to nix the idea of Kite eating one of every fish in Creation. Instead, he wants to make Vulcan an Imperator important to all Worlds on the Ash.
[Angelo] nice one V
[Verithe] He also wants a personal cult of hat-pin seer bonnet-wearing Dionyl.
[Verithe] But that's secondary and minor.
--]| Knockwood ( has joined #Nobilis
[Knockwood] Hi guys
[Angelo] Hi Knock!
[Verithe] Hi, Knock!
[Knockwood] Did I miss anything?
[BethE] Hi Knock!
[Verithe] A Tpyo sighting.
[lazarus] ra ra yog-sothoth, something something russian queen [-- you missed that.
[Verithe] Oh, yes.
[lazarus] and the discussion with us concluding that Beth is probably not Nyarlathotep
[BethE] I don't even play a flute! I used to play a clarinet, though.
[Random_Nerd] Now, when we'd last left the PCs, they were working on a way to make the whole Tower Patterns-proof.
[Angelo] yep
[lazarus] again.

  • Verithe nods

[BethE] And Rn had helped me with the idea of using Treasure to –REDACTED-.
[BethE] Whoops, meant Persona.
[lazarus] I read "tea party" in there somewhere.
[Random_Nerd] Are we ready to start?
=-= BethE is now known as Theresa
[Verithe] clean cup, clean cup, move down?
=-= Knockwood is now known as DanteE
=-= Verithe is now known as Kite
=-= YOU are now known as Ftisk
[DanteE] Tea party? You want to protect the tower with a layer of nutjob?
[Random_Nerd] ______________START_____________
[lazarus] Dante: it would work, wouldn't it?
=-= lazarus is now known as Brian
[Theresa] (No, I think Patterns would feel at home.)
[DanteE] Might work, actually. Patterns tries to come in, suddenly all he can think of it "Doncha know"
[Random_Nerd] William: "I don't know what you'll need for this, but here's a copy of the blueprint, photos of the tower from different angles, and some duct tape."
[Brian] "duct tape is /always/ useful."
[Kite] "I agree, Brian."
[Ftisk] "I wonder if imp can use duct tape for make a statue..."
[Brian] "Kite, have you ever seen metal tape?"
[Random_Nerd] Sam: "It'd have to be a True God."
[Random_Nerd] Sam: "Only Earth has duct tape."
[DanteE] (Ah...
[Kite] "No, Brian. I haven't."
[Kite] "Sam. How do people build things on Dionyl?"
[Brian] "You should find some. they're used for taping up duct work. Which duct tape is not for."
[Random_Nerd] Sam: "Depends what you're building, I guess. I was never much good with my hands, though."
[Ftisk] "Carving exist on Dyonil?"
[Random_Nerd] Sam: "Sure."
[DanteE] "Well, it's waterproof, sticky, and reasonably strong...
[Kite] "Quilting exist on Dionyl?"
[Random_Nerd] Sam: "We invented it. You guys got it second-hand."
[Kite] "Really! What's it like there?"
[Theresa] (I'm pulling up the Persona rules.)
[Random_Nerd] (Now, bear in mind, you can feel free to use Domain, Aspect, Treasure, or some combination of all of them.)
[DanteE] (Can always use Persona-Blades to cut whoever tries to go through the walls...)
[Kite] (Dollphaniel is always trying to go through the walls. I'm sure Ftisk would be upset.)
[Brian] (does anyone have the Tower as a Bond?)
[Ftisk] (yep but from *Inside* not outside)
[Kite] (True)
[Theresa] (I do.)
[Theresa] (I have a –REDACTED-.)
[Random_Nerd] (So, -REDACTED-.)
[Brian] (I believe that use of Treasure could –REDACTED-. I think?)
[Random_Nerd] (Possibly. What miracle of Treasure do you have in mind?)
[Brian] (I don't know. I don't have –REDACTED- :p Or Treasure much at all, IIRC)
[DanteE] (I've got T2...)
[Brian] (what is the extent of Treasure? Is –REDACTED-?)
[Random_Nerd] (How?)
[Brian] (I don't know ... I should perhaps find the file and scroll to see what Treasure can do.)
[Random_Nerd] (Okay. So, let's break down the problem. Patterns is doing something to get into people's heads. Within the tower, at least, you want him to not be able to do that. You have broad control over –REDACTED-, over the presence and properties of Plants, Data, Assembly, Machines, Courage, Blades, and Numbers.)
[DanteE] (That, and we're not experts on what can block it)
[Random_Nerd] (So, possible things you can do. Find some way to give the Tower the property of being able to prevent such intrusion. Create an agent, empowered to stop this sort of thing. Find some way to make it so that although Patterns can keep doing his thing, it can't help him or hurt you.)
[Ftisk_] (Data can cut the connection to the infos)
[DanteE] (Wait... the building is covered with ivy, right?)
[Random_Nerd] (Sure.)
[DanteE] (Change-Plants to 'charge' the ivy with the ability to block?)
[Random_Nerd] (Note, lesser changes, -REDACTED-.)
[Random_Nerd] (Instead, -REDACTED-.)
[DanteE] (oh yeah)
[Random_Nerd] (But those might be useful here too.)
[Theresa] (Hmm, so I would move the destiny of the Tower's ivy from clinging to the tower and soaking up sunshine to...soaking up Pattern's attempts to come in?)
[Random_Nerd] (That's a thought. –REDACTED-?)
[DanteE] (Maybe it can be 'smart ivy'. :) )
[Brian] (hm. T could "weaponize" the Tower against Patterns :p)
[Theresa] (Ivy, in the language of flowers, means friendship and fidelity. I would move the ivy to being a visible sign of the friendship we have for Amyra. That which is not friendly to us, cannot seek information within?)
[DanteE] (Alternatively... what exactly is 'protecting' the Windy Library?)
[Random_Nerd] (The idea that Kudzu would be pissed if anyone messed with it.)
[Theresa] (What's protecting it is it was made by Kudzu and he doesn't have to worry about such things.  :P )
[Random_Nerd] (So, that's a thought. Make Patterns /afraid/ to do anything to mess with minds in the Tower.)
[Random_Nerd] (Hmm. Do any of you have –REDACTED-?)
[Theresa] (I –REDACTED-.)
[Brian] (I read two essential things: -REDACTED- ... I think.)
[Brian] (I have –REDACTED-, I think. *looks*)
[DanteE] (No, but Courage-3 should do something along those lines. :)
[Brian] (my –REDACTED-, btw.)
[DanteE] (Only thing is, that could backfire on us.)
[Brian] (oh, apparently –REDACTED-)
[Random_Nerd] (Well, I was thinking... with –REDACTED-.)
[Theresa] (Huh, nifty!)
[DanteE] (Yeah, but would that work long-term?)
[Random_Nerd] (Or, for the same price, you could take some sort of guardian, and move it /into/ someone's head, to protect them from intruders.)
[Random_Nerd] (Well, depends what you say to him.)
[Theresa] (If Patterns thought we could do that at any time, would that scare him enough to stay away?)
[Random_Nerd] (Bear in mind, this is Patterns.)
[DanteE] (Joint Plants/Courage miracle to enable the ivy around the tower to defend it?)
[Theresa] (We could do both!)
[Random_Nerd] (What miracles of both would you be using?)
[Theresa] (We could ask Sam and Will if they are willing to have a mind-guard against Patterns. That would be in keeping with the 'no mental miracles without permission.')
[DanteE] (Damn, I'm still thinking in terms of –REDACTED-.)
[Random_Nerd] (Okay, here's a thought. When he does that miracle, he inhabits /all/ thoughts of himself. It's a Gift, and he has limited control over it.)
[Random_Nerd] (So, take a thought of him. Take it out of someone's head, put it in a cage. Whenever he does the miracle, he'll pop into the him in the cage.)
[Brian] (I like that thought. I also like a localized effect - though without Realm, we can't do it, I don't think - of thoughts of patterns aren't thoughts of Patterns.)
[DanteE] (Aha. If there's a plant nearby blathering about Patterns...)
[Theresa] (I like the idea of pulling him out and scaring the miracles out of him better.)
[Random_Nerd] (Well, if you do it when he hasn't yet taken it over, it won't have any auctoritas...)
[Theresa] (Hmm, do we have an idea of what Pattern's body is like physically?)_
[Kite] (So, let's talk to a tulip about Patterns?)
[Random_Nerd] (You know that he was originally human. That's it.)
[Random_Nerd] (Oh, and you're pretty sure he's male.)
[Theresa] (Ooo, how's this for an idea:)
[Random_Nerd] The imp brings in coffee for all those pondering the issue.
[Theresa] (We go, talk to the Maple about Patterns. And when he tries to figure out what's going on, we pull him out, stomp him into the ground and tell him that every time he does that to anyone in our Chancel, we will stomp him further into the ground.)
[Theresa] (And Heaven help us, if he doesn't give up on it, I will thrust him back down into Hell itself!)
[Ftisk] "No motor oil?"
[Random_Nerd] The imp shrugs.
[DanteE] (Do we really want to antagonize a more experienced Noble with a broader Domain?)
[Random_Nerd] Imp: "What kind do you take?"
[Theresa] (I've...kinda had a bad day?)

  • Kite ignores the coffee.

[Random_Nerd] (He's built on about the same number of points as you guys, and a lot of his stuff is tied up in weird paranoia Gifts, though.)

  • DanteE checks out the coffee...

[Brian] (Dante: yes!)
[Ftisk] "Any one will go, but the race cars one is better"
[Random_Nerd] Imp: "Obtained from the donut shop down the block."
[Theresa] (And also, we've got more important things to do, like for the Council, and if he keeps us away from our work for the Council and the War, the Evil World with Entropy's Island Fortress will have words with him.)
[Random_Nerd] Imp: "Is it satisfactory?"
[Theresa] (I'm willing to get myself in trouble, dealing with Patterns. You guys can watch and eat popcorn!)
[Kite] (But you make all the popcorn! D: )

  • DanteE drinks some coffee...

[Ftisk] (I make the popcorn, with the popcorn machine! :-) )
[Kite] (Ftisk's popcorn sometimes has motor oil in it.)
[DanteE] (Hm... we have the attention of Ha-Qadoch...
[DanteE] (including his flower on our hands. :) )
[Theresa] (Which is who..Patterns is afraid of? Or wait, that's Barakiel, right?)
[Kite] (So, let's do! Are you sure you want to risk Maple in this, Theresa?)
[Random_Nerd] (And HQ's explicitly authorized you to use it to threaten people in any way you can get away with.)
[Ftisk] (shhh don't reveal the cook secrets)
[Kite] ( :P )
[Theresa] (I think I'll see how the acorn that I planted in the Grove is doing. We'll see if he has enough of a mind to pull Patterns in, first.)
[Kite] (Alright.)
[DanteE] (Well, what effect is your plan going to have on the plant you use, though?)
[Kite] (Ideally, none?)
[Ftisk] (change the plant in to a new kind of plant?)
[Theresa] (The way I figure it, Patterns will be looking at the thoughts and then I reach in and –REDACTED-, and move it/him to in front of us. No effect on the plant.)
[Random_Nerd] Cut to the Grove?
[Theresa] (I'm ready. *buffs up*)
[DanteE] (Sure.)
[Ftisk] (sure)
[Theresa] (So how is the acorn? Has he grown any?)
[Random_Nerd] The Acorn does indeed seem to have grown.
[Random_Nerd] Oddly, it hasn't grown into a tree. Rather, into a bigger acorn.
[Random_Nerd] About the size of a hamster.

  • Kite blinks
  • Theresa looks at the acorn.

[DanteE] "That's ... odd."
[Random_Nerd] The Acorn gleams in a vaguely menacing way, and then realize that it's you and stops.
[Ftisk] "Plants here grow always that way?"
[Kite] "What did you do to it, Dante?"
[DanteE] "Not me."
[Theresa] "I don't _think_ it was could have been."
[DanteE] "Oh, yeah, the lash of spirits...
[Random_Nerd] (Couple times, actually.)
[Theresa] *to the Acorn* "So, how are you, Acorn?"
[Random_Nerd] (And bear in mind, this is an acorn that has drawn Excrucian blood with its bare... uh... acorn.)
[Kite] "Lash of spirits makes things grow funny?"
[Random_Nerd] Looking at the border mythic, Theresa?
[DanteE] "Come to think of it, it was embedded in a dragon..."
[Theresa] (Yes, please.)
[Random_Nerd] The Acorn salutes.
[Kite] (It /was/ shiny blood.)
[Random_Nerd] Acorn: "Helping the big guy keep an eye on things, watch out for Excrucian attacks."
[DanteE] (He's talked to Kudzu?)
[Kite] (Or Maple.)
[Theresa] (No, I think he means Red.)
[DanteE] (... or the Maple?)
[Kite] (Or Red, yeah)
[Random_Nerd] (The maple is bigger than /him/)
[Random_Nerd] (And he's never met Red.)
[Theresa] (The Maple was my second guess.  :) )
[Random_Nerd] The Maple nods.
[Theresa] "Anything to report?"
[Kite] (I can just imagine that interaction. Acorn: "Rawr!" Red: "Hello? Who's there?)
[Random_Nerd] Acorn: "Saw a shifty-looking sylph. Scared it off."

  • Theresa ponders if she knew we had sylphs.

[Theresa] "Well, we've been having trouble with a fellow Noble. His name is Patterns. He's been quite rude, intruding into the thoughts and minds of Sam and William at the Tower. He's gotten on my nerves."
[Random_Nerd] Acorn: "Have you tried hitting him with a rock?"
[Theresa] "Not yet, but I will take that as a suggestion. Can you think of any other things that it might be good to do to Patterns?"
[DanteE] (We've got our Auctorita up, right?)
[Random_Nerd] Acorn: "A brick would work, too."
[Random_Nerd] (Do you?)
[DanteE] (We should)
[Theresa] (Yes, I would like mine up, please.)
[Kite] (Me too)
[Brian] (I'd like mine up, I think. Not shielding the Acorn though)
[Ftisk] (I keep mine down)
[Random_Nerd] (How many points worth of Auct do you each put up?)
[Brian] (5? I can do 5, right?)
[Theresa] "He used to be human-ish."
[Theresa] (2 points.)
[Random_Nerd] (-REDACTED-.)
[DanteE] (-REDACTED-, I'll put that up)
[Kite] (-REDACTED-, I think...)
[Brian] (-REDACTED-.)
[DanteE] (The acorn might be thinking of Patterns now...)
[Random_Nerd] (He doesn't know enough about him to do it sufficiently well to count.)
[Theresa] (Drat.)
[Random_Nerd] Imp, who seems to have tagged along: "Want me to go find a brick?"
[Brian] "yes"

  • Theresa describes Pattern's appearance at some length and his tendency to be a jerk who defaces office doors!

[Random_Nerd] The imp scurries off into the grass.
[Ftisk] "No stay here along"
[Random_Nerd] The acorn gleams in indignation at the very thought of Patterns!
[Random_Nerd] Then it seems to quiver for a moment.
[Random_Nerd] Acorn: "Huh."
[DanteE] (Ah, Physics is the jerk)

  • Theresa will Move the Patterns thought out into the Amyra-proper!

[Theresa] (What, you want me to be accurate? ^^ )
[Random_Nerd] (One -REDACTED-MP.)
[DanteE] (Patterns does odd things to tables, but doesn't leave evidence behind)
[Random_Nerd] (Yeah, you never know when They will check up on you.)
[Theresa] (Spent! Throw his form down into the ground, powerslam!)
[Random_Nerd] Sitting next to the acorn on the ground is a little man made of barbed wire twisted into a roughly human shape.
[Random_Nerd] From its movements, it seems vaguely stunned.
[DanteE] "Patterns?"
[Theresa] "Hello, Patterns! Enjoy the trip?"
[Random_Nerd] Patterns: "What kind of a trap is this?"
=-= YOU are now known as spiderFtisk

  • spiderFtisk trow some silk on him

[Random_Nerd] The imp returns, brick in hand, bits of mortar still crumbling off it.
[Random_Nerd] Imp: "You want me to hit him with this?"
[DanteE] "The kind you're predictable enough to get trapped in."
[Theresa] "_This_ is someone who is upset over your intrusions into our Chancel."
[Brian] "The kind of trap where you stop interfering with our people."
[Random_Nerd] Patterns recoils at the him-sized demon with a weapon in its hands.
[DanteE] "Not yet, Imp."
[DanteE] (And damn it, some time back I figured out a good name for the Imp and promptly forgot it)
[Random_Nerd] Patterns: "They started it. I was just acting in self-defense."
[Kite] "The Imp, where did you get that?"
[Theresa] (How big is the acorn in size to Patterns?)
[Random_Nerd] Imp: "From a place. With bricks."
[Kite] "Sounds reasonable."
[Random_Nerd] (The acorn is shorter than Patterns, but has more overall volume.)
[Theresa] "Self-defense does not include shuffling through their minds and their will!"
[Random_Nerd] Patterns: "Why not? They were plotting against me. I /saw/ them plotting against me."
[DanteE] "Who?"
[Theresa] (Sam and Will.)
[Random_Nerd] Patterns: "Seven million, eight hundred and three thousand, one hundred and twelve people. Including your 'servants'."
[Theresa] "And you were messing with sanity and freedom in a Wild Chancel!"
[Random_Nerd] Patterns: "I /saw/."
[DanteE] "Brian, that number ring a bell?"
[Theresa] (No, he has #5 ringing bells on Thursdays.)
[Brian] "Um." (LDiv on the number 7,803,112)
[Kite] "Is seeing that important?"
[Random_Nerd] (It's the number of people who were thinking of Patterns when he first invoked the miracle.)
[DanteE] (That's way more than the number of Nobles, isn't it?)
[Random_Nerd] (Has to be.)
[Theresa] "By your definition, it would be completely in defense of this Chancel's borders and freedom to smack you down!"
[Random_Nerd] (All the nobles on worlds you know of, at least.)
[Kite] (Betcha half of them just hate paisley)
[DanteE] "There aren't that many people who know about Nobility at all. What are you picking up?"
[Random_Nerd] Patterns: "For appropriating the thoughts people were turning against me?"
[Random_Nerd] Patterns: "I knew that people would be planning against me. So I figured out a way to not just see it, but /do/ something about it."
[Theresa] "And become the thoughts themselves."
[Random_Nerd] Patterns: "How would /you/ do it?"
[Brian] "Ftisk, you want to do a Data miracle on the people who were thinking of Patterns at the time that he invoked the miracle the first time?"
[Kite] "And do what? Make a nuisance of yourself to people who would rather leave you alone?"
[Random_Nerd] Patterns: "As a gesture of courtesy and respect, I stayed out of the minds of fellow Nobles."
[Brian] (LDiv of the number of people /currently/ thinking about Patterns?)

  • Theresa snorts.

[spiderFtisk] "Sure Brian!"
[Random_Nerd] (8.5 million and change.)
[DanteE] (It went up in the space of a few minutes... why?)
[Brian] (Brian will do that every few seconds for about a minute, see how it trends.)
[Theresa] "And if we asked you, courteously and respectfully, to stay out of the minds of the people on our Chancel?"
[spiderFtisk] "Now there are 8 million and half peoples thinking of patterns"
[Random_Nerd] Patterns: "Can you guarantee that none of your servants or creatures will plan to do me harm?"
[Brian] "By the way, what's it like being split in eight and a half million little consciousnesses?"
[spiderFtisk] "Sure each 10 second I do the divination"

  • Kite eyes Imp.

[DanteE] to the Imp: "Put the brick back."
[Brian] (my mind swapped "Imp" and "brick". It's funnier that way.)
[Theresa] "What if they are doing work for us? Or on our orders due to a certain member of the Council?" *shows the tattoo*
[Random_Nerd] Imp: "You guys said you /wanted/ a brick! I got you a brick! It's a good brick!"
[Random_Nerd] Patterns: "Have that creature removed, or I will kill it."
[Kite] "You got it, we approve of it, now we want it put back."
[Theresa] "He is Dante's."
[Brian] "It's a very good brick. Thank you Imp. We don't need ... ok, I think we need it." /takes the brick from Imp
[Random_Nerd] Patterns: "It's a perfectly ordinary feeling. How does it feel to keep your mind in only one place, not even looking /behind/ you, let alone above, below, and on all sides?"
[Theresa] (Oh, yes, Patterns was in Hell for a while, _wasn't he_...)
[DanteE] "Strangely calming, actually."
[Random_Nerd] The imp yields the brick to Brian.
[Random_Nerd] Patterns: "Amazing that you're still alive."
[Kite] "I don't know what you're talking about, Patterns."
[Theresa] "We're still growing."

  • spiderFtisk throw more silk "And we enjoy live too!"

[Brian] (how is the number of people thinking about Patterns changing?)
[Random_Nerd] (Going up. Presumably, people are noticing what he's doing and talking about it.)
[DanteE] "And we have an unofficial standing policy of helping fellow Nobles...
[DanteE] "long as they ask nicely.
[Brian] (slow, or fast?)
[Random_Nerd] (Gradually.)
[Brian] "Patterns, hate to say it, but there's a pattern to the people thinking about patterns..."
[Brian] "Can't tell you a thing about it, other than the number's growing."
[Random_Nerd] Patterns: "Two mnn on Joutenheim are fashioning a blade intended to take my life. Three hundred Excrucian anchors attempt to find the location of my body as we speak. Good luck, fools. A woman thought about me for a moment, grew annoyed, and then thought about beating her children. These are all things that I see."
[Theresa] (We already knew that he causes annoyance...)
[Kite] "Mnn?"
[Theresa] "How much time and effort does it take you be doing that constantly?"
[Random_Nerd] Patterns: "Doesn't matter. Best way to keep safe."
[Brian] (how big is this-Patterns?)
[Random_Nerd] (Big in what sense?)
[Random_Nerd] (Oh, height? Six inches or so.)
[Theresa] (He's taller than a hamster.)
[Brian] (ah, ok)

  • Brian holds the brick above Patterns.

[Theresa] "What do you think of a Scottish accent?"
[Random_Nerd] Patterns: "For the sake of peace and mutual respect, I should warn you that I have arranged that creative and unpleasant things happen to those who would attack me."
[Brian] "oh, peace and mutual respect left the table when you invaded our minds."
[Random_Nerd] Patterns: "I invaded the minds of the minions of Luc Ginneis."
[Theresa] (He didn't invade _our_ minds.)
[Random_Nerd] Patterns: "And, apparently, an acorn."
[Brian] "And besides, it would be the brick attacking you. Or possibly Physics."
[Theresa] (Oh, don't bring him into it...)
[Brian] (T: I know, but it's how Brian thinks about it.)
[DanteE] "Tell me about the men on Jotunheim?"
[Random_Nerd] Patterns: "I imagine that will totally get around any defenses I have prepared. I suspect this path of behavior will lead to no ill effects."
[Random_Nerd] Patterns: "Their grandfather was a man I knew in Hell. One of my first acts when I was free and powerful was to have him killed. Word has gotten around."
[Brian] (... I am amused by a thought. I wonder if Brian would be brash enough to go for it.)
[Random_Nerd] Patterns: "If it helps, he deserved it."
[DanteE] "OK, so why aren't they currently thinking only of paisley? You could end the plot in a moment."
[Kite] "It helps."
[Random_Nerd] Patterns: "I'm thinking about it. I am in no danger at this time from them."
[Random_Nerd] Patterns: "But if I employ my techniques of distraction now, they might learn how they function and develop a counter."
[Random_Nerd] Patterns: "This is unacceptable."
[Brian] (what happens to a Noble when he's no longer a representative of something physical?)

  • Brian has a calculating look on his face.

[DanteE] "But you're OK with your own paranoia enabling someone to bring you wherever they want you... like, say, here?"
[Random_Nerd] (Normally, he gives up a wound level to shake off the miracle.)
[Brian] (assuming the effect takes hold?)
[Random_Nerd] (If it happens when he's out of those, or if he doesn't mind... I imagine things get interesting.)
[Kite] "I've never been to Jotunheim...."

  • Kite thinks.

[Random_Nerd] Patterns: "Boring place. Not many people, not many dangers. Hardly any Nobles."
[DanteE] "Oh, I'm sure one of your enemies could come up with a more interesting place."
[Theresa] "Still, it probably would take a good deal of your time and effort if multiple people would yank you out and talk directly to you whenever you..visit."
[Random_Nerd] Patterns: "Some. Probably not enough to risk imposing sanctions."
[Random_Nerd] Patterns: "As a compromise, would you agree to remove Luc's minions' ability to think of me, and in return I will never intrude into their minds in this fashion again?"
[DanteE] "I suspect that would violate our contract with them."
[Brian] "We would not agree to that."
[Brian] "What about Luc's minions in particular are you afraid of?"
[spiderFtisk] "We can ask directly to them if they want...?"
[Theresa] (Because it's _Luc_. Have you noticed the death pattern around him?!?)
[Random_Nerd] Patterns: "And, before you ask, I cannot tell you whether Luc thinks of me, or indeed of what he thinks at all. To the best of my ability to determine, for the last seven years he has thought of nothing other than a particular blue-green feather. As he seems to function normally in spite of this, I assume that it is an unusual form of protection."
[DanteE] (How long has he been an Anchor of Bone?)
[Random_Nerd] Patterns: "Because I am twenty-three percent certain that they are part of a plot against either myself, or some group that includes myself."
[Random_Nerd] (Under a year.)
[Brian] "Could it be that either you're the cause of the increase of people thinking of you - all your enigmatic ways and all that - or that they're unwitting pawns, in which case all that invading their minds does is annoy people and ... cause them to think of you?"
[Theresa] (Oh great, Luc has the Batman Defense... (In an episode of some Batman cartoon, he kept from being mind-controlled by continually thinking nothing but the song Frère Jacques.)
[Random_Nerd] Patterns: "Ah, the blade-forgers have noticed me! Perhaps I shall regale them with tales of their illustrious grandfather."

  • Theresa rolls her eyes.

[Random_Nerd] Patterns, to Brian: "Acceptable side-effect. More people think of me, but I have a method of ensuring that those thoughts are not dangers to me."
[Brian] "You invaded our Chancel once before - our Aides would not have been trying to find anything about you other than your specific actions."
[DanteE] "Brian has it, I think. Your paranoia is self-perpetuating."
[Random_Nerd] Patterns: "You question my right to observe what and where I wish?"
[Kite] "I don't know if it is a right."
[DanteE] "Right, no. Need, effect... yes."
[Random_Nerd] P, to Dante: "You think I don't /know/ that? It's also a remarkably effective means of self-defense."
[Brian] "I don't question it. I declare it to not be a right - at least not where my Chancel is."
[Brian] ("is concerned" retcon)
[spiderFtisk] (Go Brian!)
[Random_Nerd] P: "You do know that that's exactly what one of my enemies would say. A less trusting man like me would grow to suspect you for that, Numbers."
[Brian] (I'm so toast :p)
[Random_Nerd] P: "And yes, there is one. I checked."
[DanteE] "There's an old saying... your right to swing your arms ends where my nose begins."
[Brian] "If I am your enemy, it is only that you have made me thus."
[Random_Nerd] Patterns: "And I have been scrupulously careful not to enter any of your minds. But did you notice that your brother has admitted, admitted that he's used his abilities to check up on how many people are thinking of /me/?"
[spiderFtisk] "I'm not his Brother!"

  • DanteE takes the brick from Brian and hands it off to the Imp.

[Random_Nerd] Patterns: "What right does he have to do that, I wonder? How extensive must have been his requests for permission of all those who own chancels in which people who thought of me lived."
[spiderFtisk] "AAAAAnnnnnd I was asked nicely"
[Random_Nerd] Patterns: "And he did so without my so much as noticing a single one of his inquiries!"
[DanteE] to Imp: "Put that back where you found it."
[Theresa] (And this is why they shouldn't let RN GM while he's in law school!)
[Brian] "I do not invade others' thoughts."
[Brian] "Nor does Ftisk."
[Random_Nerd] Patterns: "And your point?"
[Random_Nerd] Patterns, to the imp: "Leave my presence or I will invert your spine, demon."
[spiderFtisk] "Beside you here _here_ when I made the divination, you *know* what I was doing"
[Random_Nerd] The imp looks at Dante for a moment."
[Brian] "The point is this: you WILL NOT after this time inhabit the thoughts of any from Chancel Amyra."

  • DanteE signals the imp to go on.

[Random_Nerd] Patterns: "Do you have an alternate plan? A way I can be protected from threats of Amyra, without needing to observe thoughts?"
[Random_Nerd] The imp runs off, rapidly.
[DanteE] "You don't _have_ threats in Amyra."
[Brian] "Provided you give no first offense, Amyra and Amyrans will not threaten you."
[DanteE] "We're dedicated to bringing Nobles together.
[Random_Nerd] Patterns, to Dante: "Do you extend me the right to check inside your mind, to ensure that you bear me no ill will?"
[spiderFtisk] "Check mine if you want. I have nothing to hide"
[DanteE] "... fine. Just the once."

  • DanteE drops the Auctoritas

=-= YOU are now known as tentacleMonsterFtisk
[Random_Nerd] Patterns flows into Dante's thoughts of him, while continuing to stand on the grass.

  • Kite worriedly glances at Ftisk.

[Random_Nerd] Patterns in Dante's Mind: "Fascinating."
[Brian] (It's hard to go on an anti-Patterns crusade, when you're all there trying to be reasonable :p)
[Theresa] (I'm going to be ready in case he tries to drive you around like the Humvee...)
[Random_Nerd] Patterns withdraws from Dante's mind.
[DanteE] ("I... know, Spock. But you .... shouldn'tlookinthatfile."_
[Random_Nerd] Patterns: "I am persuaded that you neither intend me harm, nor know of others who do."
[DanteE] "Patterns, you have my word no one in Amyra means you harm... or at least, no one who can actually harm you. Not even our Aides."

  • tentacleMonsterFtisk awaiting expression jumping with anticipation "And I?..."

[Random_Nerd] Patterns: "In your mind, I fear some form of trap, Dominus."
[Random_Nerd] Patterns: "Very well. I agree, in return, to not invade minds of Amyra, for the period of one year, unless and until a reasonable person with the knowledge I have would believe that I face a clear and present threat from there."

  • tentacleMonsterFtisk sad.... "But there are none, and I like to try to have you in my mind a bit... will be FUN!"

[Random_Nerd] Patterns: "And don't worry. I have one. He was hard to find."
[Brian] "A year and a day I believe is the traditional period."
[DanteE] "You have an Aide?"
[Random_Nerd] Patterns: "No. A reasonable person."
[Random_Nerd] Patterns: "He is useful, on occasion."
[Brian] "Cammoran."
[Theresa] "Is that _the_ reasonable person? The one the lawyers talk about?"
[DanteE] (The same 5-year-old child who checks out Evil Overlord plans? :) )
[Random_Nerd] Patterns: "I have reason to believe that over a hundred exist."
[Random_Nerd] Patterns: "This one sits in an office in an undisclosed location. I periodically send him reports, and he evaluates them for me."
=-= YOU are now known as Ftisk
[Random_Nerd] Patterns: "His unusual perspective is occasionally useful."

  • Theresa is impressed. Patterns actually sounds...normal about the guy.

[DanteE] (I'm tempted to do a LDiv on that guy...)
[Brian] (... LDiv on the number of Reasonable People?)
[Theresa] (You'd have to find him out of the hundred different people.)
[Random_Nerd] (How are you defining "reasonable" for the purposes of this miracle?)
[Theresa] (And this is a specfic kind of reasonable.)
[Theresa] "I think I would be okay with that contract."
[DanteE] (LDiv-Courage on just what that reasonable person thinks of his job)
[DanteE] "We can do that."
[Ftisk] (brb)
[Brian] "Provided the amendment of a year and a day for the term, I would accept." (um. the "reasonable" that the law assumes.)
[Random_Nerd] (Dante: "A blue-green feather, hovering over the words UP YOURS LUC")
[Random_Nerd] Patterns: "Very well, a year and a day."
[Random_Nerd] (Counting people who are reasonable at the /moment/, or only those who are /always/ reasonable?)
[Brian] (only those who are always so)
[DanteE] (Wait, if he doesn't know how Luc has that defense, how does his guy have it?)
[Random_Nerd] (Presumably, he reverse-engineered it.)
[Theresa] (Oh, I get it!)
[Random_Nerd] (That, or he has Luc in an office somewhere.)
[Ftisk] (b)
[Theresa] (Patterns set up that in case anyone tried to read the reasonable person!)
[DanteE] (Ah, so it's not a sneaky spy in his group?)
[DanteE] "How can you get home, Patterns?"
[Theresa] (It's like putting a note to someone you dislike in a place they shouldn't be looking. Patterns is paranoid about Luc and figures that Luc is going around reading peoples' minds about Patterns.)
[Random_Nerd] (There are seventy seven people who are always reasonable. Possibly Patterns used a different method of checking.)
[Random_Nerd] Patterns: "Get home?"

  • Brian snickers.

[Theresa] (This is just a piece of his mind. He is at home at the moment.)
[Theresa] "Do you need to have this thought destroyed?"
[DanteE] (His definition of reasonableness involves agreeing with him)
[Random_Nerd] Patterns: "That might result in unfortunate side effects. I will abandon the inhabitance of this construct at the same time as the rest of those in Amyra."
[Random_Nerd] Patterns: "Bear in mind, I still reserve the right to check with information gathering of other varieties. While the minds of chancelfolk are safe, I am not /entirely/ blind here."
[DanteE] "Of course."
[Random_Nerd] Patterns: "And I care not an iota whether you like that or not."
[Random_Nerd] Patterns: "Anything else, before I 'go'?"
[Theresa] (Love you too, little buddy.)

  • Theresa will not threaten him with the Scottish acorn inquistiion!

[Random_Nerd] (Oh, another possibility! Possibly, since when Patterns checked, someone's killed close to a third of all the reasonable people in the world.)
[DanteE] (Can you get a comfy chair here that quickly?)
[Random_Nerd] The figure of barbed wire slumps to the ground.
[Brian] (more than likely: Patterns isn't getting reasonable people)

  • Brian kicks the barbed wire.

[Ftisk] "Dante... do you like me?"
[Ftisk] "Dante, if you can, you would like to do a trip in my mind?"
[Brian] "There are only 77 'legally' reasonable people in existence."
[DanteE] "Ftisk, you're ... unique."
[DanteE] "And I'll let you keep that."

  • Ftisk snif
  • Ftisk hug Dante
  • DanteE pats Ftisk...
  • Ftisk purrrrrr softly a bit

[Random_Nerd] Theresa's phone rings.
[DanteE] "Let's tell our Aides their minds are safe... well, a little safer."

  • Theresa answers the phone. "Hello?"

[Random_Nerd] Imp, out of breath: "Can I stop running?"

  • DanteE retrieves the figurine
  • Ftisk float on Dante shoulder

[Brian] (it's your father!)
[Random_Nerd] (But then who was phone?)

  • Kite talks to Maple about nests.(

[Theresa] "Yes, Imp. Please return to the Tower once you have rested and feel able to return. Are you okay?"
[DanteE] "Did he put the brick back?
[Random_Nerd] (Brian still has the brick, doesn't he?)
[DanteE] "I just wonder if he pulled it out of a building..."
[Brian] (Dante took it from me in my tirade)
[Ftisk] "maybe... Imp is weird"
[DanteE] (No, I took it and gave it to the Imp to put back)
[Random_Nerd] Imp: "One who spoke like a power of Hell threatened me. I ran as soon as I was given permission."
[Random_Nerd] (Well, the Imp would have dropped it when Patterns threatened him.)
[Brian] (kitty)
[Random_Nerd] (He was reacting to Patterns as if he was an Infernal power, and if one of them seems to want you to submit, you don't want to be holding a weapon.)
[Theresa] "Ahh. Had you met Noble Patterns before?"
[Random_Nerd] Imp: "Don't think so."
[Random_Nerd] Imp: "Is Dante angry?"
[DanteE] "No."
[Theresa] "No, he's not."

  • DanteE retrieves the brick...

[Random_Nerd] Imp: "I wasn't sure. After all, I /ran/. He gave me permission, but still."

  • Ftisk ldiv from Imp mind where he take the brick and tell Dante

[Random_Nerd] (The brick was taken from a low wall alongside a parking lot of a coffee shop.)
[Theresa] "He did not wish you to come to harm. Uhh, you are his and so, it was okay for you to run once he had given permission." *eyballs Dante and motions 'do you want to talk to him?'*

  • DanteE takes the phone from Theresa.

[DanteE] "Imp? I understand why you ran and I'm OK with it.
[DanteE] "Head back to the tower, we'll talk later."
[Random_Nerd] Imp: "Okay, boss."
[Random_Nerd] The imp hangs up.

  • DanteE hands the phone back

[Theresa] "Thank you."

  • Theresa does not ask how the imp has her phone number.

[Ftisk] (He ask sam?)
[DanteE] "OK, we've got the place protected, so our Aides can think of Patterns all they want."
[Theresa] (But how did he get a phone?)
[Theresa] "Yay?"
[Random_Nerd] (Some things, it's better not to know.)

  • Theresa pats the acorn. "Thank you for your help in protecting the minds of Amyra."

[DanteE] (For everything else, there's Hollycard.)
[Random_Nerd] Acorn: "Raaawr!"
[Random_Nerd] (Should we call it a night?)
[Ftisk] (is ok for me)
[Brian] (I think so)
[Kite] (Sounds good. We completed a thing.)
[Theresa] (*hugs a plushy acorn*)
[Theresa] (Sure...)
[DanteE] (OK.)
[Brian] (I want a plushy acorn :( )
[Random_Nerd] ______STOP___________
=-= Brian is now known as Boots
[Ftisk] (I want a plushy snail )
=-= Theresa is now known as BethE
=-= YOU are now known as Angelo
=-= Kite is now known as Gloves
[Boots] (I /did/ say kitty, yes? :p)
[BethE] They have them out there!
[DanteE] Cuz, I've kinda been trying to do that for a while now...
[BethE] Also this snail. And a snail video
[DanteE] well, mine's debatable.
[Angelo] cuuuute
[Random_Nerd] Okay. Just checking.
=-= YOU are now known as papillon
[DanteE] Well, showing Patterns that there's a Noble who thinks of him but isn't plotting against him... ?
[BethE] (For Ftisk - )
[Random_Nerd] Well, he knows that not /everyone/ is plotting against him.
[Random_Nerd] That's why his miracle let him look at the thoughts of people who were thinking of him, instead of making people who thought of him automatically die.
[papillon] oh, so now pattern have some reason in it?
[Random_Nerd] Well, Patterns isn't /stupid/.
[papillon] just paranoic
[Random_Nerd] He just knows what his priorities are, and totally ignores stuff like sanity and common sense if they get in the way.
[Boots] so, wild.
[papillon] hell
=-= YOU are now known as Angel

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[Random_Nerd] He doesn't actually follow the code of the Wild, as such.
[Random_Nerd] But he happens to act that way anyway.
[Random_Nerd] Probably because he's as obsessed as the Wildlords are about freedom, he just cares more about his own.
[Random_Nerd] They /kinda/ do.
[Angel] why Dante?

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[Angelo] hey NickServ kill me!
[Knockwood] someone else has dibs on Angel
[Knockwood] makes sense
[Angelo] oh :-(
=-= Mode #nobilis +o Angelo by Gloves
=-= Boots is now known as lazarus
[lazarus] (for those not in the know: Boots is the cat here :p Sara's cat, but he's sorta become mine too :p)
[Random_Nerd] Oh, by the way, it was kinda Dante's Honest affliction that saved the day there.
[Random_Nerd] When he was inside Dante's head, it was obvious to Patterns that Dante wasn't trying to put one over on him.
[Knockwood] Patterns spotted it in my head?
[Angelo] bravo my sweet Dante!
[Random_Nerd] Yep.
[Gloves] (I just assumed Gloves would be a cute cat name, since so many people choose Mittens)
=-= Gloves is now known as Verithe
[Random_Nerd] If someone else had tried it, it wouldn't have worked as well.
[lazarus] (that it would, V!)
[Knockwood] (Well, then, why not go nuts and call the cat Gauntlets?)
[Angelo] and my Ftisk was way sad Patterns wasn't in his head
[lazarus] heh. I wonder what he would've seen in Brian's head. Not that Brian would've let him in, of course.
[Verithe] (Awesome, Knock!)
[Knockwood] well, it's not like Dante would be scared of letting him in
[Random_Nerd] Heh. So, now, Dante has both been in the mind of an NPC, and had an NPC in his mind.
[Random_Nerd] Not at the same time, though.
[Angelo] well he can improve then
[Knockwood] long as he didn't look through my porn collection...
[Random_Nerd] Carefully rifled through, but deemed not a threat to him.
[Random_Nerd] Anyway, good session, guys,.
[Knockwood] Hang on...
[Random_Nerd] I wouldn't have thought of the solution you ended up using.
[BethE] I told you, you should have put a picture of Lady Entropy in there...
[Knockwood] anybody got a good name for the Imp?
[Random_Nerd] Johan Sebastian Impington.
[Knockwood] maybe we can teach him detailing, so we can Imp My Ride.  :P
[Verithe] Ooh, yes! Give him the name of a classical composer!
[BethE] (This is why I don't let him name my mounts in Warcraft...)
[Knockwood] Imp-erative. Nickname Bang. :)
[Verithe] Erator
[Angelo] How many statue he had made?
[Knockwood] Rodin?
[lazarus] Stravimpsky.
[Verithe] I like it, Laz!
[Knockwood] Actually, Angelo would know more famous sculptors, since their work is downtown. :)
[Angelo] Impchelangelo?
[Verithe] (*notices that he has vanilla cookies named "Salty" and is suspicious*)
[Knockwood] Leo da Impci
[Angelo] *brains....*
[Verithe] Rimpbrandt
[Angelo] braimps!
[BethE] Well, all, I'll leave the naming of the children to the menfolk. ^^ Good game! *HUGS*
[Knockwood] g'night Beth
[Angelo] Night Beth!
[Verithe] G'night, Beth!
[lazarus] 'night bethy.
[lazarus] I'm going to vanish too
[--| lazarus has left #Nobilis
|[-- BethE has left (Disintegrated: All shall love me and despair?)
[Random_Nerd] I must go and sleep too.
[Angelo] well, I go too
[Angelo] Night ll!
[Knockwood] g'night RN
[Angelo] all even
|[-- Random_Nerd has left (Disintegrated: )
[Verithe] G'night, Everyone!
[Verithe] Take care!
[Knockwood] I think I'll split too.
[Knockwood] cya Verithe, Angelo.
[--| YOU (Angelo) have left #Nobilis

Chapter 22