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Chapter 27

[INFO] Now logging to «file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Angelo/Dati%20applicazioni/Mozilla/Firefox/Profiles/demuhaee.default/chatzilla/logs/».
[INFO] Channel view for ``#Nobilis opened.
--»| YOU (Angelo) have joined #Nobilis
«Angelo» Hi guys!
«Etheric» Makes sense. I remember that scene pretty well, for a certain definition of "well" that does not involve happiness.
«Random_Nerd» Hey.
«Lazarus» hey Angelo!
«BethE» Hi Angelo! *HUG*
«Angelo» Etheric, are with us again?
«Angelo» Hi Beth! *HUG*
«BethE» Yeah, may not want to be hanging out with us anymore...we've kinda started a civil war? Oh and met a baby Serpent.
«Etheric» Very possibly. Still not 100% sure if I will be rejoining today. It mostly depends on how smooth it would be to add Hope back in.
«Knockwood» BTW, I'm getting snowed on considerably, so there's a slight chance of a disconnect.
«Etheric» Snow? Cool! Where are you again?
«Knockwood» Reno
«Lazarus» we're not even getting snow here in Ottawa!
«Etheric» Ah, wow. Don't hear about snow in Nevada very often. Although... Now that I think of it, isn't Reno in the mountains?
«Angelo» Reno like near a _desert_ ?
«Knockwood» Obviously you shipped it all to us
«Lazarus» obviously.
«Lazarus» you can keep it.
«Etheric» It's karma making up for lost time
«Random_Nerd» So, let's see. What's the IC explanation for where Carrie has been?
«Lazarus» I can't remember where we left off?
«Knockwood» Yes, it's wedged in between the Sierra Nevada mountains and Death Valley. :)
«Etheric» which must mean that Consequences' "side" is winning in the Spirit World
«Etheric» or else, it's an Excrucian plot
«Etheric» most likely both at once, or else something even stranger
«Etheric» Alright, RN. IC explanation time.  :)
«Knockwood» Everybody think of an artist for v3? :)
«BethE» Verithe!
«Lazarus» V, have you done more art? :p
«Random_Nerd» Laz, we left off last session after dealing with the whole... ogre... situation.
«Angelo» Kudzu let some other imp borrow hope?
«Lazarus» ah, right, that.
«Etheric» After going more or less catatonic after discovering that no matter how much Hope you throw at an angel they don't miraculously solve all their problems, she went off into the jungle and the Eve personality more or less "took over."
«BethE» I had thought that Carrie had went to visit Frosthelm or one of the weird worlds.
«Lazarus» (Sam would've loved dealing with that ogre situation. Ah well. He gets to play DiCaprio to an Aaron's Serpent)
«Knockwood» or went to the US and helped with the election
«Random_Nerd» Hmm. Now, under the circumstances, it would make sense for Kudzu to call her back to active duty.
«Verithe» I am doing more art, yes! (Sorry. I got distracted by a message from my sister)
«BethE» True. She has to pack up her stuff and her parents before we move the Chancel.
«Etheric» Oh, moving the Chancel, huh? Carrie has that third Anchor, too...
«Random_Nerd» Cool. I liked your Jenny Merrow piece.
«Random_Nerd» And your other one was... the Michigan Historical Site sign?
«Lazarus» (oh crud, one of the things that I lost in the iPad backup fail was the mind map for the Civil War project. Sigh. Mostly just gotta figure which app it was. Total Recall, maybe?)
«Knockwood» (I'm debating whether to say Klar could be a Nobilis artist. I don't really know her, but some time back I make a poster with 'Perg in Reds' (http://klar.deviantart . com/gallery/?offset=96#/dd7368 ) and later someone asked me to remove it.)
«Knockwood» Laz: Mindmeister?
«BethE» V - yay! (I don't suppose you would do one of Ymera Jerri-kun? ^^ Oh and I was the Beth-person who starred your deviant page.)
«Verithe» Right! The Michigan Historic sign.
«Etheric» Ymera Jerri-kun? This sounds intriguing and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.
«Angelo» me too ^^
«Random_Nerd» New Imperator. Serpent. Imperator of Sudden Loses Of Loyalty And Courage and of Impending Doom.
«Random_Nerd» Beth nicknamed him.
«Verithe» I might do Jerren when I'm done with other things!
«Etheric» I see. Wow.
«BethE» He's a baby Serpent and is chibi and cute and thus of course he should be named Jerri-kun! And Ymera, cause, you know, Serpent, born of the Ash.
«Verithe» It took me a bit to figure out that was you on dA, Beth. XD
«BethE» ^^
«Etheric» Okay, so probably, an urgent, unclear request from Kudzu would be the way to start Carrie's return arc off. But, I'd also want to figure out the charsheet changes, at least roughly, before we dump her into the middle of a crisis. That way I know what options exist for missteps and overreaction.
«Random_Nerd» Okay.
«Knockwood» Why'd she decide to go with anime style this time around?
«Random_Nerd» She lives in China this time around?
«Etheric» Did Carrie? Or, oh, Jenna Moran?
«Etheric» It was, according to what I read, because the publisher insisted.
«Knockwood» Did Hope decide to go anime style this time around... oh good grief, she's turned into Sailor Moon?  :D
«Random_Nerd» Let's see. System stuff.
«BethE» I thought it might have been because most of the comments on the art of v2 was that it seemed too pretentious to play. Anime gives a sense of whimsy. But hey, if it was the publisher...
«Random_Nerd» Short version. Spirit and Realm are out. Persona and Treasure are in.
«Etheric» I don't know, Knock. It's a nice idea, though! I'm going to have to think about it.
«Lazarus» brb. Next disk (watching Kingdom Hospital)
«Random_Nerd» Immunity to direct miracles is out, a new wound system is in.
«Knockwood» Treasure being Your Stuff.
«Random_Nerd» Timing rules are changed some. No more turns, as such.
«Random_Nerd» Normally, I'd just send you a playtest copy of the rules, but given that the playtest is over by now, I probably shouldn't do so without checking...
«Random_Nerd» Hmm.
«BethE» (No more Rite of H. Fire!)
«Random_Nerd» Gimme a moment.
«Etheric» Beth, it wasn't that the publisher insisted on anime art so much as that Ms. Moran got a sampling, all "local artists" from China, and she picked the most nobilisworthy of those, and there was a clear anime bias.
«Lazarus» (are we allowed to say that the play test doc had a bunch of specifically anime style requests?)
«BethE» Aaaaah. (And we see where that got her!)
«Etheric» Anyhow, I like the idea that Spirit no longer makes me invincible, because danger is the spice of godhood or something.
«Etheric» Anime style requests?
«Etheric» Well, I don't doubt that Jenna Moran has been influenced by her own tastes too. (does anyone know what the story is on the name change, btw?)
«Knockwood» there are a few links to the 'weeaboo edition' on That Other Site...
«Etheric» What other site?
«Knockwood» (4chan)
«Etheric» Oh, okay, say no more.
«Etheric» It's too bad that it's already been pirated though...  :-/
«Knockwood» and I think she said Jenna moran just fits her better, basically
«Lazarus» (she said she never really associated with RSB)
«Etheric» Well, she also said that it's her birth name, but she went to college as Rebecca Borgstrom...
«Etheric» So, I was a bit confuddled by that.
«Random_Nerd» As I recall, she said she'd been using it unofficially for a while, so when she had the money and time to have her name officially changed, she did.
«Lazarus» So, rules changes: as RN said, no Spirit or Realm, now has Persona and Treasure. Anchors are awesome, so are Bonds, Afflictions, Passions, and Skills.
«Random_Nerd» Okay, Etheric, I /can/ email you a copy of the final draft of the rules.
«Etheric» Maybe it wasn't her birth name then. That'll teach me to rely on half-remembered RPGnet threads sporadically linked from the Nobilis listserv.
«Etheric» Ah, really? Great!
«Random_Nerd» xxx email address?
«Etheric» You got permission that quickly? And yes, that's my main one.
«Etheric» I have another I use for job applications that's not as embarrassing. «.«  That one forwards.
«Lazarus» JKM uses IMs :p
«BethE» (No, RN doesn't have Jenna on speeddial. *shifty*)
«Etheric» Wow, neat!
«Lazarus» or, at least, is on xxx a /lot/.
«Random_Nerd» She happened to logged into xxx, so I asked, and you shall receive.
«Etheric» Then it's probably a good sign that she didn't reply to my email about "is there a waiting list for the limited edition in case there actually are cancellations?" Because maybe that means she's still waiting to hear.
«Angelo» yeah, yeah, yeah, the peoples want to know all the sordid dettails of that scandalous affair betwen RN e Jenna Moran!!!! :-P
«Etheric» Wait, what? I'm pretty sure I didn't want to know those details. I was looking for trivia in case it shows up later when I'm a contestant on Jeopardy!
«Random_Nerd» Scandalous /and/ sordid!
«Etheric» Oh, well then, that's different.
«Angelo» peoples as all the reader of our AP
«Verithe» Heehee
«Lazarus» How many CPs did we build on? Was it 45 or 50?
«Angelo» 45
«Lazarus» (Eth: even with 45 points, you'll want to spend more)
«Knockwood» (That's true with any number)
«Random_Nerd» Okay. So, build a new version of Carrie/Eve on that number of points. The lifepath system is optional in this case, as we already know what she's like.
«Etheric» Um, this is puzzling. What are "Backsies?"
«Random_Nerd» Take-backs.
«Etheric» Ah, right.
«Lazarus» "no backsies!"
«Etheric» I haven't heard that slang since college, so I didn't place it.
«Lazarus» (though my iPad wants to say it's backsides. Which /would/ be no backsies.)
«Random_Nerd» So, shall we have a session sans-Hope now, and then bring her back next session after Etheric's had a chance to read the rules?
«Angelo» Eth choice. I'm ok as he want
«Angelo» btw Ftisk never meet Hope, right?
«Etheric» Works for me. I like the idea of putting Carrie back in at the start of a new arc, anyway.
«Random_Nerd» Not that I recall.
«Random_Nerd» Nor Kite.
«BethE» I'm okay with anything. If Eth wanted, we can do a clip-show. ^^
«Etheric» Right, I was gone before the Dionyl Nobles arrived.
«Lazarus» we're actually pretty much in a lull
«Knockwood» yeah, excpet for rampaging ogres...
«BethE» No, these guys aren't Dionyl Nobles. They're from Chancel Vulcan.
«Knockwood» Also, I can't type.
«Lazarus» I thought there was just the one, and it was already dealt with?
«Knockwood» oh, also, the world's ending.
«Random_Nerd» Although, really, we could just have Carrie come back now, and I'll handwave any dubious miracles this session.
«Knockwood» we'll see...
«Verithe» Kite says we need more glue to keep the world from ending.
«Random_Nerd» Since the ogre thing /kinda/ brought a close to the "bad things happen as a result of the Bad Thing That Happened" arc.
«BethE» It was one ogre. Luc and his new Noble, Horrible Things, came and...picked it up.
«Random_Nerd» Preferences, guys?
=-= BethE is now known as Theresa
=-= Knockwood is now known as DanteE
«Theresa» Swordfish.
=-= Lazarus is now known as Brian
=-= YOU are now known as Ftisk
«Etheric» Hmm, how about I come back midway through? And any questions, I'll direct-message you, RN.
«Random_Nerd» That works.
«Random_Nerd» Start with dealing with the aftermath of the rampage, then.
«Random_Nerd» Any objections to starting at the Bureau?
«DanteE» OK
«Brian» sure
«Ftisk» start at Bureau work
=-= Verithe is now known as Kite
«Theresa» (Oh and Theresa would have first-aided Lesson's broken ribs too.)
«Random_Nerd» (*nod*)
«Kite» (No objections to starting at the Bureau)
«Random_Nerd» _____________START_________________

  • Kite hobbles around.

«Random_Nerd» The arm-guys have already started to clean up some of the rubble and blood, although their hearts don't really seem to be in it.
«Theresa» (Haz mat folks here for Lesson's blood too.)
«Random_Nerd» Lesson is trying to sleep, so he's left Jennifer in charge for the time being.
«Theresa» (Does Dante still have his rez spell?)
«Random_Nerd» (Lesson didn't get cut in here, that was in the factory.)
«Random_Nerd» (Yes.)
«Ftisk» "your Lesson is strange... I would think he would be happy to have his body reshaped.. but no! He is used to that one... weird"
«DanteE» (Yeah, I tried using it on Lesson...
«Random_Nerd» Jennifer: "Yeah, I don't really get him."
«Kite» "Perhaps he considers it a badge of...something."
«Random_Nerd» (For reference, the arm guys /do/ count as sufficiently human.)
«DanteE» (Though I don't know if it'll work on people who got eaten)
«DanteE» "Casualties?"
«Random_Nerd» Jennifer: "I asked when the transmorgrifier ray got put into regular use, but... I think it's just one of those Hell things."
«Theresa» "When you have had the same body for years, you grow...attached."
«DanteE» "Plus there's a question of whether he even can change it. He's still an Anchor... long story."
«Random_Nerd» Jennifer: "He said something about being attached to the things that hurt you, but, like, like it was a quote or a saying or something."
«Ftisk» "uhm... yes K, yes T. but why don't try "
«Random_Nerd» Jennifer: "So! Anyway! You guys said you could fix the big guy?"
«Random_Nerd» She points at the partially-eaten and still twitching body of Ick.
«DanteE» "Hm..."
«Ftisk» "Let me try!"
«Brian» "Seems like the kind of thing we should be able to do."
«Kite» "We have extra parts to work with! He was Assembled, right?"
«Brian» (would it be a creation or preservation or?)
«DanteE» "He's parts of a Shard and his minions and some random debris"
«Random_Nerd» (Let's see. He was put together from various pieces, so he's in Assembly. He was made in Amyra, so he's part of Things Of Amyra.)
«Random_Nerd» (Given that he actually lost a fair bit of body mass, I'd suggest Creation.)
«DanteE» "He's a Frankenstein's monster, minus the electricity."
«Kite» (Kite's willing to substitute office supplies for the missing parts.)
«DanteE» "Who else get hit, though?"
«Random_Nerd» J: "So, I know he's useful and all, but... /why/ did the Big Boss make him out of cultists and wood and... evil bees?"
«DanteE» (Isn't this an ex-factory? You could make him part metal)

  • Kite tries to Assemble Ick.

«Theresa» (Kite's going to give up his paper clips?)
«Random_Nerd» Jennifer holds up her clipboard.
«Theresa» "I think Kudzu often works with what he has at hand at the time he thinks of something."
«DanteE» "The Big Boss moves in mysterious ways."
«Ftisk» "Because these were the material at hand then?"
«Brian» "Pretty much"
«DanteE» "It's what was in my trunk.
«Random_Nerd» J: "None of the human or... post-human... employees here got killed, but several got severely injured. They're in the Melchior Hospital, and I have their room numbers here."
«Kite» (More...the Bureau's paper clips)
«DanteE» "In fact, let me know if you run across some jumper cables."
«Kite» (But he hasn't noticed them.)
«Theresa» "Sometimes he just has an idea of what he wants and...we fill in the rest. Like the 'giant', Brian?" *significant look*
«Random_Nerd» J: "And there /were/ several injuries that will not heal conventionally, although the Transmorgrifier may be able to correct some of it."
«DanteE» "Will not heal... why?"
«Brian» "You found that one, not me... right?"
«Theresa» (Theresa means when we were asked to bring a giant back and Brian made Kudzu think of a person.  :P Which led to the walking redwood.)
«Brian» "I thought I was planning an excursion to Jotunheim."
«DanteE» "So did I, actually."
«Random_Nerd» J: "One of them got two arms bitten off. Another experienced severe head trauma, such that he would have died if he hadn't gotten immediate medical attention. Those are the worst two."
«Random_Nerd» J: "Other than that, some broken bones and blunt trauma."
«DanteE» "... did you recover the arms?"
«Theresa» (Not if the ogre swallowed.)
«Random_Nerd» J: "They were, ah, inside the ogre."
«Random_Nerd» J: "Also, at the time I was running down the street, screaming."
«DanteE» "Aha. Fire up the transmogrifier for that one. I think I can fix the rest..."
«Random_Nerd» J: "I'll leave the details of that to the doctors. They've been getting pretty good with it, at least for general medical purposes."
«DanteE» "Which way did he come from?"
«DanteE» (and didn't we get the name of that ogre?)
«Random_Nerd» J: "The ogre? He came in the front door. I don't know why he came here."
«Theresa» (I don't think so. But then again, by that point 'name' probably wasn't an option.)
«Random_Nerd» She points to the shattered double-doors.
«Random_Nerd» (I don't believe I gave him a name. Did I?)

  • DanteE steps out the door and looks toward the Cam office...

«Theresa» (Camm Ogre. Ogre-dude.)
«DanteE» (I think you may have, back when he got 'promoted')
«Random_Nerd» The Camorra office is about two or three blocks away.
«Kite» (He's been around a while...)
«Random_Nerd» (That's possible, but I'd have to check the logs.)
«Kite» (Was he Walt, in 103?)
«Random_Nerd» The Bureau is close, but not incredibly close, and from the track of broken mailboxes and streetlamps, it looks like he was going straight here.
«DanteE» (That's him, Walt the Ogre)
«Random_Nerd» (That does sound right.)
«Random_Nerd» (Great. I gave the ogre and the sheepdog the same name.)
«Brian» (The Who's Who Works!)
«Brian» (most of us are crap at names, anyway :p)
«Random_Nerd» (As he is now, though, he probably wouldn't respond to the name anyway.)
«DanteE» "OK, he mangled everyone in the office and then came straight here... why?"
«Kite» (It's just a popular name, is all.)
«Random_Nerd» (And not just because he lives in the mind of a two-thirds-crazy half-nimblejack.)
«Theresa» "Perhaps ogres come toward the closest large group of 'food'. Or maybe they go for the strongest person in their weight class."
«DanteE» (Is William with us?)
«Random_Nerd» (Is he?)
«Random_Nerd» (You tell me.)
«DanteE» (Sure!)
«Kite» "Why not go to a high school or something?"
«Theresa» "I wouldn't be surprised if the Camms weren't keeping an eye on here."
«DanteE» "Guess we're just lucky they weren't near a preschool."
«Random_Nerd» William walks in. "Okay, I've informed the Camorra of the unfortunate incidents, and I believe they buy the idea that they aren't your fault. I gather that this incident is not entirely unique, right now."
«DanteE» (Twisted minds think alike, Kite. :) )
«DanteE» "Hm...
«Random_Nerd» J: "Do ogres eat kids? Like, more than other things?"
«DanteE» "If we know what's happening and what to do about it, we might be able to help out the Camorrae."
«Kite» (:))
«Brian» "Ok, William, I'm impressed that you convinced them it wasn't our fault. Not only are we not particularly on good terms with the Camms, I thought they hated your organisation entirely!"
«Random_Nerd» J: "Not that I'd know. I didn't even know there /were/ ogres until it came in the door."
«DanteE» "No, we were on OK terms... remember, we went beyond what they expected when called to Chancel Jeris."
«Random_Nerd» W: "I don't like their methods, goals, or... anything, really. But I'm on the job, sir. That trumps my personal feelings."
«Theresa» "William is a professional."
«Random_Nerd» W: "I try to be, ma'am."
«Ftisk» "A great pro!"
«Kite» "If other Cammoran ogres are going crazy, it's not surprising for them to be understanding, I guess."
«DanteE» "What's the current status of the Cammorra office?"
«Theresa» "And If each Camm chancel office has...had an ogre and each of those ogres went nuts..or are in the process of going nuts. That's a lot of collateral damage."
«DanteE» to the others: "Well, we know they don't respond to my removing their Courage..."
«Random_Nerd» W: "The one here? I've had the police block it off, and the Camorra said that they wanted to retrieve the bodies, flowers, and records of their deceased staff."
«Random_Nerd» W: "But there's nobody left to work there."
«Theresa» (And every Camm had 7 cats and every cat had seven kittens and every kitten had seven ogres...)
«DanteE» to William: "Wait... _how_ common is this?
«Random_Nerd» W: "I don't gather that /all/ the ogres went berserk. That said, just two or three berserk ogres makes quite an impression."
«Random_Nerd» W: "And they didn't technically admit that there were others, but I think it was implied."
«DanteE» "Hm."
«Ftisk» ""Is strange to not be the only target of all this once"
«Theresa» "From what Horrible Things implied, all that is within an ogre once you scrape off the veneer is...hunger. Ripping of meat."
«DanteE» "Sounds like they're taking more than their allotment of aftereffects from Shirk."
«Ftisk» "IS him plotting against Entropy?"
«Random_Nerd» J: "Here's what I don't get. From what the boss said, King Shirk and Entropy were, like, buddies or something. But this doesn't sound like that."
«DanteE» "That's what we're thinking."

  • DanteE checks J over with The Sight

«Random_Nerd» She's 100% vanilla mortal, as near as you can tell.
«Theresa» "Unless just by hanging out with Shirk, that affects those around him."
«Ftisk» "Can Shirk be using Entropy to gain access to creation?"
«DanteE» "He already has, he's here."
«Kite» (She has a flavor! *licks J*)
«DanteE» "William, did the Cams say when they'd send someone?"
«Random_Nerd» (For anyone who forgot who she was, she's Lesson's intern/assistant, hired because he was having problems understanding humans who aren't, you know, damned.)
«Random_Nerd» W: "I have not yet given them permission to enter the chancel to retrieve their dead. I thought it would be best to run that by you first."
«Theresa» (She's a grad student, also.)
«DanteE» "I'd definitely like to meet them when they do. Should be quick though, we've got corrupt rotting bodies there... wait..."
«Random_Nerd» W: "Hmm?"
«Kite» "Corrupt?"
«DanteE» (think I could rez a Cam and then ask him nicely to help us?)
«Random_Nerd» (They count as human. Well, other than the nimblejack.)
«Theresa» (Well, they're not of Amyra.)
«Theresa» (There's only half a nimblejack left. Unless you count the puke.)
«DanteE» (Doesn't matter for me... how much is left does, tho)
«Random_Nerd» (Dante's Gift is based on "humans", not "things of Amyra.")
«Random_Nerd» (And a couple of them are mostly intact.)
«Ftisk» (Yay!)
«Kite» to J: "So what is your hypothesis on Shirk and Lord Entropy not being buddies?"
«DanteE» "Jennifer, we'll get a construction crew over here to rebuild the place as soon as we can. Meanwhile, I'm going to go and heal the people."
«DanteE» (How's rebuilding Ick coming along?)
«Brian» (brb)
«Random_Nerd» J: "I don't know enough about either of them to have an opinion. I just hope no more ogres come in here."
«DanteE» "As far as I know there was only the one."
«Random_Nerd» J, to Dante: "Anything you want me to work on here, while the boss is recovering?"
«Kite» (I 'anno. Should I stick these nice paper weights where his eyes should be?)
«DanteE» "Just put it back together."
«Random_Nerd» (Nobody's fixed Ick yet, I think.)
«Random_Nerd» (So, who wants to do it, and how?)
«Theresa» (If you put a crystal ball in one eye, he'll look like Dante!)
«DanteE» (Kite was doing something...)
«Kite» (Haha!)
«Theresa» (Is Lesson at his home?)
«Kite» (But, yes. Kite created an Assembly.)
«Random_Nerd» (Lesson has a bedroom at the back, which is where he is currently.)
«Random_Nerd» (Okay. What did you rebuild Ick with?)
«DanteE» (We can rebuild him. We have the theology. :D )
«Ftisk» (we have the guy)
«Kite» (Ick pieces and office supplies.)

  • Theresa goes to Lesson's door and softly knocks. "Lesson, is there anything you need? From us or Jennifer?"

«DanteE» (and I'd like to point out if you use metal he'll smell marginally better)
«Brian» (b)
«Random_Nerd» Lesson groans as only a demon in a bad mood with a broken rib can.
«Random_Nerd» Lesson: "Go away."
«Brian» (Lesson should have a cat.)
«DanteE» (When is Lesson in a _good_ mood?)
«Brian» (when he's playing with his kitty?)
«Theresa» "Fine. Let us know if you need anything. If you need more healing leaves, send someone down to the hospital with a Bureau badge."
«Random_Nerd» Ick stirs from the ground.
«Random_Nerd» Jennifer: "Do you mind if I take a picture of this for my blog?"
«Brian» "I guess?"
«Ftisk» "can you give me your blog address?"
«Random_Nerd» Ick stands up, now an animated vaguely-humanoid form of wooden spheres, dead bees, dead people, stationary, paper clips, and post-it notes.
«DanteE» to William: "Remind me to check out that blog."
«Brian» "That's a good idea. I should 'like' it."
«Random_Nerd» She writes it down and hands it to Ftisk.
«Ftisk» (Is Ftisk flagged as spammer in half the existing world social platform?)
«Brian» (seems likely. But he never shows up in the same form twice!)
«Brian» (... the god of sock puppetry?)
«DanteE» (What else got broken, BTW?)

  • Ftisk nod to J "Thank you"

«Random_Nerd» (Nonsense. The God of Sock Puppetry is from Dionyl.)
«Random_Nerd» (The door, a bunch of furniture, that sort of thing.)
«Kite» (I...I want to meet him!)
«DanteE» (no 'special' equipment, then?)
«Random_Nerd» (He just looks like a giant sock, hovering in mid-air.)
«Random_Nerd» (No, nothing they can't replace mundanely.)
«DanteE» (Come to think of it, isn't that teenage tree around here somewhere?)
«Random_Nerd» (He has a TV show. He doesn't work at the Bureau.)
«Theresa» (Yeah, Alan's been doing talk shows, that sort of thing.)
«Ftisk» (yeah, TV show Ftisk sabotage each couple of days off screen)
«Random_Nerd» (Yep.)
«DanteE» (OK. Anyway, I'd like to go heal the bureau guys, then check out the Cam office.)
«Random_Nerd» (So, should we bring Carrie in at some point?)
«Brian» (Oh man, considering Jersey Shore, imagine what the US tv industry would do with Amyra O_O)
«Ftisk» (jersey shore? is a telefilm or a place?)
«Random_Nerd» (Man, imagine what the Amyra version of COPS would be like.)
«Random_Nerd» (And did you want to handle healing the Bureau guys on-screen, or off?)
«DanteE» (Well, are there any surprises?)
«Kite» (Sounds like a good thing to be off-screen.)
«Random_Nerd» (It's a reality TV show. I've never seen it, but by all reports it's one of the leading arguments in favor of the extermination of mankind.)
«Brian» (Reality tv show, I guess about folks on the Jersey Shore, but never seen the show at all. Supposedly actual real folks)
«Theresa» (They are not very bright, somewhat shallow people with fake tans.)
«Ftisk» (oh, well never see an reality show with real people, erh I mean all the one here have pre- scripted lines and the like)
«Theresa» (And I would love to see an episode of COPS: Amyra. Maybe with the Bur. as the cops.)
«Random_Nerd» (The injuries are as Jennifer described them. There are no problems using Dante's healing gift on the three-armed guys. Various other hospital patients, once they realize what's up, start following him around and asking him to heal /them/.)
«Random_Nerd» (Oh, the ones here have pre-scripted lines and so on too. People just pretend they're "real.")
«Brian» (Is Reality TV a subtle excrucian attack on that fictional tv character Chancel?)
«Random_Nerd» (Like professional wrestling.)
«DanteE» (Not a problem, I do that periodically anyway.)
«Random_Nerd» (Yeah.)
«Random_Nerd» A couple hours later, Dante's done at the hospital, and the group of you show up at the wrecked Cam office.
«DanteE» "None of you are squeamish, I hope."
«Random_Nerd» I don't know if you've ever smelled the dismembered and mostly-eaten remains of a nimblejack after several hours in the spring, but it doesn't smell nice.
«Theresa» (I have an aspect 3 stomach.)
«Random_Nerd» However, it is a little interesting, if only because this is the first time any of you have ever seen nimblejack limbs that aren't in constant motion.
«Theresa» (Smells better than in the summer.)
«Brian» (better than several hours in the oven)
«DanteE» (Still, it's been sitting for 2 hours...)
«Random_Nerd» (Yeah. Who would bake a nimblejack? Much better to grill them over hot coals.)
«Brian» "I think I like the nimblejack like this. Except for the smell."
«Brian» "Less ... offensive all around."
=-= YOU are now known as noselessFtisk
«Random_Nerd» William: "My guess is he grabbed the nimblejack first. If it knew what was up, it could have outran him."
«DanteE» "Let's find where this started and go from there."
«noselessFtisk» "So we require a meeting with Shirk?"
«Random_Nerd» He walks over to where the skinny blue-black limbs and bit of side-torso lie, and points.
«Theresa» "I think that right now, we should stay as far away from Shirk as possible."
«Brian» "The only thing I want to do to Shirk is to remove his vital organs from his body."
«DanteE» "Speaking of which... William, let the local authorities know that this place is to be considered quarantined and kept under guard until the Cammorrae recover everything."

  • Kite scribbles notes.

«Random_Nerd» William: "I already have."
«Kite» "Nimblejack...first....."
«noselessFtisk» "um, keep near you your friend but keep closer your enemy..."
«DanteE» (Wait, we can view what happened directly. This is still a Thing of Amyra, after all)
«Random_Nerd» (Yep.)
«Brian» "Load of bs, that. Your enemy will just stab you when you're not looking. Most people don't like being stabbed.)
«Brian» (sure, I can do a L. Div of the history of this part of Amyra, yes? Recent history, anyway0
«Random_Nerd» (Seeing the past would be a Greater Div, but Lesser Divs could give you Uber CSI Sight.)
«Brian» (and my typing sucks.)
«DanteE» (Maybe we should just memorize the Habits of Truly Effective Pirates.)
«Random_Nerd» (Close air support covered a multitude of sins?)
«Brian» (I'll do the LDiv version. It's good enough)
«Theresa» (Have Rum?)
«noselessFtisk» "Is like stay in contact with your friend but pay maximum attention to what your enemies do. also some stabbing here and there is good. Keep life kinky!"
«Random_Nerd» With a few divinations, Brian can work out a version of what happened that he's pretty confident about.
«Random_Nerd» The ogre was standing in one of the side offices, going through some paperwork.
«Brian» (But is his version and T's version the same? :p)
«DanteE» (There's a list on Wikipedia)
«Theresa» (Know the word 'parlay?')

  • DanteE looks to see who he can reassemble

«Random_Nerd» He dropped it to the floor, walked over to where the nimblejack was, grabbed it, and took a big bite.
«Random_Nerd» On the remaining arm, you can see the broken bones where the ogre's hand held it.
«Random_Nerd» Interestingly, this nimblejack seems to have had /three/ bones in his bicep, but really skinny ones.
«Brian» "We should dissect the nimblejack."
«Random_Nerd» After that, the ogre walked quickly to the door, and dragged a file cabinet in front of it.
«DanteE» "Already done."
«Brian» "Study it, then."
«Random_Nerd» Then the humans started panicking, and it wasn't pretty.
«Random_Nerd» Some just got smashed against walls, some got eaten entirely, and some got a few bites taken out.
«Random_Nerd» Interestingly, the ogre doesn't seem to have been in a berserk rage at this point.
«Random_Nerd» He was just a guy with some goals involving eating all of his coworkers, and no reason not to implement them immediately.
«Random_Nerd» Are there any details you would look for, that aren't included in that summary?
«DanteE» (Any chance you've heard 'Re: Your Brains'? :) )
«Random_Nerd» (Yep.)
«Random_Nerd» (Voltaire, right?)
«Random_Nerd» (Oh, wait, the JC one.)
«Random_Nerd» (I was thinking about another song for a moment.)
«Kite» (Checking the paperwork?)
«DanteE» "Any questions you want to ask... I guess this flattened guy rather than the half-eaten ones?"
«Theresa» "An interesting way to deal with coworkers."
«Brian» "Not really. Seems straightforward. Ogre decided he didn't want to deal with BS anymore, and took a big bite out of it."
«DanteE» "At what point did we get to berserk rage, though?"
«Brian» "Ogre subdued, no longer a threat. No seeming cause of it - it was, as we say, a sudden but inevitable betrayal."
«DanteE» "And why did he head for the Bureau?"
«Brian» "Jerry-kun might know more"
«Random_Nerd» Sometime between when he left the Cam office, and when he was trying to kill Lesson in a factory.
«DanteE» (How intact are these guys?)
«Theresa» "Nah, this is just straightforward doom. No impending about it."
«Brian» "The sudden loss of duty, though, is his domain."
«Random_Nerd» William: "That still unnerves me, sir."
«DanteE» "Which makes it interesting."
«Theresa» "But he's probably still travelling with Sam."
«DanteE» "And there may be a way to turn this to our advantage."
«Brian» (Anchor-speak) "Sam, can you ask Jerren if an Ogre forgetting it is working, and instead decides it is hunger, is part of his Estates?"
«DanteE» "Who was in charge here?"
«Random_Nerd» William looks over the bodies.
«Random_Nerd» He points at a dark red flower, crushed by an ogre foot.
«Random_Nerd» William: "I don't see the body that goes with it. Must have been one of those that were entirely eaten."
«Kite» "That's the /real/ way to eat."
«DanteE» "Charming. Who's the highest-ranking one left?"
«Brian» "Leftovers. Bah."
«Random_Nerd» William: "The highest ranking one left would, I believe, be the ogre. Excluding him..."
«Random_Nerd» He walks around.
«DanteE» "We should record this to help Sam understand Gallows Humor."
«Theresa» "Makes sense. You..take out...the highest ranking guy, you show who's in charge."
«Random_Nerd» He points at a crushed body with a light blue flower on the front of his suit.
«DanteE» "Yeah, but that means everyone else is overkill. Literally.
«DanteE» "Come to think of it, do they have some method of ogre-control?"
«Brian» (RN: do I get a response from Sam at all?)
«Random_Nerd» (One moment.)
«DanteE» (RN's being 3 or 4 people right now, please hold... :) )
«Random_Nerd» William: "As I understand it, the ogres are all loyal to Entropy. Entropy says you have to work with a bunch of humans and nimblejacks, you do it."
«Random_Nerd» William: "Of course, not all ogres are reliable enough to do that without occasionally eating people. But this one did /paperwork/."
«DanteE» "So, it's strictly Duty that keeps them in line?"
«Brian» "No ... fear of this battle station!"
«Brian» "... or not ... never mind ..."
«Random_Nerd» Sam is currently sitting in a leather armchair, next to the immense head of Ymera Jerren, while a tall and winged human paces and drinks from a highball glass.
«Theresa» (Are we sure that Brian isn't channeling Sam?  :) )
«Brian» (they are kinda made for each other, aren't they?)
«Random_Nerd» William: "I don't know the details, but it seems to work. Most ogres, I gather, aren't really suited for jobs that don't involve killing and eating people. This one, it seems, was, at least until his loyalty was broken."
«Random_Nerd» William: "A shame, really."

  • DanteE picks up stomped guy and does a quick inventory of his parts...

«Random_Nerd» Arms, two. Legs, two. Head, one, flat, with a footprint on it.
«Brian» (torso?)
«Kite» "Perhaps we shouldn't fix them until we can bribe favors from the Cammorae."
«Random_Nerd» (One. Smashed up, but not flattened.)
«Brian» "They're corrupt. They'll just reneg"
«DanteE» "With _what?_
«DanteE» "That's better than bringing them back from death?"
«Random_Nerd» William: "Permit me to disagree. The Camorra always keep the letter of their promises, and often the spirit."
«Random_Nerd» William: "If not for that, no one would deal with them, and many would set them on fire."
«Brian» "I believe many still do set them on fire."
«DanteE» "Yes indeed... although, I seem to recall our contract with them prohibiting rampaging Ogres."
«Random_Nerd» William: "Indeed. Although I think they could reasonably argue special circumstances, sir."
«DanteE» "Let's ask."
«Brian» "Or argue that the instant he started rampaging, he was no longer a Cammoran employee."
«Brian» "Probably in his contract or something."
«DanteE» (going to rez this guy, unless there's strong objection?)
«Random_Nerd» William: "Do you wish me to contact a Camorra delegation?"
«Brian» (nah)
«Kite» (objection!)
«Brian» (please pick the piece of evidence that doesn't fit. .... unless you're not Phoenix Wright)
«Theresa» "The Camms themselves might have an objection to resurrection, Dante."
«noselessFtisk» (objection too)
«DanteE» (Objecting just for the sake of sounding like Phoenix Wright doesn't count, Kite. :) )
«Theresa» "We didn't really check for not rez order, though."
«Kite» "If this is an opportunity for us to pull the loyalty of the Cammorae away from Lord Entropy, I would not want to pass this up."
«Brian» "Ooooh, good point."
«DanteE» "That's a good bet for this guy."
«Kite» (It doesn't, does it. I don't think Kite quite understands video games.)
«DanteE» (Ftisk, still objecting?)
«Kite» "But I'd rather have the delegation here and use the resurrection as bargaining leverage."
«DanteE» "At the very least giving them their guy back should garner a little favor."
«DanteE» (Is there a time limit?)
«noselessFtisk» (nope Dante)
«Random_Nerd» (I believe the bodies had to be pretty fresh for you to actually reanimate the dead. Short enough that the souls haven't moved on.)
«Kite» "I'd rather it be their choice. If we 'just do it', I don't think they'll feel any inclination to help us."
«DanteE» (It's been 2 hours...)
«Random_Nerd» (Possibly more time after that, if you could snag and return the soul by other means.)
«Kite» (Maybe talk to the soul?)
«Random_Nerd» (You think you can still do it now, but a day would almost certainly be too late without other special measures being taken.)
«Brian» "We could always unresurrect him."
«noselessFtisk» (are soul visible with the sight? or in mythic?)
«Brian» "One touch, alive again, a second touch, dead forever?"
«DanteE» "William, drawing on your knowledge of dealing with the Cams, what's your opinion?"
«Brian» (daisies to the first to get the reference!)
«Random_Nerd» William: "Let me think."
«noselessFtisk» "Uhm is a good solution actually. Resurrect him ^^"
«DanteE» (trying to remember the name of that show... only lasted 1 season, I think...)
«Kite» (I dunno! I just want daisies! D: )
«Random_Nerd» William: "They will not feel bound to repay a favor unasked for, but it would put them in a more friendly mood for other bargaining."
«DanteE» (Pushing Daisies)
«Brian» (2 seasons did Pushing Daisies last :) Great show!)
«DanteE» "They as a group, certainly. This guy himself, I'm inclined to think more so."
«Kite» "Unless he wants to stay dead."
«DanteE» "Any objection?"
«Kite» "If we can get the Cammoran delegation in quickly, I'd prefer to have them here, first.
«noselessFtisk» "Do it!"
«Random_Nerd» William: "Most individual Camorrae are just... guys with a job. Maybe not /nice/ guys, because it's not a nice job. But they're just people."
«Brian» (Does his spirit count as a thing of Amyra for the purposes of the Communication Miracle?)
«Random_Nerd» (Hmm.)
«Random_Nerd» (He came from outside, and probably didn't think of himself as Amyran. So I'd say no, unless you have a counter-argument.)
«DanteE» "The Cammorrae may be ... busy."
«Brian» (pretty much just "he lived here on a permanent basis, and he died here". Not very compelling)
«Random_Nerd» (Yeah, I don't think he counts.)
«Brian» (but precedent-setting)
«Random_Nerd» (Some people who moved in would count. Lesson, for example, is a Thing of Amyra.)

  • DanteE zap-heals the guy back to this side of the light.

«Random_Nerd» (Or Red.)
«Random_Nerd» (But not these guys, for whom it was just a job posting.)
«Brian» (actually, I'm going to use a Conversation of Amyra to talk to the room. Possible?)
«Random_Nerd» The guy stands up and yells "We need a minor favor called in NOW! The ogre has gone fucking..."
«Random_Nerd» He looks around.
«Theresa» "Hello."
«Random_Nerd» Cam: "Oh, ah..."

  • Kite blinks

«DanteE» "That was about 2-3 hours ago. Welcome back."
«Random_Nerd» He closes his eyes and seems to concentrate for a moment.
«Brian» "You've been re-winded."
«DanteE» "Let's talk."
«noselessFtisk» "Re lived "
«Brian» "Dante, there, was the one who was kind."
«Random_Nerd» He almost exudes a palpable aura of oily fake sincerity, and his hair floats back into place while his suit mends itself.
«Theresa» (Huh. Nice.)
«Random_Nerd» He opens his eyes, and steeples his fingers.
«Brian» (toupee?)
«Theresa» (Also, interesting that any favors he had given to him returned after death.)
«Random_Nerd» C: "As I believe I am the highest ranking member of my organization present in the chancel, I am empowered to make deals on behalf of the organization."
«DanteE» to the others: "You guys mind seeing who else can be put together?"
«Brian» "Only if he does."
«DanteE» "Fair enough...
«Random_Nerd» As he says those words, the light blue flower in his buttonhole turns to a reddish color, but not as dark a red as the squished one.
«Theresa» "Your organization is on its way."
«DanteE» "Considering I suspect everyone over you in the hierarchy is currently ogre shit. Literally."
«Random_Nerd» C: "I gather that your chancel has certain problems with a wild ogre that is, at present, not affiliated with our organization. Do you require any assistance in this regard?"
«DanteE» "..."

  • Kite will be looking for flowers that look like they might be lower-ranking than light blue, but really has no idea what he's looking for.

«Brian» "nope."
«DanteE» "Aha.
«Brian» "No assistance necessary."
«Theresa» "Already dealt with. We are currently surveying the damage caused and paused to rez you."
«Random_Nerd» (There are two flowers of a lighter blue, three orange ones, and seven yellow.)
«DanteE» "Now, we could talk about a few dozen breaches of contract incurred by your group--that we just got finished cleaning up--
«Random_Nerd» He looks around.
«noselessFtisk» (yellow are higher that orange?)

  • Kite looks for body parts associated with the yellow flowers.

«Random_Nerd» (You aren’t sure.)
«DanteE» "Or, we can talk about what's really happening.
«DanteE» "What do you know about _why_ this happened?"
«Theresa» (My guess is orange is higher than yellow.)
«Random_Nerd» C: "It is not my belief that our organization is at fault here. It is my belief that a hostile miracle of some sort suborned one of our staff, making him the tool of a power antagonistic to both you and us."
«Brian» (at some point, Brian should pause to wonder if he has been afflicted by Shirk.)
«Theresa» (Given the # of flowers. The more of a color, the lower rank, is my guess.)
«Brian» (I expect the rainbow order)
«Random_Nerd» (It doesn't seem so.)
«Theresa» (Brian - nah, I think that this is traditional Camm weasling.)
«DanteE» "That hostile miracle was actually a side effect of one 'Shirk', who was brought into Creation by your Big Boss.
«Random_Nerd» (Based on what William said, red was at the top, but yellow seems to be at the bottom and orange just above it..)
«Brian» (no - I meant that "Brian" is the back reference to "he" in my statement)
«Random_Nerd» C: "While my organization enjoys a protected status under the laws of Ymera Entropy, he is not formally affiliated with us, and we are in no way responsible for his actions or omissions."
«DanteE» "Needless to say, we're ... somewhat concerned about that."
«Brian» (It would be a great philosophical introspection. That he'll never do. Or consider seriously, anyway)
«Kite» (from the chart, it doesn't appear to be rainbow order, but Kite doesn't know that. He's just assuming the more plentiful flowers are the lowest on the totem pole)
«Random_Nerd» C: "What services do you require?"
«DanteE» (OK, who's got ideas on what to ask this guy?
«Brian» (nadda.)
«Theresa» (I get the feeling he doesn't know anything.)
«Random_Nerd» He walks across the room and sits down at a broken desk.
«DanteE» (I'm inclined to see what he knows about Entropy and Shirk.)
«Brian» "I suspect it is more about what you require. Like cleaning out your office and leaving Amyra."
«Random_Nerd» As he sits, the desk begins to pull itself together, and arrange itself in a tidy and professional-looking way.
«Brian» "... neat trick."
«Random_Nerd» C: "While I will admit that this situation is not ideal, I believe you still may require our services in the near future."
«DanteE» "Tell me, would your organization ever work against Lord Entropy?"
«Random_Nerd» C: "I find that everyone, regardless of affiliation, is unlikely to do anything to displease him."

  • DanteE does a Div-Courage on him as well.

«Kite» (This is beginning to sound like Neil Gaiman's pest control short story that I forget the title to...)
«Random_Nerd» C: "However, if you wish for specific services that would to some extent oppose his goals, that would be acceptable. He doesn't tell us what he wants to do anyway, and we rarely bother to guess."

  • DanteE looks at Brian.

«Random_Nerd» The guy's courage appears to be augmented in some fashion by a miracle of another estate.
«Random_Nerd» (Basically, this guy has several Preservations and Enchantments of Professionalism cast on him.)
«Random_Nerd» (Thus, at least while functioning within the context of his job, he's smooth, polished, and calm.)
«Brian» "Would your organization be able to provide the location of, or the object itself, a specific ... black ... rock?"
«Random_Nerd» (Dante, you suspect, however, that once he's off the clock, he may freak out.)

  • DanteE looks for a couple of chairs... that weren't stomped...

«Theresa» (We don't know that it's black.)
«Brian» (it's a euphemism.)
«Random_Nerd» C: "There are many black rocks that are of interest to Nobles. Could you be more specific?"
«Brian» "These are confidential discussions, correct?"

  • DanteE sets a couple chairs in front of the desk. Very professional-looking.

«Brian» (we can make chairs out of thin air.)
«Brian» (or thick air. Either way.)
«Random_Nerd» C: "They can be."
«DanteE» (That's just showing off, really. :) )
«Brian» (nah, it's not.)
«Brian» "Confidentially, we require the Abhorrent Rock."

  • DanteE sits down.

«Random_Nerd» C: "If you tell me that you are bargaining in good faith towards a possible bargain, then anything you say to me will not be spread outside the organization, or to those in it that would have potential conflicts of interest."

  • DanteE motions Brian to the other chair.

«Brian» *sits*
«Random_Nerd» C: "Ah, that's an interesting one. We do not currently possess it. However, we could bend various resources at our disposal toward locating it."
«Random_Nerd» C: "How high a priority is this for you?"
«Brian» "Depends on the cost."

  • noselessFtisk fly to Dante shoulder

«Brian» "And yes, I know the cost depends on priority."
=-= YOU are now known as Ftisk
«DanteE» "By the way, this is apparently not an isolated incident.
«DanteE» "William, how many rampaging ogres did you have reports of again?"
«Random_Nerd» C: "If you are willing to offer extreme inducements, we could even arrange through our web of favors for the services of one of several Nobles who are very good at finding things."
«Brian» "How extreme?"
«Random_Nerd» William: "They didn't give any details. However, when I said the ogre had went crazy and killed the rest, they sounded more annoyed than suprised."
«Brian» (or I could just ask the question of Jan Ben Jan. I don't know what he would take, though.)
«Random_Nerd» C: "For instance, the services of one of you, for a slightly greater length of time."
«Brian» "Would you guarantee a timeframe for the information?"
«Random_Nerd» C: "That's the usual method. A noble favor for a noble favor, plus a bit of extra for us to cover expenses and the like."
«DanteE» "By the way, the ogre is alive, and currently in the possession of Horrible Things."
«Kite» (How many yellow-flowered fellows appear to be in good enough shape to res?)
«DanteE» (Any change to his composure?)
«Random_Nerd» C: "Well, if the ogre /had/ still been in our organization, we would of course have a major claim against you for appropriating our staff. How fortunate it is that we both agree that he was not."
«Random_Nerd» (Three of them do.)
«Brian» "Excuse me a minute. I have to check on another quote for the same information." Brian leaves the room, goes out of earshot.
«DanteE» "Our contract very clearly stated that you were to keep your 'imported' personnel under control, and that you were to take proper steps to prevent any damage to Kaerkoven."
«Brian» Pray to Jan Ben Jan "Mighty Jan Ben Jan, I would like to know the cost of the answer to the question of how to retrieve the rock of which you previously spoke."
«Random_Nerd» C: "We are not responsible if miracles outside of our control are used to turn our people against us. We're only mortal, sir."
«DanteE» "This wasn't a miracle.
«Brian» (ah, but remember that the Shirking is a side-effect, not miraculous! ... oh, you did.)
«DanteE» "This was something different.
«Random_Nerd» C: "Oh? What was it, then?"
«Random_Nerd» It is suddenly obvious to Brian that he needs to be more specific with his question.
«DanteE» "A side effect of your liege's association with one Shirk.
«Brian» to JBJ: "More specifically, how do I gain possession of the Abhorrent Rock?"
«DanteE» "and, I suspect, outside the scope of the exceptions in the contract."
«Kite» (Not "the rock that can kill Lord Entropy"?)
«Random_Nerd» C: "So this is the doing of Lord Entropy, of a King of a Cursed Dominion, or both working in concert?"
«Brian» (err, yah, I've been assuming.)
«DanteE» "Yes.
«Random_Nerd» He waves an arm in the air.
«Random_Nerd» C: "Then what do you expect us to do about it?"
«Brian» (to JBJ) "Actually, make that 'how do I get the rock that I can use to kill Lord Entropy.'"
«Random_Nerd» C: "We're not /gods/. We're people. We make deals."
«DanteE» "We consider Creation important.
«Random_Nerd» C: "If the Lord of this Earth and an unknowable terror from beyond reality decide for some reason to make an ogre go crazy, we're not going to be able to do much about it."
«Random_Nerd» Brian, you know that there is no appropriate price, as the means by which you could get that rock are occluded from the sight of Jan ben Jan.
«Brian» (wow.)
«DanteE» "Given that... and the extent of what you owe us, both before and after these breaches... let's talk about a deal."
«Random_Nerd» (Which, given what you know about Jan ben Jan, tells you a fair bit.)
«Random_Nerd» C: "I am /always/ willing to talk about deals."
«Kite» "..."
«Brian» (with the Realm's Heart, speaks that into the mind of the other Nobilis. Along with "so should I offer my services to the Cammoran for the location?")
«DanteE» "Good to know. You might want to take a coffee break first. Good to be refreshed for this sort of thing."
«Brian» (pray to JBJ) "Is that rock the Abhorrent Rock?"
«DanteE» (Are the intact bodies assembled?)
«Ftisk» (so kite and I will not listen )
«Random_Nerd» C: "That's not a problem. I'm on the job. Also, our coffee machine appears to have been driven through Sally's back and out the other side."
«DanteE» "Who's Sally?"
«Brian» (um. There must be a way to speak to you using methods I have, that can't be overheard)
«Kite» (Intact yellow-flowerd bodies are...arranged.)
«Random_Nerd» He points at one of the orange-flower bodies. Not a particularly intact one.
«DanteE» "By the way, in case you feel better in a committee..."

  • DanteE zap-heals the yellow-flower guys.
  • Kite sighs.

«Random_Nerd» It occurs to Brian, in a cold and rotating way, that his question is too vague.
«Theresa» (Well, it's an Abhorrent Weapon. Not completely surprised that it's hidden from Imperators.)
«Theresa» (Although, it _would_ be an important part of his Age.)
«Random_Nerd» (All of the yellow-flower ones, the most intact ones, or which?)
«DanteE» (His, or the First?)
«Brian» (to JBJ) "No back-references, eh? Is The Rock That Can Kill Entropy the Abhorrent Rock?"
«DanteE» (The reasonably intact ones)
«Random_Nerd» Brian knows that his question contains the unstated assumption that there is exactly one rock that can kill Entropy, and that there is exactly one abhorrent rock.
«Theresa» (It would be JBJ's Age. Second Age started with the Fall (-ish) and ended with the War starting.)
«DanteE» "By the way, just for reference, how much of a favor would be gained by returning one of your 'employees' from the brink?"
«Brian» (I'm glad that JBJ is sure that we know what questions we're asking)
«Theresa» (At least if that Rock was used for, say, the death of Thirdborn or such.)
«Random_Nerd» He thinks.
«Theresa» (Oh come on, I don't want to ask how many Abhorrent Rocks there are. That's...a number.)
«Brian» (it also contains an assumption that we're not talking about, say, rock music)
«Random_Nerd» C: "One minor favor, of no particular difficulty to a Noble but impossible for a mundane human, for each one returned to health."
«DanteE» "Minor?
«Random_Nerd» (Which Jan considers to be entirely abhorrent. You Nobles today with your rock and roll and your gameboys and rollerblades...)
«Brian» (... shit, I can Greater Divine Numbers in-Chancel. 2 GDivs, 1 for # of Rocks That Can Kill Entropy, and 1 for # of Abhorrent Rocks)
«DanteE» to the new guys: "Does 'Minor' seem right?"
«Random_Nerd» C: "Minor by a Noble scale. Impossible by a human scale. It's all relative."
«Kite» "Was it a minor effort on your part to revive them?"
«DanteE» "And while we're at it... what was on the other side?"
«DanteE» (I'm betting fire.)
«Theresa» (We already know what's on the other side. Reincarnation, but these souls didn't leave.)
«Theresa» (If they had left, you wouldn't have been able to raise them.)
«Random_Nerd» C: "Like most high-ranking members of my organization, I have already made arrangements in that regard."
«Kite» (I think Excru #2 was going to the rotten potato afterlife...)
«Random_Nerd» (Many rocks, perhaps most, /could/ be used to kill Lord Entropy, given sufficient effort on the part of the demonstrator.)
«Ftisk» (so plain old rocks count too)
«Brian» (... perhaps I should Div for Rocks That Brian Can Use To Kill Entropy?)
«Random_Nerd» (As near as you can tell, the number of Abhorrent Rocks in Creation is zero.)
«DanteE» "Also... it took considerable effort to subdue the ogre.
«Random_Nerd» (There are twenty seven rocks in Creation that Brian could, potentially, use to kill Lord Entropy.)
«Random_Nerd» C: "I'm sorry to hear it!"
«DanteE» "Any arguing about 'ownership' is quibbling. You're the reason it was here, period."
«Kite» "I don't think we can use that as leverage, Dante."
«Random_Nerd» C: "In a sense. In another, you are."
«Theresa» (That about sufficient effort needs to go into the quote page.)
«Brian» (RH) "The number of Abhorrent Rocks in Creation is 0 at this time. There are 27 in Creation that I could potentially use to kill Lord Entropy. I am not surprised, given that, that Jan Ben Jan couldn't answer the question about the rock."
«Random_Nerd» C: "But let's not quibble over spilled milk or dismembered coworkers."
«DanteE» "Or eaten ones."

  • DanteE checks their reaction to that...

«Random_Nerd» C: "Exactly! Now, you look like a man that wants things."
«DanteE» "Theresa, think you could reassemble Sally?"
«Random_Nerd» The ones you brought back are sitting on the floor, looking shell-shocked but letting the other camorran do the talking.
«Brian» (Now I'm curious to see the number that each of us, and that the Familia as a whole, and the extended-Familia, and the PCs + Shadows/Conseq/etc can use. I suspect that the answer doesn't particularly matter.)
«Brian» (well, Brian, more than me. What interests me-the-player is if the number varies depending on group)
«Random_Nerd» (Not particularly. Sally was caucasian, tall and skinny, and had straight hair.)
«Random_Nerd» (Oh, reassemble, not resemble.)
«Random_Nerd» (Duh.)
«DanteE» (was she eaten, or just run through with the coffee machine?)
«Random_Nerd» (My brain is smart.)
«Random_Nerd» (Just most of a leg was eaten, and her torso had a coffee machine pushed through it.)
«Random_Nerd» (So, for the corpses in this room... about average.)

  • Theresa nods and pulls the pieces of Sally together, carefully removing the coffee machine. Rearranges the clothes into a modest look as well.

«Brian» (GDiv is level what again?)
«DanteE» (Maybe a peg for the leg?)
«Random_Nerd» (Five, I believe.)

  • Kite assembles a prosthetic leg.

«Random_Nerd» (Yes, five.)

  • Kite keeps the leg.

«DanteE» (Actually, would rez-ing Sally mess with the chain of command?)
«Ftisk» "No need for that leg Kite, I can reshapre her after rez"
«Kite» "This is in case she doesn't want to be reshaped."
«Random_Nerd» (No. The Camorran you are talking to now is the highest-ranked Cam who was not eaten whole and who was not the ogre.)
«DanteE» "That might be a bit too much. Is she asks, though."
«Brian» (excellent. So I can do them free. So, Brian will do the GDiv of # of Rocks for a bunch of groups. If the number varies by person-potentially-killing, then that is of interest! Otherwise, the results don't matter)

  • DanteE zaps Sally into re-existence.
  • Ftisk reshape her to a whole body

«Kite» (Are you implying that Lord Entropy can be killed by public stoning?)
«Ftisk» (so seem)
«Brian» (possibly ...)
«Theresa» (Well, if you take a big enough moon...)
«Random_Nerd» She grabs at her chest, gasps with two lungs that just reformed themselves, and collapses to the ground.
«Random_Nerd» Sally: "Ogre."
«DanteE» (And if everybody who was pissed at him threw something)
«Theresa» "It's okay. The ogre is gone."
«Ftisk» "No more here"
«Brian» (Ogre is getting a 6th edition soon! ... err, wrong Ogre.)
«DanteE» "Captured. With some effort on our part, I might add."
«DanteE» "We were just talking about contracts, favors, deals...
«Random_Nerd» Red-Flower Cammorran: "All of you may have the day off, and may spend up to one thousand and five hundred dollars from your organizational accounts on recreation."
«Random_Nerd» Several heads turn, as if this statement is more remarkable than the whole crazy ogre killing them all thing.
«Random_Nerd» Then everyone but Sally, who is still lying on the ground, scurries out before he changes his mind.
«DanteE» "Now, as I recall..."
«Random_Nerd» She's still coming to grips with being alive again.
«Brian» (Sigh. Brian laments that a pre-Brian attack on Numbers took "and" away from meaning "point" in a verbal statement of a number.)

  • Kite reAssembles the coffee machine.
  • Ftisk pats Sally

«Theresa» (I like the money angle. ^^ And the scurrying.)
«Random_Nerd» She looks at Ftisk in a "Ah, the drugs are kicking in already? Cool." sort of way.
«DanteE» "Sally. Come here."
«Random_Nerd» She turns to look at the camorran at the desk.
«Ftisk» "I'm a real snail! All metal and stuff!"
«Random_Nerd» She stands up
«Theresa» "It's not drugs, or an afterlife. He's a Noble."
«DanteE» Can we get a chair for her to plop into?
«Brian» (I think T's Pseudo-Estate is more useful for that than Brian's)

  • Ftisk make an electrical chair
  • Kite pushes random buttons on the coffee machine.

«Random_Nerd» (I will assume that you mean a chair that happens to have electricity be used by it in some fashion, and not the method of execution.)
«Ftisk» (one with massage and foot raiser)
«Kite» "Humans like coffee, right?"
«Ftisk» (and a corded remote of course)
«Brian» (... could she make a wooden chair with her primary estate? Or would it be an alive tree that happens to be in the shape of a chair?)
«Theresa» (Yes.)

  • DanteE does a Div-Courage on Sally...

«Random_Nerd» (She could make either.)
«DanteE» (She's been doing wooden stuff since the beginning)
«Brian» (And Beth channels Kosh.)
«Random_Nerd» She's not very scared for someone who just had an ogre push a coffee maker through her chest and then ate her leg.
«Random_Nerd» But that isn't saying much.
«Theresa» (No, I'm channeling RN. When I ask two questions in a row, he likes to give only one answer.)
«Brian» (There's a little bit of Kosh in every GM)
«Random_Nerd» (Or vice versa.)
«Random_Nerd» (Kosh is really just made of a bit of the souls of seven hundred and seventy seven GMs.)
«DanteE» "So, Sally, we're considering what would be appropriate compensation. You may recall, your ogre got loose and rampaged through the city."
«Random_Nerd» Sally: "I recall the part with the ogre rampaging, yes."
«DanteE» "What do you think is appropriate? Always good to have multiple opinions."

  • DanteE gestures to desk guy not to speak, if he starts.

«Random_Nerd» She looks at the guy with the blue flower.
«Kite» (The blue flower that is now red?)
«Random_Nerd» Sally brushes her hair back, thinks for a moment, and says "I believe that most of what the ogre did, it did to /us/. Is that correct?"
«Random_Nerd» (Yes.)
«Brian» "Neg."
«Random_Nerd» (It'll be blue again, later. He's only the acting guy in charge.)
«DanteE» "Most but not all. I believe it snacked on some Bureau personnel."
«Brian» "It attacked our demon, and our Bureau of weird shit cops."
«Random_Nerd» Sally: "And I know we didn't do anything wrong. Walter was one of the most reliable ogres I've ever even /heard/ of."
«Random_Nerd» Sally: "So I don't believe we owe you anything, as such. It sounds to me like we and you were both the targets of the aggression of someone else. If someone grabs you by the neck and beats someone else with your limp body, he's to blame, not you."
«Theresa» (Except for Hugh. Everyone's heard of Hugh.)
«DanteE» "Oh, by the way, this is probably due to your Big Boss dealing with the Excrucian Shirk."
«Brian» (00:20ish here. Should be stopping soon, yes?)
«Random_Nerd» (Yeah, probably.)
«Kite» "Dante, they are not being unreasonable."
«Random_Nerd» Sally: "He isn't our boss, as such."
«DanteE» (And we can get Hope back in next week?
«Ftisk» (ok from Italy)
«Random_Nerd» (That's the plan.)
«DanteE» (Sorry this took so long, Eth)
«Random_Nerd» Sally: "That's deliberate on his part, actually. His direct tools tend to be... changed... by his interaction with him."
«DanteE» (I'm trying to get to 'OK, you owe us (huge pile of favors). We want to save Creation. What can you give us?')
«Random_Nerd» Sally: "If he used us directly, rather than through his laws and his political power, we would soon become changed in ways that made us useless."
«Theresa» (But they don't believe that they owe us (huge pile_. They think that they owe us 'small pile'.)
«Brian» (we didn't get the desk-guy's name, did we? Can we declare him "Cam"?)
«DanteE» (Maybe we can go ogre-hunting)
«Ftisk» (Sally believe they owe us _nothing_)
«Random_Nerd» (They view the ogre thing as something that happened to both them and you, and more to them than you, rather than something they did to you.)
«Kite» (I don't think they owe us anything either.)
«Random_Nerd» (They owe you for the resurrections.)
«DanteE» (OK, what about the whole coming-back-from-the-dead thing? Is that cheap this week?)
«Random_Nerd» (But they don't think they do, otherwise.)
«Brian» (Brian's content for them to owe us nothing. He trusts them less than Lord Entropy)
«Brian» (which, if you think about it, is rather odd)
«Random_Nerd» (And, no, he hasn't been given a name as of yet.)
«DanteE» (OOC, what do you guys think of my negotiating skills?)
«Ftisk» (are way better than mine)
«DanteE» (Or I should say Dante's)
«Brian» (to desk guy) "By the way, we haven't got your name yet. I'm Brian, and ... well, you know us."

  • Ftisk wave

«Random_Nerd» Desk Guy: "Harold. No last name, just Harold."
«DanteE» (They may not know Ftisk and Kite...)
«Ftisk» (I just wave :-P )
«Brian» (... don't we have an ex-PC by name of Harold?)
«Kite» (If we're in the Amyran news, I'm sure they're aware of us.)
«Ftisk» (Yep news i believe was him)
«DanteE» (Herb)
«Theresa» (The newish Urbanization.)
«Random_Nerd» (So, anything else before we call it a night?)
«Brian» (Ah! right.)
«Theresa» (Oh, no, he was Herb.)
«Brian» (don't think so.)
«Theresa» (He has a ninja.)
«Kite» (Nope!)
«Theresa» (I'm good...)
«DanteE» (OK by me)
«Ftisk» (nope RN)
«Brian» (Brian had a photo-shoot with Kite and Ftisk introducing them to the Amyran public :p I remember it happening!)
«Random_Nerd» _____________STOP_________________
=-= Brian is now known as lazarus
«Random_Nerd» So, Etheric, what do you think of how things have changed?
«Ftisk» (and spiderTisk will run around in Amyran Kaerkerhoven from time to time)
«DanteE» Or HAVE they? (da-dummmmm)
=-= YOU are now known as Angelo
=-= Kite is now known as Verithe
=-= DanteE is now known as Knockwood
«lazarus» is "a multitude of non-Abhorrent Rocks can be used by Brian to kill Entropy" worth points for my Civil War project (for which the mind map is currently inaccessible)?
«Knockwood» laz: I can get to
«Random_Nerd» Hmm... yes. Victory, for finding out a useful and somewhat unexpected piece of information.
«Knockwood» now to figure out where I can get Destiny...
«lazarus» kwd: it's not on there. It was on Total Recall on my iPad. Where it is again! (apparently it just needed time)
«Theresa» Well, guys, I need to get to bed. I'm exhausted. Good game, good night and welcome back, Eth! *HUGS*
«Knockwood» g'night Beth
«Verithe» Take care, Beth!
«Angelo» Night Beth *HUG*
|«-- Theresa has left (Disintegrated: All shall love me and despair?)
«Knockwood» Hm... on mine, you could argue about 'Deal with Shirk' and 'Dante, Lord of Amyra'
«lazarus» um. It doesn't fit under "Gather Support" really, so I should probably rephrase that to "The Initial Stages"
«Knockwood» and I think the latter is a Struggle
«lazarus» but for now, I will be off! g'night!
«Knockwood» g'night laz
«Knockwood» hope you find your iPad
«Verithe» Take care, lazarus!
«Knockwood» (I got one, and I love it)
«Angelo» night laz!
«lazarus» (it isn't lost ... I had a bad upgrade, and had to restore from backup, while my iTunes library was on a computer that had it's network card fail)
«Knockwood» urk...
|«-- lazarus has left (Disintegrated: lazarus)
«Knockwood» can you put iTunes on another computer and retrieve your ...
«Knockwood» nuts
«Knockwood» I should practice what I told Verithe long ago and stick to short bursts
«Verithe» I still fail at it. ^^;
«Knockwood» BTW, do you think this artist would be a good fit for Nob3, or am I way off base:
«Angelo» well I head to my bed. Nighgt guys.
«Knockwood» same artist:
«Verithe» I like klar's work and she would probably fit. I might even have a friend that works with her on some other projects.
«Knockwood» Kewl
«Verithe» But she might be busy, I 'anno.
«Knockwood» g'night Angelo
«Verithe» Take care, Angelo!
«Knockwood» ... did RN time out, or is he sitting there laughing at us? :P
«Random_Nerd» Yes.
«Knockwood» to which?

  • Random_Nerd steeples his fingers.

«Verithe» :D
«Knockwood» Anyway, what do you think of my Destiny map?
«Random_Nerd» Let me look.
«Knockwood» I'm assuming a 'Struggle' is a Project to improve myself...
«Random_Nerd» Or change yourself.
«Knockwood» which means basically the lower-right branch on mine
«Knockwood» I just shoved them all together
«Random_Nerd» *nod*
«Knockwood» though I should put 'Deal with one kidney' somewhere...
«Verithe» Lunch for me...making okonomiyaki from leftovers.
«Verithe» Take care!
«Knockwood» that's that kinda pancake/omelet mix, right?
«Verithe» pancake/omelet/pizza, ja.
«Random_Nerd» G'night, all.
|«-- Verithe has left (Disintegrated: ChatZilla [Firefox 3.6.13/20101203075014])
«Knockwood» g'night RN
«Etheric» Good night!
|«-- Random_Nerd has left (Disintegrated: )
«Etheric» I didn't actually get to play tonight... Much too enthralled by the new rules.
«Knockwood» heh... thought we crowded you out
«Etheric» Nope, you're not the culprit. It was the indescribable beauty of Creation that did it.
«Etheric» I'm really looking forward to playing.  :)
«Knockwood» Good to know
«Knockwood» so, you'll be playing as Eve?
«Etheric» No, as Carrie.
«Etheric» Eve might or might not be an NPC, though. Still working that out in my own mind.
«Etheric» It makes mythic sense to me that they'd have managed to get their own bodies, somehow.
«Knockwood» Well, it's fortunate that Angelo has logged each session on the Wiki. Know where that is?
«Etheric» Yes, I've been reading the old-old sessions.
«Etheric» It doesn't look like they are on the Wiki actually, but the Actual Play threads are linked.
«Etheric» Since Carrie has no in-character knowledge of things that have happened during her absence, I won't be rereading past that point.
«Knockwood» ah yes. Aside from the fundamental underpinnings of reality changing, of course. :)
«Knockwood» been following the Art controversy?
«Etheric» You mean the "It's too anime" threads?
«Knockwood» no, I mean the "Crap, that artist sent us traces! We need to pull them!" controversy
«Etheric» Ah, okay, that.
«Etheric» Vaguely.
«Etheric» I mean, when I heard about it, it wasn't a controversy. It was "why the PDF was pulled."
«Knockwood» The guy did 68 pieces, including most of the Excrucian pics
«Etheric» Huh, so those were all traced from something else? No wonder people were calling it too-anime and derivative.
«Etheric» I mean, sure, it's terribly unfair that the publication had to be delayed. But it's not like plagiarized artwork would ever do Nobilis justice.
«Knockwood» they've IDd I think 4 pieces as traces
«Etheric» Ah, I see. Alright.
«Etheric» So is it more, "Why are they pulling the rest?"
«Knockwood» partially because they don't know how many of his pieces really are traces, but really as a matter of principle.
«Etheric» Still seems like an awfully petty thing to be a "controversy."
«Etheric» But it's not like I'm really all that familiar with the other side of the argument.
«Knockwood» well, it also means if they actually publish it the original artist can sue their asses off
«Knockwood» well, cya next week Etheric
|«-- Knockwood has left (Disintegrated: ChatZilla [Firefox 3.6.16/20110319135224])
«--| Etheric has left #Nobilis
«--| YOU (Angelo) have left #Nobilis

Chapter 27