Sora Chiba

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A character in the PbP game Malaysian Mantrap. Inspired primarily by Takuma Tsurugi, Sonny Chiba's titular character in "The Street Fighter" movie series, with a bit of Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal" thrown in for flavor.


Japanese-Chinese martial artist, young and cocky but very good. Mid-twenties, average height, compact and athletic build, brown eyes, mid-length black hair, usually clean-shaven and well groomed. Sharp dresser in a rockstar sort of way, with a taste for fancy sneakers, cool shades and two-piece suits worn without a shirt. Bit of a playboy.

Works variously as a martial arts instructor, bouncer, prizefighter, bodyguard, bounty hunter, courier, enforcer and, on some rare occasions, assassin. Solid personal connections to organized crime, both through the martial arts world and from a childhood spent out on the streets of East Asia after running away from a Tokio orphanage. Still very much a street person, brash and arrogant, with an odd "law of the jungle" kind of honor code, although these days he makes some effort to educate himself. He knows good manners, but simply can't be bothered most of the time. Dances competitively (street, open and ballroom), sings and plays sax in a couple of smalltime bands.

Tends to carry a few knives, a silenced pistol and, when he's feeling dramatic, a heavy three-foot bamboo flute that he uses like a hanbo. His fighting style is an eclectic mixture loosely based on a foundation of Karate and Kempo, with a smattering of other arts and plain old bloodlust layered on top.

If Sanchez asked some friends in Tokio or Hong Kong for a favor, they might well have sent Sora to help him.


Total 55 points.

6 INTelligence
6 ATTRactiveness
6 Movement Allowance
6 EMPathy
8 REFlex


Total 200 points.


7 Awareness/notice (base 2)
4 Education & general knowledge
5 Gamble
7 Hide/Evade
4 Instruction
4 Scrounging


2 Demolitions
5 Disguise
5 First Aid
2 Forgery
2 Pick lock
2 Pick pocket
4 Play (flute)
4 Play (saxophone)


4 Wardrobe/style (base 1)
4 Personal grooming (base 2)


4 Human perception (base 2)
4 Leadership
4 Perform
4 Persuasion (base 2)
5 Seduction (base 1)
4 Social (base 2)


7 Athletics (base 1)
5 Dance
6 Fencing
5 Handgun
8 Martial art (Streetfighting)
6 Melee (base 1)
5 Motorcycle
7 Stealth


6 Streetwise
6 Intimidate
6 Resist torture/drug


8 Strength feat
8 Endurance
4 Swimming (base 2)


6 Japanese
4 Cantonese
4 English
2 Mandarin
2 Malay
2 Korean
2 Thai


Smart suit
Fancy sneakers
Cool shades
Wicked fedora
LUCKy charm bracelet

Wallet #1 (photo ID, credit cards and miscellaneous other plastic, cash)
Wallet #2 (fake ID, different credit cards etc., fake family photos, cash)
Keyring (apartment keys, motorcycle key)
Cellphone (2 separate SIM cards)
Mini Maglite LED
Cigarette lighter (but no cigarettes)
Chewing gum

Custom saxophone
Change of clothes

Light gloves
Light bullet resistant vest
Paracord (15m, breaking strength ~200kg)
Collapsible grappling hook
1kg of C-4
6 detonators (tripwire + timer)
Monofilament fishing line (50m, breaking strength ~50kg)
100 rounds of .22 Long Rifle (subsonic hollowpoint)

3 throwing knives (Strike/Cast, WA 0, Conc P, Dmg 1d6, Rng throw)
Balisong (Strike, WA 0, Conc P, Dmg 1d6)
Bamboo flute/hanbo (Strike/Sweep, WA +1, Conc L, Dmg 2d6)
LEI Mark II (WA +2, Conc J, Dmg 1d6, Cap 10, RoF 2, Rng 50m)
Shoulder holster with 2 spare clips for the Mark II

Satchel bag
Shoulder holster with 2 spare mags for the Mark II