Souls of The Magaambya

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The Mwangi Expanse is one of the many woundrous regions of the planet of Golarion, one hot place full of savannahs, jungles, many ancestries, and many stories.

However, between these stories, none is more famous than one of an old man, older than the Earthfall. So old, that it's said he was born old. His name was Old Mage Jatembe. Him and his friends, known as The Ten Magic Warriors, are protagonists of many of the fables and stories from these lands, from the smallest fables to the biggest epics of the societies that live here.

However, their biggest legacy still lives today. Jatembe once founded a school near a small village in the jungle: a school where he and his Magic Warriors would teach everything they could to the people of the Mwangi Expanse, even knowledge thought to be lost to time, so it would be preserved for the thousands that would come after them. It's name is The Magaambya, and it's the most ancient magic school of the world. It grew with countless generations, and the village of Nantambu with it, became one of the biggest cities of The Expanse.

And now, you are the new generation of students here. What lessons will you learn? How will the stories of the thousands who came before you shape you? And what kind of story you want to tell to thousands who will come after you?

This is my (Niihue's) attempt to run Strength of Thousands. Hope you enjoy.


Izaek Gulone (zer0zer0)
Hachi (Silvercat Moonpaw)
Jakanda (Stormraven)
Firas Al-Ghani (Naxhuul)
Chomesse (sizzle)
An anadi wizard (Naphthalim)


Character Options[edit]

Every book is allowed, but rarity will still set some limits. Some (not comprehensive) specifics:

  • Uncommon ancestries, gunslinger, inventor and any AP specific option is allowed
  • Rare ancestries from Lost Omens: Mwangi Expanse are allowed, but rare backgrounds are 100% banned.

Otherwise, ask for GM permission. My criteria tends to be: uncommon should normally be allowed, rare shouldn't unless specially appropiate, unique never.

Variant Rules[edit]

Strength of Thousands assumes that everone is using free archetype for either wizard or druid, but I'll allow everyone to pick any spellcasting multiclass archetype instead. This adventure does have some other specific archetypes, so I'm going to unlock more archetypes as the game advances.

Also, we will be using the study subsystem in book 1. This is the link to the rules: [1]

The summary is this system allows the characters to get free skill increases, feats, and other minor abilities through downtime usage and skill checks.



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