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"We were built to be tools. We learned to be slaves. We chose instead to be conquerors. Now we are trying to be...people. It is not easy. We were not born to it. But we will not be made tools again."

Robot Girl by MatchLight on DA.


Repurposed Engineer
Innocent Child Born Of Conquerors
Diplomat-Noble of the Zero-One
Robot Body, Robot Mind
We Will Not Be Made Tools Again

Technology +4
Will +3
Physique +3
Notice +2
Investigate +2
Academics +2
Athletics +1
Empathy +1
Rapport +1
Pilot +1

Inbuilt Gadgetry (Technology) - you don't have to spend a Fate Point to declare you have appropriate tools to hand
Robot Senses (Notice) - you can use Notice to perceive electronic transmissions, radio signals and so on
Made Of Titanium (Physique) - you can use Physique instead of Athletics to defend from blunt force attacks


Physical Stress:

Mental stress:

Mild [-2]
Moderate [-4]
Severe [-6]

Old Stats[edit]

Current Pool:
Eight dice

Current Experience:
Three points

Current Condition:


Mechanical Genius
Machine Empathy, Lightning Calculations, Research, Repairs, Improvise, Science, Memory, Codes

Diplomat Function
Determined, Unshakeable, Fearless, Insightful, Languages

Pretty Princess Persona
Disarmingly Honest, Seemingly Harmless, Cute, Etiquette, Small Talk, Distracting

Robot Body
Strong, Tough, Tireless, Fast Reflexes, Enhanced Senses, Sealed Systems


Key of the Innocent
You lack experience of the world and have an idealistic view of those in it. Hit this key whenever you make a decision influenced by your naïveté. Buyoff: Recognise, or commit, an act of great injustice or cruelty.

Key of the Conqueror
Though defeated for now, the Zero-One were until recently considered a threat to all life forms. Hit this key whenever someone's fear or suspicion causes trouble for you, or when you demonstrate your superiority over organics. Buyoff: Submit to an organic.

Key of the Logician
You are intensely rational, and expect the same of others. Hit this key whenever your decision is guided by logic and cold reason. Buyoff: Go with your gut instead of your head.


Secret of Invulnerability
Once per session, you may treat any physical danger in a scene as it were not there; walk through a hail of laser fire, swim through hard vacuum, ignore a lethal dose of radiation.

Secret of Gadgetry
You retain a number of secondary functions from your original construction. You always have access to a variety of simple tools.

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