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(Information gathered by Vidya)
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=== Information gathered by Vidya ===
=== Information gathered by Vidya ===
Drone footage of the ruined section of the lift shaft, to review later (see Kimi).  
Drone footage of the ruined section of the lift shaft, to review later (see Kimi).  
== Question asked: ==
== Question asked: ==

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A page for the information gathered in the elevator investigation in Star Trek Eclipse.


The sabotage of the space elevator down to Anfia.

Information gathered by Anaphis[edit]

Sabotaging such a large structure takes a whole lot of ultritium. The only way to get enough here (that Starfleet knows of) is through Gleel, a Ferengi weapons smuggler who poses as a harmless third-rate salesman of self-sealing stem bolts.

Information gathered by Kerani[edit]

She met an Andorian, a Human, and a Caitian, pretending to be big game hunters. "They're not supposed to mention the Gorn pirate. They're not supposed to mention the bounty that Cardassia put on his head. They're not supposed to mention the name S'tiss. And above all else, never ever mention the Blackwing Mercenaries."

Information gathered by Kimi[edit]

Elevator cables, mechanical brakes, and emergency tractor beams all sabotaged. Scorch marks and damaged panels show explosives were used, which chemical analysis reveals to be ultritium - a potent explosive compound that's extremely difficult to detect with sensors. Given the level of Anfian tech, planet-wide jamming field, and attitude of local security forces to longstanding corruption, there's no way they could have anticipated the attack. Nothing she pieced together from the files on the planetary culture indicated any internal group would do this - political, religious or criminal.

Information gathered by Nolen[edit]

The computers were sabotaged with security feeds erased or distorted. The computers haven't been tampered with especially recently.

Copied the system's data trails and access records to review further.

Information gathered by Vidya[edit]

Drone footage of the ruined section of the lift shaft, to review later (see Kimi).

Question asked:[edit]

"Other than criminal enterprises, what active factions - political or religious - are there that would attempt such a terrorist act?"

No faction, criminal or otherwise, has ever done anything like this before.

Religious factions all agree transporter technology is bad/potentially harmful and had nothing to gain by sabotaging the elevator. These groups are fairly minor and not prone to violence.

Political factions are mainly split into two groups:

  • Those who believe Anfia is too dependent on outside trade.
  • Those who want to lift the jamming field and use it for cargo only.

Also Present[edit]

  • Dolus - A Vorta diplomat with four Jem'Hadar bodyguards.
  • Noroth, son of None - a Klingon
  • V'rel - a Vulcan priestess