Star Wars: Built on Hope (WEG) - Crann Brarak

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Human Male Scout/Medic

DEXTERITY 3D Blater 4D Dodge 4D

KNOWLEDGE 3D Survival 4D


PERCEPTION 3D +1 Hide 4D +1 Search 4D +1 Sneak 4D +1


TECHNICAL 3D +1 First Aid 4D

MOVE: 10 Force Sensitive: No Force Points: 2

WOUND STATUS - Stunned O; Wounded OO; Incapacited O; Mortailly Wounded O

EQUIPMENT: Personal Comlink, Ziko 1000 Macrobinoculars (1,000cr), Customized Medical Backpack (free pick), All-Temperature Cloak (100cr), Knife/Hatchet (25cr), Blaster Pistol (500cr), Energy Cells 2 (50cr), Ration Pack 10 days (20cr), Hostler (25cr) Credits remaining: 270cr

Crann was born in the slums Corellia but his sharp mind got him recruited by the location government offical to work as an EMT for the city. He liked that job but started noticing how the non-Humans were ignored or mistreated by the medical institutes including the mergency responders. He started noticing the way the Empire also treated non-Humans and poor Humans for that matter and it started to weigh on him. he wanted to help but the system seemed to force him to not.

Finally he had enough and jumped a tramp frieghter to the Out Rim to escape these rules. He started working on some dusty world as a medic but also found he really loved the outdoors and the wilderness, something he never saw back on Corellia. He spent as much time in these area as he could while not working to help the sick and injured.

Crann would eventually fall in with the fledging Rebellion as a medic and scout for them. He picked up using a blaster fast also so he could defend himself and other especially against the Empire.