Star Wars: Built on Hope (WEG) - Doctor Astra Andasca

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Doctor Astra Andasca

Dexterity 3d (Blaster 4d) Perception 4d (Investigation 5d, Search 5d) Knowledge 4d (Alien Species 5d, Cultures 5d) Strength 2d (Climbing/Jumping 3d) Mechanical 2d Technical 3d (Demolitions 4d)

Gear: Utilitarian Field Attire (-) Personal Comlink (-) Bardottan Chronoscanner (-) Climbsuit (350) Tracker Utility Vest (300) Pith Blast Helmet (300) Dim Goggles (50) Water Purifying Canteen (100) Syntherope, Dispensor (4) Gyro-Grappler (15) Datapad (100) Macrobinoculars (100) Multitool (50) Precision Tool Kit (200) Hand Lens 15x (20) X-30 Lancer (330) 81 Credits

Astra obtained her Doctorate at the University of Bar'leth, a prestigious institution located on the Core World of Bar'leth, and is a member in good standing of the Archaeological Association. While the vast majority of her experience so far has involved study and research, she has conducted field operations at Archaeo-Prime in the Outer Rim, and is now prepared to strike out (relatively) on her own.

It is also worth noting that Astra was active in the University's Outdoor Club, participating in various caving and climbing expeditions between semesters. While this was partly because it was encouraged in her curriculum, and by her sponsor, some of her fondest memories stem from those outings.

In recent months, agents of the Empire have been seeking out archaeological sites and ancient libraries, places of cultural and historical significance- only to take what they want (for what purpose, one might only imagine…), and raze the rest. Astra has tried to stay one step ahead of these looters and marauders, but barely escaped with her life in her last encounter.

She did gain some valuable intelligence for her troubles, however disturbing. Her former professor is in league with the Empire’s hoarding and destruction, heading up the team- lending it a veneer of scientific authenticity, an excuse for planetary governments to cooperate, turn a blind eye. Professor Belloq attempted to recruit her, but after feigning interest, she found an opportunity to flee- liberating an encrypted datapad as she departed.

Belloq has since burned her credentials, labeled her a two-credit tomb-raider. She has been blamed for the most recent destruction, and been declared an enemy of the Empire. Following a lead, she finds herself taking passage to a remote jungle planet in the Outer Rim, where she hopes to ally herself with others who share grievances against the Empire and its policies.