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Zalkan Rannek Dathomirian Human male, age 22 Dathomirian Hunter & Guardian No template


Born on the planet Dathomir, Zalkan is the son of one of the Force Witches. His memories of her are fondly cherished, though somewhat faded. Male Dathomirian Humans are unheard of; no one knows if it is a genetic mutation, a property of the planet, or some 'magic' of the witches who breed selectively from the male Nightbrother clans that serve them, all Zabrak. When a Force Witch has a child, it is either a pale haired and skinned girl-child, or a male Zabrak. Conceived while off-world, Zalkan's grandmother always told him he was unique, and that his difference was interchangeably his mother's choice or the fact she was away from Dathomir, depending on Mother Talzin's mood.

When Zalkan was young and still learning the ways of the hunter and guardian of his people, towards the end of the Clone Wars, an armored, cybernetic warrior armed with many blades of glowing light descended on his small village and killed nearly everyone there. All who live on the harsh world of Dathomir are survivors and warriors, so Zalkan fought to defend his people. Badly hurt and left for dead, Zalkan could only watch in impotent fury as this murderer killed his aunts, his fellow Nightbrothers and tribesmen, and the wise and potent Nightsisters.

Only the cunning and care of his great grandmother, Mother Talzin, served to preserve his young life. She healed Zalkan and a handful of others with their people's sacred Icorr. Mother Talzin then had the survivors evacuated from the planet in case the hateful warrior returned to finish the job.

Zalkan has never been able to return home.

Zalkan's mother was sparred as she was off-planet aiding other Nightsisters and the Separitists and she found the pathetic exiles and informed them they could not return home for a time, then left on some mission for Mother Talzin. She would return intermitently to provide Zalkan with further training. But eventually she must have lost track of them as her visits decreased in frequency, then stopped altogether. For many years, Zalkan served his small enclave as a hunter and protector, though he wanted to seek out his mother, he stayed with the survivors; protecting them was his sacred duty as he was one of the last of the nightbrothers.

Though regimes changed, they still moved. Zalkan even heard the warrior who killed his people met a grisly fate. Still, they moved on, not returning home. The new Empire put a blockade in place around Dathomir for reasons unknown. Zalkan would seek work as a bounty hunter for the burgeoning Empire to help support the enclave, which moved around the galaxy from one starport to another until, slowly, the group splintered, resettled or drifting away on different starships to destinations unknown, going their separate ways.

Zalkan was now free to seek out his mother, but he has no idea where to start, little memory of her but her loving smile, with only a memory of her name beyond, "Mother," Siabban Rannek. He briefly fell in with a group of space pirates until he discovered what they were doing to the victims of their avarice; after depressurizing the last ship they attacked and venting the pirates into space, Zalkan drifted a while until he was picked up by traders who happened to be smuggling escapped slaves for the alliance against the Empire. Zalkan had found a new home.


Zalkan seems affable and easygoing with a ready smile - for the crew, at least. He is rather terse, however.

Strangers are another matter, getting harsh glares and cold calculating silence. It isn't that he hates or fears those he doesn't know, or at least, that is what he says. Until they prove they can be trusted, he is on edge if outsiders seem capable of posing a threat to the crew. He keenly observes their actions for signs of their true intentions.

Zalkan is not above using fear and panache to keep others off-guard. When battle ensues, he slips on a ritual mask and is known for low growls and beastly roars, mimicking a variety of fauna of his native Dathomir in order to draw attention away from the crew and onto himself. Generally quiet, he can make his presence known when it will benefit the crew.


Height: 1.88 meters Weight: 81.6 Kilograms

Dathomirians tend to have pale, chalky skin and hair. They are also almost all female; Zalkan is clearly male. Zalkan keeps his hair, dyed a violent red-orange, in fine braids capped with engraved metal beads, one for each year of his life. He keeps two of the braids binding back the rest in a configuration he calls a warrior's knot. He only conceals his hair when he needs to be stealthy, and displays it openly when he dons his ritual battle mask and 'steps into shadow.'

His face and upper torso are covered in elaborate tattoos that are difficult to discern at a distance due to their pigmentation; they are a stylized rays of the rising sun on his forehead descending to the setting sun around his jawline, down his muscular chest and upon his shoulders. On most Dathomirian Zabraks, these markings are almost black due to their skin pigmentation; Zalkan's coloration renders these markings a silvery grey in color.

Zalkan bares some strange scars, mostly on his torso, that appear to have healed strangely, perhaps improperly. He is reluctant to speak about them.

His usual dress tends to earth tones: a weapons harness, a wide belt, pants, boots and gloves. He has a set of light scout armor when in the field, and an all-temperature cloak. His ritual mask is almost devoid of features, painted black with grey markings that suggest a stylized rancor and a slit in the mask for his eyes.

Move 10/12 Force Sensitive? Yes Force Points 2 Dark Side Points - Character Points 4 (I spent one in our last scene)

Dexterity 3D Bows: Longbows 4D Dodge 4D

Perception 3D Search 4D Sneak 4D

Knowledge 3D Survival 4D Law Enforcement: The Empire 4D

Strength 3D Brawling: Martial Arts 4D

Mechanical 2D

Technical 3D First Aid 4D

Force Skills

   Sense - 2

Force Powers Life Detection, Danger Sense, Combat Sense, Life Sense


   All-Temperature Cloak
   Weapons harness and belt (using stats for Load Bearing Vest)
   Light Scout Armor
   Paired Duskblades (using the stats for Short Swords)
   Bandoleer of Throwing Knives
   Hunter's Bow, 20 broadhead arrows
   Personal Comlink
   50 credits