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'''Darth Vader''' (seen in flashback)
'''Darth Vader''' (seen in flashback)
'''Inquisitor Reyner''' (Zabrak male)
==Who Shot First?==
==Who Shot First?==
Han Solo. But if Boba Fett had been there...
Han Solo. But if Boba Fett had been there...

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Star Wars: Rule of Two Blues

"Rule of Two Blues" is a PBP game of Star Wars World, a hack of [Apocalypse World] by Andrew Medeiros, and is being run by Danny_K.

The game revolves around three women and a droid, part of a deep black Imperial project ordered by Sith Lord Darth Vader.

Sage Krolo the Chiss Adept
Commander Samora Juvenius the Imperial Officer
Asehla the Togruta Ace
K-4T4 the Droid Operative

There are two active threads for the game; OOC Thread and an IC Thread


Session Guide

There is a summary of the events so far: 1: Happy Empire Day!

Current Character Stats

Character Creds Wounds XP Other Stuff
Sage Krolo 1 0 2
Asehla 2 0 0
Commander Samora Juvenius 2 0 2
K-4T4 x 0 1

The Galaxy


Faunch, backwater mining world in the Rim. Home to the metallic foil forests and vicious metallic shard-hawks. Exactly one city, "Faunch Five", with one cantina.

NPCs of Note

The Dauntless' Crew

LT Alamed, the Dauntless XO (human male)

Sergeant JL-0725, commander of the Stormtrooper marine detachment assigned to the Dauntless (Corellian, male?)

LT Nogeta, ship loyalty officer (human, male)

C1-Z0 (Zed), the elderly and eccentric astromech on the Dauntless. Rumored to date back to the dawn of the Clone Wars or even earlier. Who knows what holovid and data might be hidden in its rusty innards?

Other NPCs

Max Rebo, band leader (not seen yet)

Darth Vader (seen in flashback)

Inquisitor Reyner (Zabrak male)

Who Shot First?

Han Solo. But if Boba Fett had been there...