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! Sage Krolo
! Sage Krolo
| 3 || 0 || 1 || Hard, Hot
| 1 || 0 || 0 || Hard, Hot
! Asehla
! Asehla

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Star Wars: Rule of Two Blues

"Rule of Two Blues" is a PBP game of Star Wars World, a hack of [Apocalypse World] by Andrew Medeiros, and is being run by Danny_K.

The game revolves around three women and a droid, part of a deep black Imperial project ordered by Sith Lord Darth Vader.

Sage Krolo the Chiss Adept
Commander Samora Juvenius the Imperial Officer
Asehla the Togruta Ace
K-4T4 the Droid Operative

There are two active threads for the game; OOC Thread and an IC Thread


Session Guide

There is a summary of the events so far: 1: Happy Empire Day!

Current Character Stats

Character Creds Wounds XP Other Stuff
Sage Krolo 1 0 0 Hard, Hot
Asehla x 0 0 Hard, Sharp
Commander Samora Juvenius x 0 2 Weird, Hot
K-4T4 x 0 1 Hot, Cool

The Galaxy

NPCs of Note

The Dauntless' Crew

Other NPCs

Who Shot First?

Han Solo. But if Boba Fett had been there...