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A Vancian solo campaign using Adventurer, Conqueror, King. Played by thirdkingdom, refereed by The Wyzard Strange Magic Header.jpg

Characters & Henchmen

  • Henya Con, L7 MU. HP 24/24, AC 3. Rapier: 7+, 1d6+1. Init: +1.
    • Lark, L0 NM, 4/4, AC 5. Short Sword: 10+, 1d6, Init: +1
    • Tess, L0 NM, 2/2, AC 4. Short Sword: 10+, 1d6, Init: -1

Floating Bonuses

  • 1 Reroll Token

Mercenaries, Beasts, & Staff

Treasure & Assets

  • Gameboard with jade pieces, worth 1500 gp.
  • Glass and bronze decanter worth 80 gp.
  • 9 alabaster wine glasses, worth 100 gp each.
  • Ivory horn worth 800 gp.

Holdings & Fortifications

Monthly Expenses



World & Lore

Lizards of Burden

It is an unfortunate fact of life on Terminus that horses and the like were never brought. As such, the original sequence-engineers adapted local life forms to human use. The following are available breeds of saurian.

  • Redfoot: A lithe raptor that runs on its two rear legs, the Redfoot has the statistics of a light horse. They are highly tolerant of heat and can move through desert terrain as though it were normal terrain. However, they cannot stand cold weather and treat any substantial journey as a force march, thus requiring rest the next day. The redfoot is a loyal and affectionate animal, and rewards attentive treatment. 100gp.
  • Fat-tail: A lumbering four-footed creature, can be used as an ox OR can pull a cart as would a pair of heavy horses. Fat-tails cannot force march. They move through swamps at their normal movement rate, and can ford rivers with more ease than a horse. They are capable of crossing lakes and the like with a lightly-laden rider, but dislike salt water. Eats double the feed of a heavy horse. 80gp.
  • Mottleskin: A twisted and warped, but hardy creation. Stats as per a donkey. However, they have a chameleon-like ability to change color. A mottleskin can conceal itself in natural environments and will often remain undetected. 20gp.
  • Long-Claw: Stats as per warhorses. Add a third bite attack at the same damage. However, overland movement rate is only half what is indicated by their speed, due to not being suited for long-distance travel. Prices as per warhorses. Requires regular feeding with meat to stay healthy, so feed costs 4x as much.

Notes & Plot Hooks

House Rules

  • PCs may get special bonuses on the mortal wounds and associated tables if reduced below one hit point. Recovery from almost any non-fatal injury is possible through some combination of artifice and magic.
  • Demihuman characters are an extreme rarity at best.
  • Named characters receive max HP at first level. Their HD pool is rerolled totally at second and subsequent levels (without the presumption of a maximum result at first level), and the new result is taken if it is higher. If it is lower or equal, HP remain the same.
  • On gaining a level or other major accomplishment, the player may receive a reroll token. This may be used at any time to reroll ONE DIE of any kind for any roll. It is permanently expended upon use. The new result must be taken, even if it's worse. "Floating Bonuses" other than this are possible.
  • Learning & Scribing new spells into your books costs money and time. Swapping known spells in and out of your repertoire costs only time.
  • A coin purse or belt pouch counts as one Thing, but can contain up to 150 coins without the need to further account for their weight.
  • PCs have a lifestyle cost, and Henchmen a monthly wage, as indicated by the chart on pg. 51. Henchmen expect to be paid 1 share to their master's 4 shares, but gain 1 share of XP to the master's 2.
  • A day of food is a thing, a week of food is a stone. Mess kits are advisable.
  • Clerics have a repertoire (Details will be developed later.)
  • Initiative is one die roll per side, but each individual applies their own dexterity bonus.
  • Charisma bonuses to reaction rolls only apply if the bonus-wielder is meaningfully capable of bringing their social skills to bear. Same for penalties, obviously.

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