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Resistances 8d Aptitudes 6d
Composure 2D Athleticism 3D
Fortitude 3D Awareness 3D
Reaction 5D Presence 3D
Will 2D
Super Speed 5D [Boost: Split Action 1D]

(Resistance 8d +Aptitude 6d +Powers 6d + Advantage 1d +- Disadvantage -2d= 19D)

Resistances: Composure 2D, Fortitude 3D, Reaction 5D, Will 2D

Aptitudes: Athleticism 3D, Awareness 3D, Presence 3D

Powers: Super Speed 5D [Boost: Split Action 1D]

Advantages: Instant Change 1D

Disadvantages: Mental Hindrance (Overconfidecne, Minor) -1D, Secret (Indenity) -1D

Competency Pool: 1D