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Name: Dylan Perry
House: Hufflepuff
Year: 5th
Wand: 11", Cedar and Unicorn Hair, slightly springy
Player: levinwurth


Name: Dylan Perry

Refresh: 3


High Concept: Hufflepuff 5th Year Prefect - The Social Glue

Aspect 2: A Long Line of Talent

Aspect 3: Likes His Creature Comforts

Aspect 4: Why Can't We Be Friends?


Good (+3) Careful

Fair (+2) Flashy, Quick

Average (+1) Sneaky, Clever

Mediocre (+0) Forceful


11 inches, Cedar with a Unicorn Hair Core, slightly springy

Stunt: Cedar Wands find their home amongst Wizards and Witches with clear sights and loyal natures. It grants +2 when Cleverly Overcoming challenges that endanger Dylan's friends.


Gifted with Transfiguration

Because I am From A Long Line of Talent, I gain +2 when I Carefully Create an Advantage by magically changing or conjuring an item's shape or properties.

I Make Friends Easily

I often ask Why Can't We Be Friends? so I gain +2 when I Carefully Overcome someone with a negative disposition towards me through charm and friendliness.


Dylan comes from a long line of Wizards with a good reputation in the community. His older brother Anthony is making a name for himself as a handsome and daring Quodpot player, his mother was a Witch most skilled with Transfiguration and very popular to boot (as all of Dylan's professors often remind him) and his father... well, his father's family have been renowned as makers of magical clocks and timepieces for as long as anyone can remember. All in all, it's left Dylan feeling like he lives in a shadow cast very long indeed, and wants to be known as more than 'Evander and Lucy's boy' or 'Anthony's little brother.'

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