Talking with Aztilios in Zaxili

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Michael James Watson
Arriving across the trump Alvah arrives in a pleasant courtyard in sand colors and adobe flagstones. Flowering orange, lemon, and lime trees with tan leaves, laden with flowers and fruit ring the area.
To the west are lounge chairs in front of an infinity edged pool. Below is a Ullamaliztli Court, a ball game being played by men in feathers and flesh, putting a ball through a stone ring at either side of the court. Spectators cheer the players and from the lounge chairs the masters get an excellent view.
To the north is an excellent outdoor kitchen. East and south are glass door walls open to living quarters.
Alvah turns to Cihalas and sees a glowing sigil of Azcala before her and Cihalas's hands working into the bright fiery spell heavy symbol. She feels he psyche clamped onto hard, and feels herself frozen in place. Aztilios behind her looks on sadly.
As she starts to worry she feels a clawed hand grip, sinking claws into her should from behind. In front of her rises a gigantic Sign of the Logrus. She feels her ability to move return and her psyche hold crumbling.
“Is there something we should talk about before Lady Alvah and I accept your hospitality or should I summon the Ambassador to Azcala from the Courts of Chaos to mediate our situation?“

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks around amazed. At the place. She knew she made a rash decision. She probably disappointed Delwin but worse she probably disappointed or hurt Vance with this.
But since she can't believe a word her father says she must figure it out herself..
Wanting to say something to her mother she sees and more importantly feels what happens.
Feeling panic. Betrayal, anger.
When Vek (i assume it is Vek) comes up behind her and releases her she smiles for a moment.
Then with a serious and angry look she turns to her mother
"Why........? "
She wanted to say more but that just seems redundant to the point.

Michael James Watson
Cihalas says, "The king of Amber and one of his prized dogs stood ready to kill me if I misbehaved. Why would they arrange so elaborate a trap, making it seem like an innocent meeting. I had to be sure you were not spiked or tagged with magic's aimed at my destruction once we were here. It is shocking beyond my ken that you actually came across the trump. If I misjudged you, that is my mistake. And no, Lord Vek, we need no mediation. "
She drops her sigil.
"Welcome to Zaxili, and my home here. Let's have some lemon wine. I have to go speak to some people who were ready to come to my defense if it was needed. . Azti, pour wine. Oh, and the stuffed jalapenos. I will be right back." Aztl watches after her as she leaves, turns to say "She's like that sometimes." Then moves to the outdoor kitchen
Vek says, "I hope I'm not intruding. I decided to blink across the trump threshold once you stepped in."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at Cihalas and shakes her head letting her leave as she will explain later. hearing Aztilios she chuckles. Looking up at Vek she grins
"I do not know if my mother has a sense of humor... but that was a good joke, calling my brother the prize dog of the king while king Random was the... dog..."
Looking at to where Aztilios left she shakes her head
"And he does say that alot doesn't he? She's like that sometimes. "
Looking way way up to Vek she nods and leans against his arm or hand (no clue how big he is But she tries to do a semi hug thing).
"thank you for being here. You are not intruding. Happy to have someone i consider a friend looking out for me. I have no clue what else is in the category 'she's like that sometimes'. But hey if things go well you can feed your curiosity about the magic and rituals here. "

Michael James Watson
The chaos form is about 9' tall and he starts shifting, to his human form. His clothes shift to a santa fe casual of blue jeans, dark purple shirt and slightly purple blue denim jack, looking well worn yet obviously magical.
"I don't trust her intentions and raising the sigil against you immediately , well, confirms my thoughts. We shouldn't get too comfortable here."

Amber Bronkhorst
Looking at Vek she nods sadly
"i actually genuinely wanted to learn more, but i am afraid you are right. But what were your thoughts?"
Alvah looks defeated.
"I just want to know more... and not be lied to.... Delwin keeps lying to me. "

Michael James Watson
"I think you will genuinely learn things here. If it is because she told you things or you found them out yourself, its hard to say. Im the mean time, i have often had meals lain before me at the tables of my enemies. The question is how eager is she to make the next move. I suggest we take her at her word, that she was seeing if you were tagged, and go forward accordingly. I have made it clear that i am willing to call the highest Chaosian in this realm to aide me. As it happens the Ambassador is a Hendrake. She knows it, I know it. Be careful. "

Amber Bronkhorst
"I just hope so. But you are right lets watch it moment by moment. See how many more things are like "she's like that sometimes' Althought i kind of guess where i get my impulsive and angry behaviour from. "
Looking up at Vek she smiles. It is a sad smile she has really been crying.
"But you get why i did it right? With that whole sigil of Azcala thing that happened i'll just be watched more, Arlo was already watching my steps... it is going to happen more. So everything i want to learn back in Amber or with anyone there.... it will be framed, controlled, watched. At least here.... i might be a bit more free... maybe." Her voice is softer. as if the last lie of Delwin actually broke her.

Michael James Watson
Azti brings over a large plate of rich looking fresh foods. Vegis with Tajin powder, vegis in jalapeno honey. cucumbers and bright cherry tomatoes in red wine vinagar. He brings over a very large bottle of a bright yellow wine, a spigot on the side,. He pours three cups and places them on the table. A fourth he fills and glugs. He waves offing to the three glasses, obviously suggesting the drink ritual

Amber Bronkhorst
Seeing the food she smiles as she is actually a bit peckish now after all that emotional rollercoaster.
Walking to the trays she nods to Aztilios and takes one of hte glasses, waiting a minute as her mother had instructed. she then drinks as well.
"Thank you, Aztilios. So you said before going through the trump to ask your wife to come home ot, who is your wife?"

Michael James Watson
He takes the glass and drinks to prove against poison. Then fills his 2 liter mug and flops into one of the lounges. Briefly standing and yelling to the ball court, "Flaxin! You're hipchecking the right side again!!!! Itsa two step, left step. hipcheck to the left to rebound to the Ring!!!!Come on, how many times do I have to tell you!!!!!????"
Fron the playing field a player waves, and yells back, "I know!!! I know!!!"
He flops back on the lounge, looks over after a quaff..
"MY wife? Ah, its wife to be though i'm told we were married when she was born.. I was perhaps three spins old... Those things aren't considered the same as Full weddings.. they are just meant to add complication if someone tries to elope... and we were together for almost 300 years before the enclosure..But no matter how much of the Blue Tequila we drank, i could never convince her to consummate. Luckily as it turns out that she isn't the only prospect." Vek drinks the wine and chuckles under his breath.. Refills the glass...."This is really excellent lemon wine...Lemon and white grapes? "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks over where Aztilios is yelling at looking at the game she watches it for a moment.
She then turns back to Aztilios.
"wife to be... married when born? is that normal? like a custom here? "
HOlding out her glass to Vek she smiles nonverbally asking him to fill hers up as well again.
"I'll try and not have an immediate opinion about customs here. But other prospects? Like other you have your eye on or others in line that would be pointed out for you?
So no children for you yet?"

Michael James Watson
Veks refills her glass and chuckles again, refilling his own.
Azti, "Ah, you might as well make yourself comfortable. Mother might be away for days. She does that some times.. THere are all kinds of rooms upstairs. Take any of them not filled with other's belongings. "
Taking a chug, "Married when born? Its done, but its just sort of a legacy promise. I hear my intended is married to a chaosian who runs a bar in the City of Amber. Figures. She was a heavier drinker then I am.. And as for other prospects, they are looking up as of today. "

Amber Bronkhorst
Drinking from the glass and sits down folding her legs in a lotus sit. she chcukles
"you say that alot, that she does that sometimes or that she is like that sometimes.... "
Drinking her glass empty she then tilts her ehad hearing the person she blinks
"wait wait... but you are talking about Untara. She is your sister... that is not securing legacy that is weakening the genetics that can cause serious issues. I know Cihalas and Xozla are brother and sister to right?"
She sighs and then looks at her empty glass filling it again and taking a drink.
"But i won't judge... i guess. just in my upbringing it is a bad thing to keep family that close... But it is good that it is looking up for you again.
But alright, mom might take days then... had not really anothe rplace to go anyway."

Michael James Watson
Azti smiles, " Mother and father are brother and sister. Zictalas and Zentalas are brother and sister, Zolton and Cuilton were brother and sister. Acoza always treated Alcona as woman, especially when they were young.. And thats just us. And most importantly, Tonocat and Cihuacua are brother and sister. Most the royal families pair siblings. Not absolutely, but its frequent enough to be expected. It keeps power in the house, not just genetically, but in terms of loyalties. Look at Mixcoatl and Coatlicue; they were a love match, and their loyalties took them away from the family. Thier children are Quetzal and Xoxotl. Both of them trouble. Its common in Azcala from Tonacat down to slave families.. So... don't think it out of the question.. Tonight there are two full moons. Perhaps we can walk under them, share some of the lime tequila wine, and talk about our lives till now?"
Vek says, "That sounds lovely...What time shall we all go?"

Amber Bronkhorst
"Well i get you want to keep loyalty and power in the house but it is quite dangerous if you think about it. "
Alvah drinks another glass and fills it up agian.
She stands and leans against the arm rest of a chair. Stretching her legs and turning her foot studying its movements while thinking.
"Two full moons. SOunds beautiful. But sure we can take a walk tonight with the three of us.. Especially if alcohol is involved. And we might need alot of alcohol my life is..... not that interesting and so far very short compared to anyone elses."

Michael James Watson
He laughs, "Lord Vek, may I just call you Vek, everyone else must... Let me make this understanding with you. At this point if the lovely Alvah and I fell madly in love and consumated like rabbits under the twin moons it would be an incredibly awkward mistake for both of us. Also, i have no interest in furthering my mother's interest toward power. I have had as much of that as I need in a life time. I have been dehearted so often I no longer even need to be cut. I simple shapeshift the opening, they cut it out and let it regrow.. The process is grizzly but mostly painless. Mother has only one step to go to be high wackajamma of Azcala and doing that will be bloody like a high tide. I shall keep my hands to myself. Should she throw herself at me like a cornwife I shall put her off. "
He stands, "Ive no interest in mating tonight. Even recreationally."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at Aztilios then at Vek she nods.
"Well falling madly in love won't happen anyway. But if you just want to walk and talk we can.
I think it is okey Vek. We'll stay closeby right Aztilios?"
She looks at Aztilios and smiles. From her leaning position she stands up.
"Guess it is good a time as any to get to know family better. "
Shrugging she continues
"But you can't blame us to be careful right, and cautious. Things have been rather weird. and Cihalas who kind of turned right away when stepping through. Your look spoke alot about that action as well. "
She nods to Aztilios
"so when do you want to walk and where to? and how much liqour should we carry"

Michael James Watson
"Dusk. I should go down and coach a bit.. call it three hours. Find rooms, look around. Mother isn't probably here anyway"
HE stands and refills his tankrd and walks down toward the court.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods "Sounds good "
She then turns to Vek.
"Well guess looking for rooms then right? "
She looks after Aztilios as he walks away with a slight raised eyebrow.
"yeah.... i don't know what he plans... but guess i'll see."
She starts walking towards the are that would perhaps have stairs or something looking back to Vek she nods
"shall we go explore?"

Michael James Watson
The building has a very Frank Lloyd wright meets Mexican materials kind of vibe. adobe, wood, stone. But it also has light wells and open skylights. lots of natural air. The smell of coking food is common. Servants in loincloths and feather walk by frequently.
A Old woman who has a very Margot vibe looks out of a room and approaches, "Lady Alvah, Lord Vek, my lady sends her regards and bids me to help you find chambers. Do you like morning or evening lights?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks around at the general clothing being worn and at the architecture of the place she smiles, actually liking the aesthetic very much. Seeing the old woman dhse inclines her head politly
"Ah that is great saves for some awkwardness of finding a free place. I would go for morning light if that is possible ofcourse"
Alvah then looks at Vek and smiles
"so you an early or late waker? "

Michael James Watson
Vek says, "Put me next to hers. Preferable with adjoining rooms. "
She nods and takes down corridors to the east side. Finding a pair of rooms she opens them. Letting Alvah into her room, showing the adjoining door to Vek's.
"I am the Contoxi, the House Mate. Tell any of the servants to find me if you need something they can't provide. Servants eat at dawn, and the nobles at Full Sun rising. I can have meal sent to your rooms if you like. The Staff Holder can assign you a servant to attend you if you wish. I have two young ones, just 11, that would gain prestige from service. May I have them sent? One for each of you, i just need to know who choose which?"

Amber Bronkhorst
"Well met Contoxi, thank you for the information. Maybe it is best now to eat in our rooms till we are more known of our surroundings. "
Alvah looks at Vek for a moment she then turns to Contoxi again, thinking for a bit she then shrugs.
"don't thinnk a personal servant is needed, but thank you. "

Michael James Watson
She looks down the hall, in both directions. "I was told you were from Amber...So... not of the faith..? The new moon is coming.. They are a son and a daughter of one of my staff.. And Tixa angered her worship last week and I would miss them terribly. I don't have any temple tokens to buy them before..."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at Vek she clicks her tongue and then nods
"On second thought, maybe a personal servant would not be bad to have around. " She looks at Contoxi
"You may send them. "
Shifting her position a bit she asks
"when is hte new moon coming? "

Michael James Watson
She smiles, stretches up to a full 4'11". "The Moon will be new in three days. The Coyote chases the last sliver tonight. I will send them up immediately! "
She starts to leave and Vek says, "Lady Contoxi? We are new here and from Amber. Where is the NEw Moon celebrated and who officiates?"
She stops, bows, "Lady? Oh... you flatterer.. if i were 50 years younger....Her ladyship officiates of course. Lord Aztilios attends. His lordship Xozla does not celebrate here often, being required at the imperial court."

Amber Bronkhorst
Nodding she smiles
"then i'm sure she will be back before then. So where is it held?
And i assume that Lord Xozla won't be here this time either.
Also are there certain things especially as outsiders which we should know or keep in mind?"
Alvah smiles friendly
"would not want to anger anyone ofcourse."

Michael James Watson
She looks suddenly nervous, as if she is realizing how much she has said to people she doesn't know..
"Ah...I... I better be getting back to work... Your pages will be up in a few moments.. Good evening, Lady, Lord,..."
SHe turns and waddles away quickly.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles and looks ar Vek.
She waits till Contoxie is out of sight and hearing range
"Weĺl, yep... that was bound to happen. Ah well nothing tl really worry about. Right?"

Michael James Watson
Vek says, "Ah.." He steps in to the room. "Ah.. I want to do something...but you will consider it invasive...but it will keep us a bit more connected..Do you mind?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at Vek for a moment. She then gives a short nod.
"Guess you would only ask if really needed i guess. So what do you want to do?"

Michael James Watson
He summons the logrus, a tiny manifestation, and conjures two small small centipedes. He puts one on his palm, puts the other in hers.
Looking for a moment, it bites.
Vek takes his and puts it in her palm. Takes hers, and puts it to his ear, where it crawls in.
"These will let us have a sense where the other is. If you focus hard enough you can see through there eyes. They allow us a connection that i can direct magic through. In time you can as well. There is a simple spell I'll tech you that kills them. Once in, there will be some pain, after which you'll not feel them there at all. These people want to seperate us..This won't let them."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at the centipede and what Vek at a point does with it. She shudders but then copies what Vek does and puts it near her ear.
She speaks soft.
"Yeah i figured they are trying to do that. Was already thinking on how to palm the trump you made for me of you. Though i was never the best card sharp, doesn't matter how much Fisk made me practice."
Alvah moves her hands and holds up the trump Vek had drawn for her in emergencies. The flicks her wrist maybe not as perfect as it should to make it go.
"So what is your guess? That Aztilios will try something tonight? Or something with the nde moon? "
She leans back.
"My guess Aztilios wants to form a slightly friendly bond maybe work on a sense of trust. But something actually happen will be with the celebration of the new moon. "

Michael James Watson
"Aztilios has an agenda.. But.. I wonder.. My conversations with Untara were centered on the gristly nature of worship here. She said he happily took part. Trading willingness to sacrifice for glory on the war fields. He is a warrior, not a sorcerer exactly..He would know about this metaconcert business. If he had been hearted so many times i bet he has a hell of a cadre of backup when he wants it. What is warfare like in this limited realm?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah shrugs
"No clue what warfare is like. But yes you are probably right that what he might not have in his own knowledge or ability as sorcerer he has in raw backing power with hearts."
Alvah produces the small teaspoon she had stolen her first day in Amber and starts moving it jn her fingers.
"I know Xozla even told me how Aztilios is more of a mamas boy and adores the sacrifice happening because it happened so much. And that he is a mamasboy you can clearly notice with the 'oh she does that sometimes' classic responses."
Looking to the window she pauses thinking.
"Maybe they practise also through sport with warfare. It can lay close to eachother."

Michael James Watson
"The book on him is that he is a warrior, but he must have some powers. If the heart channel energy, he could use raw power. Using the Sigil, like the pattern or logrus, to pull direct energy at a foe; lightening, fire, cold, rocks, acid.. and having thousands of people who are sorcerors backing you, he could deliver 10,20, 100 times the thump that his own brain could generate. Or he could dump it into his psychic power to dominate. I'm not sure i could have gone toe to toe with Cihalas.. That was as much a bluff. She wasn't trying very hard to control you, and didn't have to, but my willingness to fight in her own house worried her. She knows i was a Bone Warrior who became a Lord of Chaos. Lordship in Chaos means the Logrus.. I am willing to bet she has never for a sorcerous Lord of Chaos. Luckily for both of us, she didn't call my bluff"

Amber Bronkhorst
Looking back to Vek she nods.
"Well fighting battles is always half mind games anyway. So as long as we can keep that going for us, the fear for Chaos and your power. "
Alvah stands and starts pacing a bit.
"That she could easily control me is not strange i know compared to any here i am... well inexperienced. But due to that i am probably not seen as a threat anyway."
She gestures to Vek and smiles
"But they probably don't want to anger you cause basically that would mean angering Chaos. And you already showed willingness to step up to higher up of Chaos."
She stops in her pacing and twirls around turning to face Vek.
"Guess we have to wait and see. And work day by day."
Suddenly holding up her finger she grins
"But lets not forget one thing. In whatever scenario is going go play out. Chances are i will be the bait in a way. Be it our plan or theirs."

Michael James Watson
"Well, good luck, Chum"