The Blades Of Red Gale

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(Current Game Note: Bleys and Arlo have done extensive research of the developing "Swords Issues" They have come up with this information for the King and those others involved. Including of course, the PCs. Enjoy)


Brand, the Lord of the Red Gale, had sought out artifacts and places of magical resonances as he learned the ways of power. In time, in a realm near the Stone of Skulls, he found these 12 powerful blades. He collected them all, much to the annoyances of the gods of that realm. When he acquired the Jewel of Judgment he came to a place of power and engraved them, raising them to a pinnacle of power. He put the Mindsword on his belt when he went to battle at the Abyss. Events there prevented him from drawing it and the victors of the battle are lucky for it. He took it over the edge when he was pierced by an arrow. What happened then is unknown, save that when he finally left the Abyss, he did not have it. .


Tale of the Wizards of the Red Gale

Brand had created a special place to create & inscribe artifacts of power. The Red Gale is the center of a power focus, a stable tornado, that funnels powers of the realm into the fine tip of the inscribing artifact. When Brand acquired the Jewel of Judgment he placed it in the tip of the tornado and began empowering the swords.

The effects of the blades after their inscriptions was uncertain, and even Brand told his assistants that he thought doing so was a mistake. In order to perfect his inscriptions he inscribed 6 blades before inscribing the Mindsword, which his assistants say was ultimately his goal. When he attempted to end the ritual of Inscription, his assistants say, the Jewel itself took him over, used his talents to inscribe the final 5 blades. The blades the Jewel inscribed using Brand, rather then Brand inscribed using the Jewel, were Shieldbreaker, Far Slayer, Wayfinder, Doomgiver, and Woundhealer.

Focus of the Red Gale

The world of the Red Gale is a small island floating in a fractured portion of shadow near the Courts of Chaos inside the Chaos Sway. It rests on a Lagrangian point of 6 diverse magical forces. Besides the balanced swirling magical forces the small island has a deeply distorted shade of the pattern of Amber and a Woven Logrus. The conditions of the world caused magic rich elements to swirl in a stable tornado. Brand further sanctified the location creating an castle directing the magical forces into a small central room and into a mithril tip able to hold a inscribing tool to deliver great magical energy on demand. A person must be attuned to the Focus to be able to use it. They must assay either the Woven Logrus or the Shade of Amber in the realm to attempt attunement of the Gale.

  • Required to Assay the Gale
    • Distorted Shade of Amber or Woven Logrus Imprint.

The Twelve Swords of Power

The Swords of Power were created by the god Vulcan in the Ardneh Multiverses. Each sword has a unique, magical ability and is powerful enough to affect the mythological gods that exist within these realms.

  • They are one-meter, double-bladed Sword with a black hilt, forged by Vulcan from a meteorite.

The 12 swords are:

Blades and Powers

All the Blades have generally similar basic attributes as well as specific powers and effects. These are the standard attributes unless changed by specific blades.

  • 32-Particular Power-
  • 8 Devastating Damage as a blade. Able to shave mithril.
  • 8-Invulnerable to Destruction except from Shieldbreaker. Can rest in the center of a star unharmed.
  • 8-Psyche Resistance-Generally immune to psyche and magical attempts to control it or make it perform in a manner inconsistent to its guiding function.
  • 2 Speak & Sing-Not communicative but has an innate sense of its own self-preservation.
  • 2-Psyche Sensitive-An inherent intelligence and sense of personal ego in its functions.
  • 1-Mobility-Normally not able to move they will move in preservation of themselves.

1. Coinspinner: The Sword of Chance/The Sword of Fortune

Who holds Coinspinner knows good Odds

Whichever move he makes

But the Sword of Chance, to please the gods,

Slips from him like a snake.

Coinspinner makes the wielder preternaturally lucky. Even sheathed, the Sword has the ability to ensure that its wielder winds up in an advantageous position, even going so far as to cause misfortune to those who wish them harm. The Sword is incredibly unreliable, however, as it is not unusual for it to abruptly disappear and seek out a new owner, often at inconvenient times.

Unlike several of the Swords, Coinspinner does not make a noise when wielded.

*Coinspinner: the Sword of Chance - Symbol: dice

  • 32-Particular Power- powerfully Effective Luck for the wielder and illuck to others.
  • 8-Invulnerable/Shield Breaker: Coinspinner will disappear if Shieldbreaker is wielded against it if possible.
  • 8-Psyche Resistance- Attempts to offset luck or illuck generally fail.
  • 2 Speak & Sing- Understands the intention of the wielder in the application of lucky result.
  • 2-Psyche Sensitive-An inherent intelligence and sense of personal ego in its functions.
  • 8-Mobility-Able to teleport regardless of attempt to restrain it.

2. Doomgiver: The Sword of Justice

The Sword of Justice balances the pans

Of right and wrong, and foul and fair.

Eye for an eye, Doomgiver scans

The fate of all folk everywhere.

Doomgiver possesses the ability to turn any attack, overt or otherwise, back on the attacker. The full extent of its abilities is unknown, though it did turn even Aphrodite's powers back on her.

Unlike several of the Swords, Doomgiver does not make a noise when wielded.

Doomgiver is temperamental and judgmental. It has a strong personal ethic for right and wrong, good and evil. Law and Chaos. IT may act in a manner the wielder does not choose.

Doomgiver: the Sword of Justice - Symbol: hollow circle

  • 64-Particular Power-Various. Reflect Attacks and powers. Enforce honesty. Cause guilt. Etc. Powers work over any distance if viewed.
  • 8-Inv/Shield Breaker: Will wildly effect those around the wielder of Shieldbreaker to protect itself.
  • 8-Psyche Resistance-Generally immune to psyche and magical attempts to control it or make it perform in a manner inconsistent to its guiding function.
  • 2 Speak & Sing-Not communicative but has an innate sense of its own self-preservation.
  • 2-Psyche Sensitive-An inherent intelligence and sense of personal ego in its functions.
  • 1-Mobility-Normally not able to move they will move in preservation of themselves.
  • 8-Regeneration-Due to the the Pattern Inscriptions the weapons may be destroyed in the performance of their duties. But having been destroyed return to a place of hiding to regenerate and return to power.
  • Wielder tires quickly when the blade is performing its function.

3. Dragonslicer: The Sword of Heroes

Dragonslicer, Dragonslicer, how d'you slay?

Reaching for the heart in behind the scales.

Dragonslicer, Dragonslicer, where d'you stay?

In the belly of the giant that my blade impales.

Dragonslicer provides the wielder with a killing stroke when facing a dragon, regardless of the thickness of the dragon's skin. However, the sword does not provide the wielder with any special protection. In addition, the Sword of Heroes possesses the somewhat hindering ability to remain in the body of slain dragon, resulting in either the wielder being carried along in the beast's death throes, or having it ripped form their hands entirely.

In the case of overly large dragons such as great wyrms, the Sword will actually drag the wielder along once a first strike is made, unerringly towards the dragon's heart.

Dragonslicer: the Sword of Heroes - Symbol: dragon

  • 32-Particular Power- Treats dragon-scales and protections as not present. Cuts dragon flesh like butter.
  • 8-Psyche Resistance-Generally immune to psyche and magical attempts to control it or make it perform in a manner inconsistent to its guiding function.
  • If the blade contacts the dragon's heart it sticks in it till the dragon is dead.

4. Farslayer: The Sword of Vengeance

Farslayer howls across the world

For thy heart, for thy heart, who hast wronged me!

Vengeance is his who casts the blade

Yet he will in the end no triumph see.

Farslayer possesses the ability to kill any person regardless of location, fortification, or protection. The wielder need only hold the sword and think of the person they want dead, including demons and gods. Chanting "For thy heart..." is customary, but not strictly necessary. After releasing the Sword, it will immediately streak toward the target and impale them through the heart. The only protection from Farslayer is to wield Shieldbreaker or Woundhealer.

Farslayer's major drawback is the fact that once used, it will remain impaled in the body of the target, meaning that keeping ownership of the Sword following its use is problematic. Also, there is nothing preventing someone else from picking it up and turning it back on its previous owner.

Farslayer: the Sword of Vengeance - Symbol: target; that is concentric rings

  • 64-Particular Power- Flight across all distances and shadows to sink into the heart of who the wielder casts the blade to seek. The caster gains extreme illuck, similar to 5 Bad Stuff indefinitely that aggressively seeks a way to cause the death of the caster.
  • 8-Inv/Shield Breaker. Shieldbreaker is the only sure defense against Farslayer as it seeks to fufil its purpose.
  • 2 Speak & Sing-Not communicative but understand perfectly who the target is and how to seek them.
  • 2-Psyche Sensitive-An inherent intelligence and sense of personal ego in its functions.
  • Mobility-Mobility is part of its primary function.

5. Woundhealer: The Sword of Mercy/The Sword of Love

Whose flesh the Sword of Mercy hurts has drawn no breath;

Whose soul it heals has wandered in the night,

Has paid the summing of all debts in death

Has turned to see returning light.

Woundhealer possesses the power to repair any injury or cure any other ailment, such as blindness, poisoning, etc., regardless of severity or how long ago it was inflicted. As long as the subject is not dead, the Sword of Mercy is effective against the wounds given by Farslayer and the Mindsword. The Sword of Love is regarded in-universe as the one Sword that is not a weapon.

Woundhealer makes a noise like human breath when it is used.

Woundhealer: the Sword of Mercy - Symbol: open hand

  • 32-Particular Power- Can heal any damage or sickness. Regrows amputations.
  • 8-Invuln/Shield Breaker. Woundhealer is unaffected by Shieldbreaker. If shieldbreaker is used against Woundhealer it is destroyed.
  • 2 Speak & Sing-Understands the order and choices of healings according to the wielder
  • While the blade is an 8 pip sharpness it does not function as a weapon.
  • The wielder of Woundhealer is unaffected by the Mindsword, Doomgiver, & Far Slayer. They do not receive illuck from Coinspinner.
  • Woundhealer cures all forms of lycanthropy. It can transition certain mostly or partly dead races such as vampires and some undead back to a living state.
  • Woundhealer an cure all forms of organic mental illnesses and conditions.

6. The Mindsword: The Sword of Glory/Skulltwister/The Sword of Madness

The Mindsword spun in the dawn's gray light

And men and demons knelt down before.

The Mindsword flashed in the midday bright

Gods joined the dance, and the march to war.

It spun in the twilight dim as well

And gods and men marched off to hell.

The Mindsword, when drawn, compels absolute and fanatical devotion to the person holding it. It flashes brightly as if catching the sun, and emits the faint roar of a cheering mob which cannot be blocked out by covering ears or averting eyes. All who are in visual or aural range are affected. Not even the gods of the Swords universe are immune to its power.

The strength of the devotion is such that one under the Mindsword's power would throw their life away if ordered to. There is no possibility of resistance or recovery, except for the passage of time. When removed from the Mindsword's presence, a person will gradually begin to lose the unnatural loyalty they felt toward the Sword's bearer and show signs of skepticism and then increasing rebelliousness before finally regaining their own mind. It takes around a week to fully recover, depending on the relationship between the target and the wielder, the wielder's own personal charisma, and the psychological resistance of the target.

Wounds made from the blade's edge fester, preventing healing and possibly leading to fever and delirium.

Mindsword: the Sword of Glory - Symbol: generic banner

  • 128-Particular Power-Instill obedience. Enforce loyalty.
  • 8 Devastating Damage as a blade. Poison Blade.
  • 8-Invulnerable to Destruction except from Shield Breaker. The Mindsword fears Shieldbreaker as its natural foe.
  • 32-Psyche Resistance-Immune to psyche and magical attempts to control it or make it perform in a manner inconsistent to its guiding function. Only the wearer of the Jewel of Judgment is protected.

7. Shieldbreaker: The Sword of Force

I shatter Swords and splinter spears;

None stands to Shieldbreaker.

My point's the fount of orphans' tears

My edge the widowmaker.

Shieldbreaker provides protection from all enemy attacks, whether melee, ranged, or magical. Like Townsaver, Shieldbreaker takes over the sword arm of the person using it, and cannot be put down until the battle is over. However, Shieldbreaker will deflect incoming blows. The Sword's weakness is its inability to be used against an unarmed foe, meaning that the wielder, weakened by using Shieldbreaker, can be defeated quite easily in hand-to-hand combat.

Shieldbreaker is unique among the Swords in that it can easily destroy any of the others in melee combat, with the exception of Woundhealer. In addition, any abilities possessed by the other Swords are negated by Shieldbreaker. For example, the wielder cannot be slain by Farslayer or tracked by Wayfinder.

While being used, Shieldbreaker emits a thudding rhythm that quickens when combat begins.

Shieldbreaker: the Sword of Force - Symbol: hammer

  • 64-Particular Power- Break weapons. Destroy Shields. Wielder unaffected by all magical, melee or archery attacks.
  • 32-Combat Mastery-(5 transfer)
  • 8-Invulnerable to Destruction. Only Woundhealer stops its effects..
  • Wielder can not harm unarmed individuals or defend against natural body weapons-

8. Sightblinder: The Sword of Stealth

The Sword of Stealth is given to

One lonely and despised.

Sightblinder's gifts: His eyes are keen

His nature is disguised.

Sightblinder possess the ability to cloak its wielder, allowing them to move freely wherever they choose. Anyone looking at the wielder will see either who they love more than anything, or who they fear. In addition, Sightblinder is capable of allowing the user to see the truth of a given situation. The Sword also provides some measure of protection from the powers of other Swords.

Sightblinder: the Sword of Stealth - Symbol: human eye

  • 32-Particular Power- Hide, Invisibility. The wielder passes unnoticed. In a situation where they are in public viewers see the wielder as someone expected or friendly.
  • 8-Psyche Resistance-Generally immune to psyche and magical attempts to control it or make it perform in a manner inconsistent to its guiding function.
  • 2 Speak & Sing-Not communicative but has an innate sense of its own self-preservation.
  • 8-Psyche Sensitive-Wielder sees through enchantments, sees shapechangers in their native form. Sees the invisible or non-corporeal.

9. Soulcutter: The Sword of Despair/The Tyrant's Blade

The Tyrant's Blade no blood hath spilled

But doth the spirit carve

Soulcutter hath no body killed

but many left to stave

Soulcutter emits no noise when drawn, but a deep malaise begins to affect all those around the wielder. This feeling of hopelessness spreads farther away from the drawn blade for as long as it is bared, to a radius of hundreds of meters to thousands of miles depending on the particular powers of the wielder.. Beings affected feel such an overwhelming sense of melancholy and apathy that nothing they would do seems to matter to them to any degree, and they simply sit down and wait to die. In addition the wielder visibly ages while the Sword is drawn, depending on the lifespan of the wielder.

Soulcutter: the Sword of Despair - Symbol: none

  • 32-Particular Power- Despair and malaise .Those in the region of the drawn blade slow and lay down defenseless.
  • 8 Devastating Damage as a blade. While soulcutter is a sharp blade it's powers make it a poor weapon in itself. The wielder is effected as strongly as the others around it to the point where the wielder may themselves lay down in exhaustion and despair and while the blade remains out the affected continue to be affected until they starve to death or die of thirst.

10. Stonecutter: The Sword of Siege

The Sword of Siege struck a hammer's blow

With a crash, and a smash, and a tumbled wall.

Stonecutter laid a castle low

With a groan, and a roar, and a tower's fall.

Stonecutter possesses the ability to pass its blade through any stone or mineral-based formation as easily as it would pass through air. A wielder could place it point-first on the ground and let go, and the Sword would bury itself up to the hilt. The Sword of Siege can be used for fine work like sculpting and gemcutting.

While the Sword is being used, a tapping noise emanates from the blade, reminiscent of a chisel on stone.

Stonecutter: the Sword of Siege - Symbol: a wedge, splitting a block

  • 32-Particular Power- Treats stone like butter. Effects structural stability quickly.

11. Townsaver: The Sword of Fury

Long roads the Sword of Fury makes

Hard walls it builds around the soft

The fighter who Townsaver takes

Can bid farewell to home and croft.

Townsaver has the ability to control the body of anyone trying to defend the unarmed, granting the wielder superhuman speed and strength. Once the Sword has been taken up, it does not allow itself to be set down until every enemy has been repelled. While Townsaver can allow a single man to defeat an entire army, it does nothing to prevent injury to the wielder.

While in use Townsaver emits a screaming sound.

Townsaver: the Sword of Fury - Symbol: crenelated wall

  • 64-Particular Power- Combat Master-(5 Transfer and controls) An attacking weapon, not a defensive one. Wielder can not use the blade defensivly

12. Wayfinder: The Sword of Wisdom

Who holds Wayfinder finds good roads

Its master's step is brisk.

The Sword of Wisdom lightens loads

But adds unto their risk.

Wayfinder possesses the ability to lead its wielder to their goal, even leading them to the items and people necessary to complete the quest. The major drawback to the sword, however, is that it does not lead the wielder along the safest route, opting instead for the most dangerous path possible.

Wayfinder: the Sword of Wisdom - Symbol: small white arrow

  • 32-Particular Power- Find deisre despite distance and protections. , establish path. Point to desire.
  • 32-Psyche Resistance/ Speak & Sing/Psyche Sensitive The blade taps into an extremely deep understanding of the universe in understanding the desire of the wielder.

Rumors and Disposition to the Blades

Brand and the 12 Blades

Brand found the blades during the centuries before Patternfall. Having created the Red Gale none of his attempts to inscribe the blades worked. When the Battle of Patternfall occurred Brand wrested the Jewel of Judgment from Corwin after the creation of the pattern of Avalon. He then went to the red gale and finished attuning himself to the Jewel. To test his ability to control it he inscribed these 12 blades, although the Jewel controlled the final 5 inscriptions. Afterwards Brand transfered the blades to places of safety.

  • What happened to split them up is unknown but it spread them wildly across shadow

Rinaldo, Macsen & the 4 Blades

Rinaldo, King of Kashfra & the son of Brand and Jasra, knew of the safe holding spot for 4 blades. 300 miles below the Keep of the Four Worlds in a small cubical. Those blades were Stonecutter, Wayfinder, Townsaver and Dragonslicer.

King Rinaldo entrusted Wayfinder to Sir Macsen, son of Dalt, in the pursuit of the Red Sword. He bore Stonecutter himself.

Rinaldo used Stonecutter to topple a Tower in Bursain.

At the command of King Random, King Rinaldo brought the remaining two swords to Amber. After they were examined by experts It was determined that Macsen would continue to bear Wayfinder, Rinaldo would keep Stone Cutter, Prince Dalt would hold Townsaver, and Arloxedra was given Dragonslicer temporarily.

Acquisition of Soulcutter

Soulcutter was discovered deep in the shadows of Avalon and taken by Queen Deirdre of Avalon and drawn in the center of a battleplain an attempt at suicide. The blade effected the battle and became a a source of despair spreading across shadows near the site. Her attempt to commit suicide failed because she was wearing a Ring of Health, a construct of the creation of Avalon, that was in uses as an object of authority as Queen of Avalon.

Eventually Bear, the totem animal of Avalon, found her but was trapped by the powers of the blade, unable to exit the shadow and unable to shapechange forms.

Over decades on the battleplain tens of thousands sought to raid the plain for valuable magical items but fell victim to the powers of the blade. Bear was unable to enlist aid to secure the Queen.

Prince Bleys found the location of the blade but nearly fell victim to its power and escaped the plain before Bear reached him.

Recently, Lord Vander found the plain, using Prince Bleys' directions, and with the help of Bear rescued Queen Deirdre and the blade Soulcutter.

Capture of Shieldbreaker

Shieldbreaker had been in the hands of Borlak for many years having acquired it sometime around Patternfall. It was unknown that he had it since few who saw him use it survived.

During the time when the blade were being sought the were about were discovered but little could be done about it.

Current Locations of the Blades

1. Coinspinner: The Sword of Chance/The Sword of Fortune

  • The current holder of Coinspinner is Wendal of Halzir. He claims he has owned it from time to time but that it has disappeared and ruturned from time to time.
  • Update: Recently acquired by King Random of Amber. Currently in the possession of Lord Vander of Amber.

2. Doomgiver: The Sword of Justice

  • Location Rue Katal (Arlo and Vander questioned Brand)

3. Dragonslicer: The Sword of Heroes

  • Currently in the possession of Lord Vander of amber. Given to him by Prince Arloxedra of Amber in an effort to research the blades
  • Update: Currently in the possession of King Random of Amber, swapped swords with Vander.

4. Farslayer: The Sword of Vengeance

  • Location Unknown. It was in the hands of Clan Chief Hagalta the Adask (confirmed; Arlo and Vander questioned Brand). After his defeat at Adagalask road, he went into Azcala. He lost it at some point in there.

5. Woundhealer: The Sword of Mercy/The Sword of Love

  • Location confirmed: Possessed by Adrian of Mandalay (confirmed by Realmer; Dwynwen's Augury)

6. The Mindsword: The Sword of Glory/Skulltwister/The Sword of Madness

  • Last known location was in the possession of Prince Brand at the battle of Patternfall. Unable to draw the blade he bore it into the abysss after being struck by an arrow.
  • Update: Brand stated that while in the Abyss, the Serpent of Chaos assumed a man shaped form and used the Mindsword on Deirdre; that was the last time he saw it. Location is still unknown.
  • UPDATE; Location confirmed: Possessed by The Serpent of Chaos located in the Tomb of the Ancestors of Darkness. (confirmed by Realmer; Dwynwen's Augury)

7. Shieldbreaker: The Sword of Force

  • Currently in the possesion of Emperor Alexandir Kos Korag. HE gained it by nearly ripping off Borlak's head in single combat.
  • For many years it was in the possession of Borlak (Arlo and Vander questioned Brand)

8. Sightblinder: The Sword of Stealth

  • Current possession of unknown. Loaned to Vek by Prince Arloxedra of Amber. Given him by Lord Vander of Amber. Summoned by Brand and given to Alexandra. Stored at Bright Edge till it was swapped for

9. Soulcutter: The Sword of Despair/The Tyrant's Blade

  • Currently in the possession of King Random of Amber. Given him by Lord Vander of Amber
  • Update: Currently in the possession Benedict of Amber, given by King Random.

10. Stonecutter: The Sword of Siege

  • Given to King Rinaldo of Kashfra by King Random.

11. Townsaver: The Sword of Fury

  • Currently in the possession Lady Alexandra. Swapped for Sightblinder by unknown means. Once in the possession of Prince Dalt of Amber

12. Wayfinder: The Sword of Wisdom

  • Currently in the possession of Prince Arloxedra. Given him by Lord Macsen of Trasidy