The Broken Shard Cluster

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Broken Shard Cluster.png

Demarunk - System A

Demarunk (A)

T +3 (Slipstream mastery)
E -3 (Barren world (gravity, no atmosphere))
R +2 (One significant export)


  • We will not allow another Collapse.
  • Technology is a dangerous art
  • The cluster slipknots are weaker than they seem, and we need to repair, maintain, and defend the network at all costs.
A - Demarunk.png


Despite appearances, this system got off lucky. Legend has it that the world now called Demarunk was once a paradise, more beautiful even than Lost Earth. Certainly it was once far more pleasant than it is; the remnants of cities dot the surface, glittering and lifeless. Now the barren remnant orbits a dimming sun, and the one thing its inhabitants agree on is that the Collapse will not happen again. Dozens of different Houses maintain their own patches of viable life on the airless world, some buried deep, others in domes, a few (considered crazy even by other Demarunk inhabitants) use forcefields to hold in a local atmosphere. There are few constants amongst them - all are ruled by Engineer-Scientists, all are protective of their science, and all trade beautiful one of a kind wonders of technology. And all of them, or at least most, feel an obligation to keep other worlds from collapsing. They remember the death of billions, and won't let others repeat their ancestors' mistakes. To this end, they only trade 'safe' technology and keep their secrets hidden from those who wouldn't understand. And they are perfectly happy to meddle in other world's affairs to stop their technology from going too far, too fast. It's probably a good thing for the cluster that the population is low and the Houses don't cooperate well even on shared goals.

All evidence points to the fact that the cluster today is but a broken fragment of a much larger and more complex network of interstellar slipknots that might date back to Old Earth itself. Something happened to shatter that network, leaving this simpler, broken branch--and presumably other isolated branches around the galaxy or beyond. But evidence indicates that our current cluster could collapse even further to a simpler configuration if certain energies were applied. The application of these energies may have been what caused the collapse of Demarunk civilization. It is suspected by many Houses of Demarunk that the destruction of their world was due to an attempt to reconnect the local slipknots to other isolated clusters in the galaxy. This collapse may have weakened the local slipknot network, and the Demarunk Engineer-scientists are trying to research what went wrong so it doesn't happen again. Problem is that other factions in the cluster would like to get their hands on this lost technology to try to successfully do what the long-ago Demarunk natives failed to do. Just think of the business opportunities with new markets to exploit! But they may risk damaging the slipknot clusters even more if they do.

Qing - System B

Yebon Domes - System C

Crossroads / Namahak- System D