The Cleric

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Heros Paths.

The Cleric path. Those called to the path are usually inspired by great moments of emotional impact, combined with a need to understand the greater workings of an event or idea.

Benefits of the class.

  • +4/20% bonus on resistances and saves or attribute rolls. This is +6/30% poisons, paralyzing agents and Death magics.
  • Clerics gain the ability to turn [or destroy/command] the undead. This is a pow vs pow conflict, with +1 to the clerics pow per degree of their path. success indicates 2-12 of the undead are affected.
  • Clerics gain spells. A beginning cleric has one spell plus any bonus spells for high pow. They may change these choices daily and may cast each spell once per day.
  • Clerics have +5% to use all blunt weapons. They may wear any armour but can only use blunt weapons. They are proficient [+10%] in two weapons.
  • They gain 1d8 of divine favour, which will reduce or negate the effects of successful damage once per day.

The stat for clerics is Pow, which will function as Wis for this game. Magic points only only reduce temporary power and do not effect clerical magics at all. A divine priest who is a cleric has a delicate balance to walk, as they need to sacrifice Pow for Divine Magic.

  • Spirit combat, et al, will effect MP's only, not fixed Pow.