The Family Sly

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A family of carters and delivery people in Amber known for reliable services


The Sly Family is a collection of family members that over centuries that have been running caravans of goods through shadow over established by the royals of Amber and other great shadow walkers. They have 12 standard routes they follow.

  • A Locus is a place for starting or stopping where cargo is taken on or ofloaded according to Shipping Documents. A Locus does not refer to a single location.
  • A Station is a depot where cargo is stored till onloaded or till offloading. IF: Amber Station can be listed on a shipping route as a Locus
  • A Shipping Route may contain both Locus and Station designations if a Station is listed there is no cargo being unloaded or loaded. The station may be listed as a directions element, a place for changing horses or vehicles, to chage staff, or rest and refuel.

Standard Routes[edit]

Amber to Diaga by Land[edit]

  • Locus One: Amber
  • Locus Two: Arden
  • Locus Three: Diaga Raks
  • Locus Four : Rendalo
  • Locus Five: Diaga Incoming West
  • Locus Six: Diago Incomin East-(Diaga Local)
  • Locus Seven: Alacho East
  • Locus : Begma
  • Locus nine: Kashfra
  • Locus Ten: Jal
  • Locus Eleven: Amber
Route One:Amber to Diaga[edit]

Amber to Diaga Route is the most common route the Family Sly runs. It is run in both directions designated as Amber to Diega East and Amber to Diaga West. Trade goods include food stuffs leaving Diega for Amber. It is a extremely safe route.

Route Two: Amber to Diaga to Dondal[edit]

Amber to Diaga to Dondal Route is a common route. Relatively safe.

  • Locus One........: Amber
  • Locus Two........: Arden
  • Locus Three......: Diaga Raks
  • Locus Four.......: Rendalo
  • Locus Five.......: Diaga Incoming West
  • Locus Six........: Diago Incomin East-(Diaga Local)
  • Locus Seven......: Alacho East
  • Locus Eight......: Helen Tree
  • Locus nine.......: Dorsain
  • Locus Ten........: Gandir
  • Locus Eleven.....: Russik
  • Locus Twelve.....:Falen
  • Locus Thirteen...:
  • Locus Fourteen...:
  • Locus Fifteen....:
  • Locus Sixteen....:
  • Locus Seventeen..: Begma
  • Locus eighteen...: Kashra
  • Locus nineteen...: Jal
  • Locus twenty.....: Amber



There are hundreds of members of the Sly Family coming down several branchs that developed over hundreds of years. But all agree the main, or ruling, line is the Calisis line currently lead by Caylin, Ac=veco, Dasic, & Kilji.

Caylin Sly[edit]

Aveco Slyv[edit]

Dasic Sly[edit]

Kilji Resdat[edit]

Hired Men[edit]

The Sly designation of being a "Hired Man" is sought over by many member of the working crews of the Family Sly. In part it means the person is a part of the family. They get a large cut of route profits and are defended if there is legal troubles. It means their families are taken care of if the HIRED man dies. Then their family are brought into the fold. It means if they are hurt the family will do all it can to get them healed.

  • Cavin Ble
  • Dans Tellerman