The Magic User

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Heros Paths.

Magic_Users. Those who tread this path have generally been exposed to a great magical event or force in their lives, one that fascinates and captures their intellect.

Benefits of the class.

  • Magic users are highly resistant to magic - +7/35% on rolls to resist or determine effect of spells or magic items. They gain +4/20% when dealing with poisons, body changing magics and death magics, but only +2/10% with breath weapons.
  • Magic users are proficient with one weapon [+5%] they are restricted to no armour and a minor range of weapons [dagger, staff, dart].
  • Magic users gain spells - as per a cleric, but Int is the defining characteristic. Their spells are kept in books and must be studied to be recast. [note - this means M-U's get bonus spells for a high Int as a cleric would for high Wis/pow]
  • Magic Users learn spells using the Int tables in OSRIC/AD&D.
  • Magic Users gain 1d4 of arcane trickery, which can be used to lower or negate damage once a day.