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The instructions to add your gang roster here are quite simple. You only need to do a few things:


This is the easiest of the three steps.

You can create a page at with little more effort than typing a few letters.

Go to the URL header above right now that at this moment will right now probably say Erase the part of the URL that says The_Necromunda_Gang_Registry and type in the name of your gang and hit enter. This will instantly create a new page at For example, if your gang's name was The Iron Heads, you would type in The_Iron_Heads so that the URL header above would read "" and then you would hit enter and the page is created.

Write down your URL in an e-mail and e-mail it to yourself just in case.


Copy and paste the The Necromunda Gang Registry Template's format from the edit tab to save you time and effort. Please remember to not edit that template's code with your new gang roster, but to put into the newly created wiki page created above. Copy and paste it into your own page, modify and edit the template's code to fit your gang's data.


This can be done in the same way as the above section on adding links. The only difference is that you can also insert the link writing the page name (without the underscores) and surround it with double brackets [[ ]] like so: [[The Iron Heads]]

And then, you are done. An example of a gang roster made with The Necromunda Gang Registry template can be viewed here, it is a real gang and has been updated with its first battle to show the history viewing advantages of a wiki template as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have a question about how to do this or a question about how it all works. Feel free to leave your question here and mention The Necromunda Gang Registry in your question so I know how best to answer you. Also leave your e-mail if you want me to get back to you.

Q: Could anyone modify a roster I've done?

Yes, anyone can modify it. However, the history tab at the top keeps a permenant record of ALL versions of a page. So, if this happened, you could find the unmodified version and restore it with a simple copy and paste. All modifications can be reversed.

If you are worried about unauthorized changes, register a username before you create it and create the gang roster with that username. If I see anyone else modify it that isn't you, I'll revert it back to normal for you.

I watch all the Wiki pages on a regular basis. I have not had any problems with my Wiki projects or other Wiki projects that I have been involved with.

You can register and select to watch your own roster if you are worried that this might happen too.

Q: Could anyone decide to delete everything?

See above. It is not possible through the Wiki technology to permenantly and irrecovably delete anything. All changes and versions of a page are stored. You can click on any individual stored version, click edit, copy and paste it into the current version.


The Necromunda Name Project

This is a sister project to the Necromunda Gang Registry where you can view hundreds of Necromunda names and add your own into the project, be it the names of individuals (The Baby Book of Necromunda Names) or the gangs themselves (The Big Book of Necromunda Gang Names).

Project: Necromunda

This is the home and parent site of The Necromunda Gang Registry and the Necromunda Name Project.

Necromunda 40K Fight Club

This has a great gang roster system for more than a dozen registered gang rosters that have extras thrown in such as notable history for fighters or who currently has the most kills. Definitely worth a look. However, you can only add your gang roster into it if you are a donating member to the club.


The parent site to this list is Project: Necromunda. A majority of these gang rosters were originally on a closed list made up of gang rosters given to him by others or found by him on the web. He decided to make his list open to the public to add as they please.