The People of the Lake

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Pioneers of the Deep


  • Reach: -1
  • Grasp: +2
  • Sleight: 0


Preservers of the Seas: The seas’ wealth is yours for the taking. Gain Surplus: Barter Goods, Trade or Transport at the start of every Age.


Dispersed: Your domains are vast, but your people know how to make use of the resources of others.

When you Call in a Debt and take one of their Surpluses, also gain Surplus: Safety, Morale or Leadership.


Populace: Aquatic cyborgs

Style: diaphanous nets and fabrics

Governance: The pirate’s code

Landmarks Draw a sign of one from each on the map, or create something else:

Before: A haunted offshore research facility. Station 2 is the closest thing the People have to a permanent settlement. It used to be an observetory. Now it's that and a ham station. It's on the largest island in the Lake.

The Fall: A sunken city. Salt Lake City drowned in the Fall the shift in climate quintupled the rainfall and the dams were destroyed or sabotaged.

A Threat: An invading flotilla. Whoever they are the are not The People. They do not glide through Mother Sea like we do. They worship a jealous and angry god. They wear metal and carry a crude blade they call a chete.

Home: The Nest is the true home of the People. This is there winter camp and where the sick or pregnant reside. It's also where criminals are punished. A common sentance is to be tied upside down with your head in the water. Since most of the People have cybergills thus is more an annoyance then anything. It is on the northmost island in the Lake.

Resources Surplus Morale Surplus Scouts Needs Progress Needs Land Needs Transport

Pioneer Moves

Your characters always have enough breathing equipment to function on land and in water. In addition, pick 3:

How do you fight? Fishing Spears (melee, brutal)

How are you defended? Hardened scales (regal, tough)

How do you travel? Amphibious crawlers (land, water)

What useful expertise can you draw on? Raiders (1 Quality, Intimidation and extortion) History

Ask the other Families:

Which one of you is partly descended from Pioneers who turned their back to the sea? Gain 1-Treaty on each other.

Which one of you was our sole contact with drylanders for a long time? What happened to reveal our existence to the other Families? They take 2-Treaty on you.

Which of you hosts a brilliant explorer who relies on our secrets? Take 1-Treaty on them.


Pioneer characters get +1 to Force or Steel. Quick characters pick an inheritance move:

The Call of the Deep: If you’re near a large body of water you can summon a beast from its depths. It’ll arrive within a few hours, but will rampage heedless of your wishes.

Breathing Apparatus: You can always breathe easy, no matter the circumstance, and can puff out vapours that intoxicate those around you.

Entangling Nets: If you get your nets around someone, everyone else has advantage when assaulting or escaping them.

Pirate’s Code: So long as you always accept other’s surrender, intelligent foes are willing to give you a chance to parley.

Tempest-tossed: When you hurl yourself into a storm, natural disaster or cataclysm, roll +Steel. On a hit, you end up somewhere safe once the disaster’s over. On a 10+ you still have your gear and health.


(Lifestyle) Lords of the Domain:


Mood -1
Tech 0
Data 0




  • How do you fight? With rings of power (Precious, Melee, Brutal, Area)
  • How are you defended? With state of the art upgrades (Precious, Mobile, Implanted, Comms)
  • How do you travel?