The Sanguine Squad: The Innocent

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Bell the Innocent


Alicia Monteverde and her family immigrated to Halcyon City from Isla Tormentosa, a beautiful but poor Caribbean island in the middle of the Silver Age, where her parents got jobs in the growing superhuman service industry (i.e. minions and damage control). When her powers manifested at puberty, she started working with a local professor to understand them. She got a pretty, sparkly costume and started calling herself Tinker Bell -- later just Bell.

Then came the terrible night her family got taken into custody by AEGIS agents and she fled to the professor's lab, one step ahead of them. Desperate to help her escape, the professor gave her an "aetherial booster" he had been working on to increase her powers -- it worked all too well, letting her fly decades into the future before she could turn it off. Finding herself in the insane present day Halcyon city was a shock. It was an even bigger shock to find that somehow there was already an Alicia Monteverde here in this time... but she called herself Ambassador Bell now, and she'd... led a revolution on Isla Tormentosa, then come back as ambassador? Worked for AEGIS? Saved the world? Killed people? So many stories, she couldn't make sense of them all. Even when she tried to avoid them, people keep telling her about this person, this other self. Alicia thinks of her as the older sister she never knew or wanted, but she knows it's worse than that. Ambassador Bell is her.

Character Writeup

Hero Name: Bell

Real Name: Alicia Monteverde

Look: Latina Woman, hopeful face, old fashioned clothing, reflective costume

Time Period: Traveled from the late Silver Generation (1970’s) to the present -- she'd just heard of something called "Star Wars" before her time travel but hasn't seen it yet. She was a disco kid and also really liked funk and soul, hence her goofy costume.

Abilities: Bell thinks she's an Air Controller, but she's actually a late-blooming psychic who is still developing telekinesis abilities and maybe more... who knows what her older self is capable of?


Danger 0, Freak +1, Savior +1, Superior -1, Mundane +2


See It Their Way: When you reject someone's influence when they equate you with your future self, roll +Savior instead of +nothing. When you accept their influence, mark potential.

What's This Thing? When you ask for someone's guidance on the modern world, they must tell you what you should do. If you act that way, clear a condition and shift Mundane up and any other Label down. if you act that way and it goes poorly, mark potential.

Team Moves:

When you share a triumphant celebration with someone, ask whether they think your future self could’ve won this victory. If they do, mark potential and the GM shifts your Labels. If they do not, clear a condition and they shift your Labels.

When you share a vulnerability or weakness with someone, ask them if they think you could turn into your future self. If they do, mark potential and the GM shifts your Labels. If they do not, clear a condition and they shift your Labels.

Your Future Self:

Her future self is Ambassador Bell, a powerful villain -- or antihero -- in Halcyon City who wears armor and has developed her powers to a frightening degree. She has been around and active since the Bronze Age as a major player and has fought in most of the secret wars on one side or the other. At some point she participated in the revolution on what is now the Republic of Tormentosa and got named Ambassador-at-Large afterwards, which gives her diplomatic immunity in Halcyon City as long as she isn't actively breaking the law. One step of her future self’s path that she knows about: She battled a hero ((Diamond, at the very least).


Who or what brought you to the present? Professor Graham's aetheric booster ring -- it was just supposed to speed me up, but it sent me on a shortcut through the Fifth Dimension, or something. I can't find the Professor to ask him and I'm afraid he's dead.

When did you first meet your future self? She found me, wandering and homeless, I don't know how. I didn't know who she was behind the mask and armor, but I was grateful when she gave me some money and steered me towards the teen shelter. I shudder to think what could have happened otherwise... the neighborhood where the lab was is a barrio now and I didn't feel safe there. I asked her about my family, and she told me to worry about myself, not them. Later I found out they were all long dead. Why didn't she tell me?

How is your future self the embodiment of a future you never wanted? She's so powerful, but so lonely, and everyone is afraid of her. My -- our -- parents left Tormentosa to get away from the fear and violence and she personifies it. The local "Tormento"community is scared of her and tells all kinds of stories I don't want to hear, even though she funds their youth center and scholarships for the kids.

What is your favorite part of life in the future? Your least favorite part? I like the food and the music and smart phones are amazing. I can't believe the fashions girls wear these days, even girls who live with their mothers! I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing, really. And Halcyon City is so big and everything moves so fast and everyone talks on social media which don't make any sense to me no matter how may times somebody tries to explain it.

Why are you determined to stay in the present with this team? Well... I'm afraid to use the aetheric booster until I understand it, and Professor Graham isn't here to help me. And besides... I made some friends here in this strange new time, strange new friends, but I think they are good people. And I'm worried that if I go back now, it will just close the time-loop. How did Ambassador Bell know how to find me, unless it was from her own memory of that day? How can I be sure that I'm not on track to become her, making every mistake and hurting everyone that she did?


None yet.

Interesting Questions

What are the full extent of Bell's powers?

What happened to Professor Graham? Her parents?

What's the deal with AEGIS and the Bells?

Is Ambassador Bell a misunderstood anti-hero, a hero pretending to be a villain like Severus Snape, or a psychopath?

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